Meet Rainbow Donkey

If I can post a new SCT episode on Wednesday, then I guess it’s perfectly okie dokey to run my Meet the Critters post on Friday.  There’s only a few more of these left, and then my blog’s going to get really crazy come mid-June….. but we’ll talk more about that in three weeks.  For now, let’s take a look at the first of my old comic’s characters to be brought to life for purposes far outside of the way he’s being used in the Theatre… Rainbow Donkey!  This post is going to be magically delicious…

Yes, even rainbow unicorns have to sweat out revealing exposes around here.

NAME: Rainbow Donkey

SPECIES: In the ESN comic strip, Rainbow Donkey was described as being half unicorn (his Ma) and half donkey (his Pa).  In the Shelf Critter Theatre universe, that has somewhat changed as I’ve had RD describe himself on several occasions as being a full blooded unicorn (They’re naturally lucky, you know).

Of course, he may just be embellishing his genetic profile to get more chicks. Who could blame him?

SHELF PERSONALITY: Rainbow Donkey is generally quiet and soft spoken on the Shelf, one of the reasons he isn’t seen very often in my more ribald stories.  Unless he’s cheating on his nagging and domineering wife Sparklepony, that is.  RD claims his unicorn heritage makes him very lucky, which, when he’s in an episode, usually ends up being the case.

Chip and Fuzzy are either oblivious to RD’s luck, or jealous.

RUNNING GAGS: Usually when Rainbow Donkey gets included in a script, it’s due to some form of conflict between he and his spouse.  Both partners have been known to cheat on each other, though RD’s strong silent playboy type usually gets the advantage on the field, and earns him time in the doghouse…

When the ladies fight over you, you are indeed naturally lucky.

ESN PREMIERE: Rainbow Donkey’s been acting in my stories from the very beginning, starting with the comic strip styled “Along Came Scratchy”  in 2014.  And he appeared in photos on my blog even before that….

In somewhat more compromising positions.

ICONIC SCT ROLE: In a classic episode that was full of award winning performances by inanimate objects, I have to give the nod here to “Superstition Ain’t The Way,” where the Sponkies step on a crack and inadvertently send their mother to the glue factory.  The heartbroken Rainbow Donkey now has to adapt to his new life as a widower…

Ummmm…. well, that didn’t last long.

WHAT’S IN A NAME?: Rainbow Donkey the character was born when I drew this little image for my message board nine years ago this Sunday…

rainbow donkey rides again

I can’t remember all the details surrounding how the name came about, but I believe the real life Hooly first dubbed the hideously drawn creature as a “rainbow donkey.”  Thankfully another suggestion from someone else didn’t stick…. Rainbow Cow.

WHAT IS HE?  WHERE DID HE COME FROM?: The Rainbow Donkey who appears in my SCT episodes was made for a self-challenge (at my suggestion) by the extremely talented crochet artist Jennifer Olivarez five years ago.  She featured the finished creation on her Squirrel Picnic blog in August 2013, which became one of her more popular patterns.  And I was extremely happy and grateful when she sent me the real deal in advance of his debut.  There may be more popular critters lurking around the Shelf now, but Jennifer’s Rainbow Donkey will always be the prize of my collection…

Even Uncle Snuggie likes him.

CAN I GET ONE TOO?: Ahhhhhhhh…. no.  You could always try out Jennifer’s pattern in her post I linked to above if you can manage to use needles without jabbing your eyes out.  Or perhaps you can track down the person who was inspired by the Squirrel Picnic pattern to create this…

Mr. T no longer has the coolest mohawk in the world.

I’ll have another character who is slightly less colorful and mesmerizing next (hopefully) Thursday….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Meet Rainbow Donkey

  1. Umm…not to be obtuse…but doesn’t Uncle Snuggle like EVERYONE on the shelf?

  2. Rainbow Donkey brings a bit of color to the Shelf……of course there’s plenty of blood and green skunk spray floating around but OTHER colors are nice once in a while too.


    • And better yet, RD has colors I don’t have to Photoshop in! Since I’m the own CGI staff for Shelf Critter Theatre, I appreciate any special effects I don’t have to add myself!

  3. Awwww. I’ve always loved Rainbow Donkey.

  4. draliman says:

    RD is one of my faves, way back to the comic strip days. Him and Buster, of course. And Mitzi, Snuggle…

  5. chattykerry says:

    I love rainbow donkey, does she bray rainbows?

    • LOL! Rainbow Donkey’s gender has been central to a few of my better strips…

      • chattykerry says:

        That is so funny. Sorry does HE bray rainbows. Here is my funny donkey story. Years ago a spinster lady at my office was dating a bachelor both in their 50’s. He was called William. Every day, on the way to work, I had to pass a horse, called William, and a donkey, Thomas. I would talk to them and stroke them. On this particular day both William and Thomas had very erect penises. Donkeys are huge!!!! I walked into the office and said to my spinster friend, “William just showed me his penis”. I will never forget the look on her face. 😁

      • And I would assume Thomas’ wasn’t rainbow colored. You truly make everyone you meet very happy, even the animals!

      • chattykerry says:

        ROTFLOL!!! If only it was rainbow colored but it was impressive enough. It made all the guys in the office envious.

  6. Alice says:

    I do love Rainbow Donkey, but you really have to find a way to reincarnate Sparkle Pony. She seems an integral part of the story to me. What with all that glue and sparkles, I think she would glue up the glue factory. Plus what about the sponkies????

    That is an awesome rainbow donkey. Did she make the sponkicorns too? What I like about you ES, is that you get to what is most important today. Have you tried writing for the White House using the shelf critters? I think they would do a fantastic job of describing the current staff and their drama. 🙂

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