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Many people find nothing to be particularly novel about Monday.  However, we at The Nest always encourage our readers to expand their boundaries and discover new reasons to embrace their misery.  It’s time to wallow in the mire of another whimsical Monday melody in our Top 30 Novelty Songs Of All Time countdown!  This week’s entry has DJ Scratchy digging all the way to the back of her archive for some seriously dusty vinyl that Elvis Presley might have enjoyed on the old Victrola up high as a kid.  Yes, we’re going back that far!  Sherlock’s going to love this…

#28. “Shaving Cream” – Benny Bell

Our elders always warned us not to say rude things or think impure thoughts, which of course just further encouraged us to rebel against our evil oppressors.  When you fight authority, authority always wins.  But you know what’s just as fun?  Flirting with the crudeness we so desperately want to express without actually saying anything that can be censored.  You weren’t a child if you didn’t sing a song or three on the playground that hinted at dirty words, but were actually cleaner than a Marine cadet’s fingernails…

Miss Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell
The steamboat went to heaven
Miss Suzie went to…
Hello operator…

Some of the best novelty songs play off that childish glee one gets from making the benign seem oh so dirty.  Even back in “the day” when children were supposedly much more well behaved, the call of immaturity was too tempting to pass up.  One of the best songs written with tongue firmly sticking out at the censors was this 1946 gem penned by novelty song pioneer Benny Bell, who had a fascination with shhhhhh…..aving cream.

You gotta love that old timey sound that you’ll never hear on a Justin Bieber autotuned abomination.  The second line of every verse in this song sets up a rhyme with “-it,” while the fourth line delivers what appears to be a major wordy durdy when that last word starts out with the prolonged “shhhhhh” sound.  No, Benny… or actually Phil Winston who sang the most famous version of this song attributed to Bell, veers our dirty minds away from the shit we were expecting and launches into a goofy refrain about shaving cream.  So simple, yet so brilliant.

Looks like Biff drove into a big truck of shhhhaving cream!

Benny Bell had long been forgotten about by the time the 1970’s rolled around.  But radio legend Dr. Demento (The same personality who launched novelty song king Weird Al Yankovic’s career) began playing “Shaving Cream” on his syndicated show to much fanfare, which in turn led to Bell’s label re-releasing the song in 1975, and actually scoring a Top 40 hit with it at #30… making the 69 year old Bell maybe pop music’s oldest one hit wonder ever.

A study in shaving cream…

I’ll be back next Monday with some more shhhhhhhhaving cream that you’ll just love in the novelty song countdown…

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21 Responses to Full Of Something

  1. crimsonowl63 says:

    OMG, I laughed the whole way through this song. I remember it as a kid, but I missed a lot of Dr. Demento. My husband knows and loves this song too.
    We have this one on our computer playlist under, Novelties (hehe). And being nerds we sing it around the house.

    Great choice ES. I am loving this countdown so far.

    I so agree with your Bieber comment. But god this Shaving Cream song is HILARIOUS!

    • I only learned about it a few years ago. It’s definitely a classic. And it seems weird because with how censored TV programs and movies were back then, my vision of the 1940’s doesn’t even include people swearing. It just seems like a more modern thing…

      • crimsonowl63 says:

        Oh no. We have blooper tapes that are all outakes and are mostly stars swearing. The funniest was Buddy Rich. Every other word. Boy did he get mad. Lmao.

        I’m glad you did run across the song!

  2. This really is classic “shtick” and so much fun…..I have to say that I’m SURE I heard this at some point since I’m older than dirt but I SWEAR it isn’t familiar – of course I occasionally forget my phone number so maybe not remembering this song is the least of my worries??!!


  3. Bwahahaha. Were those opening notes performed on a kazoo?!!

  4. I remember these songs as a kid. We always sang them when on the playground! So fun! Thanks for the memories! ❤

  5. ody N biskit; we got sum thin ta look for werd two bee sidez dinner when de FSG getz home N can play thiz ona dee vize that haz sound….. !!! 🙂 we due knot remember this one rite off ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  6. Honest to god, I don’t think the concept of “impure” ever crossed my mother’s mind. She was such a flaming atheist, to her “impure” was burning a book. Anything else was probably okay.

    • Well, we all have our own set of strict morals we’d like others to adhere to. I think it’s impure for lazy people to leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot…

  7. Trisha says:

    Wow, this is an oldie. And a funny one! As a kid, I’m not sure I would have gotten it though because I never heard adults swear. I think I thought swear words were created in the 60’s or early 70’s and were only used by big kids. I’ve still never heard my dad swear! When he got really mad he would say, “dad burn it!” I think I probably thought Benny’s shit rhymes were an innocent mistake because grown-ups from way back when were too innocent to know bad words like shit. Lol! I was so dumb!

    • I work with someone (my age!) who never swears. I don’t know how they do it. My SCT dialogue isn’t just for show…. it’s pretty much the way I talk. If I ever get fired from work, it will probably be from dropping shhhhhhaving cream in front of a customer…

      • Trisha says:

        I swear the most when talking to myself. My inner dialogue is full of fucks and god damn son of a bitches. Some escape out loud inside the walls of my house for my immediate family to hear but I keep a lid on it the rest of the time. It would be hard in a work environment. People are so god damn fucking annoying! 😂

  8. Bahahahahahahaha! This is awesome. I’d forgotten about this old gem. Thanks for the laugh. Awwww man if you don’t laugh at this song something is wrong with you.

  9. draliman says:

    I had no idea this did this kind of thing way back then. I thought they were all too clean-mouthed, from the point of view of released media.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard a clip of anything from before the 60’s that contained any swearing. It’s really weird to think foul words have been around for that long…

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