#176 – The Beast

Photo taken: August 24, 2012

Though I’ve solely been a cat person in the nine years I’ve been out on my own, my family owned a number of dogs throughout the years.  Pictured above is the last mutt I shared a residence with, and who also has the distinction of being the longest living pet we ever had (And, as you might expect in a household with five children, we had oh so many).  The dog’s official name was Dante (My Mom had a thing for Colorado Rockies outfielder Dante Bichette, and it was technically her dog), though I had the more fitting epithet for him… Beast.  If you ever emailed me before, and wondered why my address contains the words “little beast” in them… this dog is why.  Beast was a “miniature” dachshund in name only, and is responsible for giving me my total non-appreciation for ankle biter dogs due to his extremely vicious nature towards anyone other than those of us who lived in the house with him.  The Beast was born in September 1997, and began terrorizing The Bridge in March 2014… a 16 and a half year life that falls on the top end of his breed’s average lifespan.  Despite his many, many faults… living with him for just over 11 years did earn him a spot in my cold black heart, and this is the only halfway decent photo I ever got of him.


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to #176 – The Beast

  1. wow that was awonderful long time with The Beast… how bad that Stepehen king had a beast before you… otherwise you could write the novel Cujo with getting stinking rich… life is NOT fair…

  2. ksbeth says:

    wow, the beast refused to go, and fought his way through. glad you all survived and that he found his way into your heart –

  3. The Beast was a cutie…..ankle biter tho’ he was, he had cool coloring. We had a miniature long-haired dachshund when I was growing up – he didn’t make it to the ripe old age The Beast did, but he was a real sweetheart. I loved every dog we had but still I could hardly wait to get my own place and get to know the world of felines – – and I’m glad I did.


    • That’s his old age look, too (He was just shy of 15 in that picture). A lot of the lighter coloring on his head came in much later, and in fact looked more gray than anything… so we always teased the dog that he was getting old and gray!

  4. draliman says:

    He looks all innocent sitting there, waiting for his next victim…

  5. Trisha says:

    He looks sweet…but also like he’s waiting for someone to do the wrong thing so he can strike!

  6. wavez ta yur dawg cuzin ody N biskit……..him did live a good long life ~~~~~ N he iz prettee awesum for bein a…….. d.a.w.g. !! 🙂 ♥♥

  7. Quirky Girl says:

    Oh, this is too perfect! My brother and your dog have something in common- the name Dante! 😛 Except my brother had been named for the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, not the baseball player Dante (although I am familiar with him, too).

  8. We had a mini-dox, but she died rather youngish. Definitely NOT an ankle biter. More of a roller-overer to have her tummy scratched.

    • One of the dogs my Mom replaced Beast with was another mini who died young. Her specialty was that when she got excited, she peed all over the place. And EVERYTHING got her excited…

  9. Ally Bean says:

    I like your photo of the Beast. He looks like he lived up to his name. Always refreshing to see a pet with a name that fits its personality.

  10. Being named after one of the original Blake Street Bombers makes little Dante a legend. The only thing missing from your post was his ERA average (eating ruffian ankles). 🤣

  11. preetyvarma says:

    Beast was really cute… Dachshunds are originated from Germany translates to ‘Badger Dog’ literally. Dachs mean Badger and the Hund stands for dog. Dachshunds are excellent dogs for all apartment People which are extremely good with all family members. Good watch dogs for the family.

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