Meet Big Scrat

Who are the critters in your neighborhood?  In your neighborhood?  In your neigh-bor-hood?  Well, it’s Thursday, so we’re going to meet another creepy asshole who won’t stay off of your virtual lawn in The Nest’s Meet the Critters series!  This week we’re going to look up to SCT’s tower of power, Big Scrat!  You may want to keep an eye out behind you while you read this…

Someone’s about to get a free reach around…

NAME: Big Scrat

SPECIES: Saber-toothed squirrel

SHELF PERSONALITY: Big Scrat looks intimidating, and is a force to be reckoned with.  He’s usually there to deliver a healthy dose of karma to one of the more malevolent critters who is just asking for a comeuppance.  When it comes to meting out punishment on the losers of the Shelf, Big Scrat often plays the back door man…

A bear does more than just shit in the woods…

RUNNING GAGS: Big Scrat really only has one, but he does it so well, he’s been one of the few second season additions to become a semi-regular.  When Snuggle Bear or Troll need to be put in their place, Big Scrat usually arrives on the scene to dish out some prison style justice.  Yes, just when you thought SCT couldn’t get any more morally bankrupt, we added a serial sodomist to the cast…

Cum…. er, come they told me., pa rumpa pum pum!

ESN PREMIERE: Big Scrat did get one cameo in the initial 2016-17 run of SCT, and that came in the Friday the 13th send-up “Superstition Ain’t The Way.”  With Troll trying to cut off Shadow the Umbreon’s foot, thinking he was a rabbit… Shadow first morphs into the smaller Scrat before ultimately changing into Big Scrat who, as you can guess, is not to thrilled to see a pitiful Troll putting a knife to him…

Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight…

ICONIC SCT APPEARANCE: That has to be the story that created the legend of Big Scrat… another Friday the 13th episode called “Hard Time,” where Snuggle Bear gets sent to prison for being a prevert, and meets a new “friend” in the shower…

That soap isn’t going to pick itself up, you know!

WHAT’S IN A NAME: Scrat is obviously the squirrel character from the Ice Age animated movie franchise.  He is dubbed BIG Scrat because I do have a smaller Scrat figurine that has also appeared in my stories, mostly the early episodes.  The situation of there being two different Scrats in the SCT universe was finally addressed in the recent “Viewer Mail” episode where the two were revealed to be brothers…

Oh, big brother found himself a friend to play with!

WHAT IS HE?: A giant plush of the famous movie sciurine, who looks much more sinister and forboding than the klutzy, inept prehistoric squirrel he was based on.

WHERE DID HE COME FROM?: The claw machine at the Mecca I work at!  I spied him in there on a hot summer night in July 2012, and spent a whole dollar trying to extract him from the rip-off chamber he was trapped in after work in the morning.  I got him on the second try, and was far giddier than I should have been to have won a stuffed squirrel.  I wrote about the experience when it happened way back in the old days of my blog when nobody was reading me, so check it out!

ice age squirrel plush

Back in Big Scrat’s more innocent days…

CAN I GET ONE TOO?: Surprise, surprise… Mecca has him.  No wait, they don’t because Big Scrat is out of stock.  The out of stock version was made by Toy Factory, the same company name on my Scrat’s tag… which also says he was made in April 2012 in the JiangSu province of China.  This Scrat was manufactured to promote the 2012 Ice Age sequel Continental Drift… which may explain why it’s out of stock since that was six years ago and even Mecca tries to stay fresh on its licensed merchandise.  I guess it’s a good thing I hit up the claw machine when I did… who would we have to torment Snuggle Bear if I didn’t have this big lug around?

Behind Door #1 you’ve just won a new BFF!

Come back next Thursday for another critter’s story that will leave you walking funny…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Meet Big Scrat

  1. Big Scrat may be somewhat of a criminal, but at least he is only criminal to those who actually deserve it!

  2. He does have a certain “menacing aura” about him so indeed he’s the perfect bad guy for the Shelf. I kinda like his smile – wait – is that a smile or he about to remove a limb from some helpless hapless Shelfmate??


  3. You won this guy fishing? Well done! One question…where’s his acorn?

  4. … he has the same facial eggs-pression like snuggle bear in that photo… I wonder why… ;O))))

  5. draliman says:

    Sorry, you actually got something out of a claw machine? Are you sure you didn’t use your employee master key to open up the back…?

    • I wish! I don’t even think we have access to our arcade machines, they’re operated by some outside group. That would be a great racket to get into, but I’d probably want to keep all the stuffed toys rather than put them in the machine…

  6. Trisha says:

    A saber tooth squirrel that is a serial sodomist. I’d be willing to bet he’s truly one of a kind!

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