#169 – Hammerin’ Hank

Photo taken: September 18, 2012

The Top 200 Photos I’ve Ever Taken countdown’s next trip down the wacky road of fucked up statuary takes us to the Motor City.  The statues of Detroit Tigers legends that grace the outfield concourse of Comerica Park are almost all worthy of inclusion in The Nest’s Hall of Bizarre Sculpture… but out of fairness, I decided to honor only one.  And the one I chose is this delightful tribute to Hank Greenberg and his…….. um……… ejaculating bat!?!?  Dafuq are all those baseballs doing coming out of Hank’s lumber?  Or, as Garry Armstrong once noted the first time I featured this strange statue on my blog, those are “ribbies” being released… a nod to the fact that Greenberg holds the record for most RBI’s (runs batted in for you non-baseball peeps) in a single season.  Whatever they are, the situation is quite unsettling.  Maybe I should have just gone with Willie Horton’s finely sculpted ass


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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8 Responses to #169 – Hammerin’ Hank

  1. draliman says:

    Urgh. Now you’ve said that, it’s all I can see..

  2. Eek…what in the world was that sculptor thinking??

  3. And so appropriate on the day of the Home Run Derby. Garry and I were trying to guess how much they are charging per seat for the event. it must be a LOT because half the arena was empty!

    • I don’t have a clue what the admission was, but I’m sure it was WAY TOO MUCH. Then again, I’d bet most of the people who got in crowded out in the outfield stands… because unless you are petrified of balls in play and/or unruly mobs, where else would you want to watch a homerun derby?

      As for the event itself, I haven’t watched it in years. I loved it when the premise was simple… everyone gets ten outs, and whoever hits the most homers wins. Now it’s such a convoluted mess, that I’ve managed to lose all interest in it…

  4. It’s probably meant to indicate the speed of the ball going away from the bat, you know how in a painting they have like echo images to show speed, that sort of thing? But obviously not very well thought out!

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