The Restoration

Me, since Wednesday afternoon.

What would have been the milestone 50th edition of Shelf Critter Theatre must unfortunately be canceled on account of corporate incompetence.  I took the photos for it this morning, then tried to upload them to Photoshop for resizing and the other magics I do to them, and PS didn’t want to work right at all.  Along with my games I play running very slowly the past 48 hours, I did a little digging and as I expected, the problems relate to the most recent update of Windows 10 that got rammed onto both my laptop and desktop Wednesday.  I found a thread on the Microsoft problem board from last month (this was the April 2018 update) of two users complaining about the exact issue I had while apparently everyone at Gates, Inc. sat on their hands and offered zero help to its frustrated customers…

Or maybe their technical assistants couldn’t understand the language.

It appeared there was a lot of advice for people having issues with the new updates to do a system restore.  In a decade and a half of using a computer, I have never ever did a system restore before… so I was very nervous and confused about this.  But Photoshop not working (And my computer itself running like sludge) is not acceptable… so I gave it a shot this afternoon.  And after nearly an hour of initialization and restoring the registry and then the longest restart in the history of home computing………. I got this.



I guess I’ll try again when I have the time to lock my computer down for an hour.  Oh, how I loved my old Windows Vista….


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13 Responses to The Restoration

  1. Okay. I had to do this last week. My first try failed. You will have to do it again. It takes a REALLY long time. If you don’t have your stuff backed up, DO IT NOW. The restoration works much better if you have all your graphics stores externally. It took ME about three and a half hours and it can take longer, depending on the size of your hard drive. A lot of us have had to do this. That last variation on Win 10 had a bunch of apparently important fixes but it screwed up EVERYTHING else.

    I had issues with Adobe also because I have Adobe CS 5.1 — like 10 years old — but it works. Getting it set up took a lot longer than I thought was even possible, but I finally did it. But please BACK UP YOUR DATA so when you restore the operating system, tell it to tear everything down and do a clean backup. But BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP!!!!!!

  2. Actually, I just looked and you used system restore. You probably need to restore your entire OS, which is something else entirely and will take a lot longer, but will give you for all practical purposes, a brand new computer. If you need more instructions, you can call Microsoft and they will explain it (that’s how come I know it), but if you can’t get through, email me and I’ll explain the incredibly stupidly easy way it works.

    Mostly what you need is a LOT OF PATIENCE.

    • Patience is a virtue I am extremely short on. Also, real in-depth computer knowledge. If I can’t get the system restore feature to work (And I won’t have time to try to again until Monday), then I probably just throw myself at the mercy of either Microsoft or Adobe working up some kind of fix. Right now, Photoshop is the only thing on my computer utterly unusable… and I don’t use it as much as I used to.

  3. I sympathize with you and think you’re making a strong case for Apple. There’s nothing more frustrating than to be at the mercy of the pixel and byte gods. Good luck!

    • They’ve both got their evil demons. The last time I used an Apple device was when I was still in school. They had just gone from green screens to color monitors…

  4. I have had plenty of problems with Apple. Just as many and they were much more of a pain in the butt to fix. People say this stuff, but it really isn’t true. Everything is GREAT if it works. NOT so great when it doesn’t. I have a MacBook Air and two iPads as well as two PCs. I’ve spent HOURS on the phone with Apple. Actually, I think it was one entire day.

  5. Quirky Girl says:

    Oh no! That’s no fun. Hope you get everything sorted out and up and running again in no time. 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried a system restore but then I’ve been lucky/fortunate/blessed enough that I’ve not needed to attempt it. Hope you’re able to get things back to a workable speed. I don’t have photoshop but do all my photo magic with freebie online Pizap….not very sophisticated but it can do SOME stuff easily. Good luck. That milestone edition of SCT is waiting to be “hatched” !!


    • Right now it’s in limbo, and the critters are going to have to get temporary pink slips. I know Mitzi can support herself and the kids with her night job, but I do worry about the others…

  7. draliman says:

    System Restore can be a pain. It would have been nice for it to tell you to disable the AV before it started, though.

  8. Merbear74 says:

    Dang these kids and their meddling mutt…woulda got away with it too.
    I’m kind of high, if you think this is funny to you, please tell me.

  9. And someone at micro$oft is sat there going Mwahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

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