#175 – Not Cool

Photo taken: June 18, 2014

The neighborhood I live in is largely a good one.  At the very least, much better than the area I moved from.  But there’s no place that’s completely safe from hoodlums bending you over and violating what’s yours.  My one and only brush with evil over the past nine years came just before the start of summer in 2014 when the copper thieves hit my neighborhood.  You can read more about that tale of woe in this post.  Instead, here is how I found my air conditioner… or what was left of it, once the thieves had struck.  They were unable to actually steal the unit since, much to their surprise (they thought they were hitting a vacant house), my electricity was still very much on and capable of sending them straight to hell.  But they managed to render it broken beyond repair.  If there is a silver lining, the unit was very old and needed to be replaced anyway.  So I was able to get a much more energy efficient AC for a mere $500 deductible.  But man was that one hot as hell week when I had to go without…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to #175 – Not Cool

  1. Those copper thieves take EVERYTHING……years ago (21 of them in fact) when we were the only house built in this community and others were in process of construction, a “crew” came through here in the middle of the night (presumably) and stole TONS of copper stupidly left in coils at every construction site. I guess we’re glad they had so much to choose from they left US alone.


    • They didn’t even get any copper out of mine since they got scared off by something in the process (The repairman speculated it was when they found out the electricity was on), which made it even more senseless. I hope they eventually got caught and were sent to a prison with an entire mountain of big rocks that need to be broken down into really tiny pebbles…

  2. Ally Bean says:

    What a mess. People who steal copper are a menace everywhere any more. Of course a new AC unit is a nice thing, too. The ups and downs of life, eh?

    • Yeah, like I said, it was a blessing in disguise. Maybe I should have invited them to come inside and jack up my furnace as well since I had to replace it two winters later…

  3. draliman says:

    It would have been a much funnier picture had it featured the smoking corpses of a couple of ne’er do wells…

    • I totally agree. And the photo would have gotten a lot of laughs when I entered it into evididence at the courthouse when the scumbags’ next of kin decided to sue me for wrongful death…. which in America, may very well have happened.

  4. No doubt the squirrels are responsible for the theft. They are for every theft in my ‘hood!

  5. Did you mention this back when it happened? What a bunch of a-hole jerks.

  6. Ladybuggz says:

    Someone (s) actually stole the copper wire from one of 2 train crossing thingamajigs in our town, no one could figure out why the bells wouldn’t shut off because there were no trains that night! We have Crack addicts that cruise the alleys on bikes at night scoping out what they could and can steal from backyards(we’ve not been hit, touch wood). One guy was caught on camera actually removing fence panels to get in a yard and stealing a wheelbarrow! Ya, our little town has one of the highest drug/homeless population in B.C., I think we were voted the the worst towns to live in! Port Alberni ranked as most dangerous place on Vancouver Island. As long as they leave my little corner alone I’m just fine! (Touch Wood again!) lol.. Take a read if you dare!

    • With the way we Americans think of Canada, that’s like talking about the most dangerous neighborhood in Mr. Rogers’ Land of Make Believe! While not directly referring to the city I live in, the big city we’re a suburb of, St. Louis, is routinely ranked at or near the top of Most Dangerous Cities in the US… and Draliman once alerted me to the fact that we’re now in the Top 20 or so for the entire world! Right up there with the drug infested wastelands of South America! I would touch wood as well, but I don’t quite swing that way!

      • Ladybuggz says:

        LMAO!!! Ok then, how about touching plastic??
        Mr. Rogers Land… LMAO again! We have a small population so I guess when 2 drunks face off with knives it’s a major crime!

  7. At least you fried the bastards. That’s gotta help, right?

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