Peeping Moon

Old photo is old.

During the final week of 2015, I posted a photo I happened to catch of the (almost) full moon I noticed staring me down on early Christmas morning that year.  The photo was taken from the very chair I sit in while I’m typing up these lame posts for your amusement, and I was lucky enough to turn at the right moment to catch this bright moon as it was positioned right where there’s a gap in the blinds (Thanks Ody!).

I was reminded of that photo sometime last month (or maybe March) when I once again caught the moon in that exact same position in the sky, looking down at all of the craziness that goes on at The Nest.  Only this time it was in a different phase…

And as you can see, I’ll never replace my broken blinds.

The battery that keeps track of the date and time in my main camera died a year and a half ago, so I don’t know exactly when I took this photo… but I’m pretty sure it was early evening, and the moon was going down, so it was probably a waxing crescent.  That would mean it’s from either the fourth week of March or April…. so it’s probably March since I took it long enough ago to have forgotten it thanks to all the cat photos I’ve been featuring instead.

Here’s a close up and much sharper image of the lunar voyeur…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Peeping Moon

  1. I would get lunatic with a gap in my blinds… but Phenny would like it… he can watch the moon for hours while I die with cold in my PJ outside ;O)

    • The cats destroyed any privacy I got around here early on… the blinds on the front windows are shredded. And I’m too lazy to replace them, so I hung blankets up to block peeping toms.

  2. ody N biskit….everee time de lame ass foto taker heer in trout towne; aka de food servizz gurl, takez a snap oh de moon…. it lookz like a fogged up mezz… !! nice cap ture 🙂 ♥♥

    • I had a clear shot of the big, bright full moon right after New Years, and my camera refused to focus on it. For some reason, that’s the only clear moon shot I’ve gotten at night….

  3. Somebody is watching you in the moon.😸

  4. Trisha says:

    I’m sure the cats were just thinking of you when they made the gap in the blinds. How will he see the moon if there’s no opening? Such thoughtful creatures, they are.

    • They are pains in the ass! I swear, just today… I’m making up a new countdown, and I had all of the entries I planned on including on little pieces of index cards on the table so I could sort them out. Then Biskit decides he wants to jump on the table and be petted, and there went all the sorting I’d just done. Damned cute things….

      • Trisha says:

        😂 Typical cat stunt! Yesterday I did all my laundry and put it all away. Then last night there was a skirmish between Gary and Trouble that ended with Gary barking Fleabag-style from within my hanging clothes and Trouble with his claw caught in one of my sleeves, wildly fighting and flailing and peeing all the while, which he now does when he gets scared. Random pee spots and fur tufts ended up randomly distributed throughout all my hanging clothes and the few pairs of summery shoes I have. It’s not Trouble’s fault but it’s always something with cats!

  5. Ally Bean says:

    And happy lunula back to you, too. I see Amy is creeping back into the blog. 🤔

  6. Nice capture! There are so many mature trees around the house, it’s rare I get to see a moon, waxing or otherwise. Thanks for keeping me current. 😊

  7. I love that slipper of a moon. It is my favorite, waxing OR waning 🙂 Also, it’s the one I’m most likely to see before night falls or right before dawn drops in for the day.

  8. draliman says:

    That’s what I thought. A crescent, I thought. Probably waxing.

  9. YIKES! I thought vampires didn’t LIKE light…….that particular lunula is a freak of nature in that he/she/it is “made” of light yet has the fangs to prove its’ best “work” is done in the dark. Very cool. Yes I know my imagination is warped but those fangs are impossible to miss.


    • I knew exactly what you were talking about because I kinda cursed the fact that my view obscuring oak tree got a couple branches in the way of my shot. And now I know that had to be late March because the tree was definitely in bloom by late April and I’d never see the moon peek into my window between Spring and early Fall…

  10. Love photos of the moon. I have many on my phone and camera. We live near a beautiful lake and I have captured some beauties with a moon shadow on the water. I love taking pics through tree branches and when there are clouds around also. Thanks for sharing! 😘

    • I was lucky to get the one clear, sharp shot! My camera hates focusing on the moon during the night. The only other in focus picture I have of Luna was taken at mid morning…

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