The Seven Day Itch

Anyone got some calamine lotion?

Early Spring was cold and damp, and then early summer was hot and muggy.  The result has unfortunately been a banner year for bugs… and in particular, fleas.  They are everywhere, and it’s been almost impossible to keep them out of the house.  Outdoor animals like squirrels, unfortunately, just have to put up with the ankle biters no matter how severe the infestation is.  Poor squirrel.  Flea bites are even worse than mosquito bites since they nibble on you everywhere.  Geez, let’s bring on the colder weather already so we can nip these nasty bugs in the bud and not have to stop at every tree to itch ourselves on the bark like this week’s scratchy Saturday Squirrel…

Have a great, itch-free weekend everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to The Seven Day Itch

  1. I, too, have been casting my vote for cooler weather…since June. Here’s to a flea-free zone!

  2. Summertime and the living is not easy…

  3. draliman says:

    The poor critters probably don’t know if they’re coming or going given this year’s weather.

  4. Another great dose of absolute squirrel cuteness.

  5. It’s incredibly buggy for man AND beast…..never seen so many mosquitoes either – all this WET we’ve had sure isn’t helping! That squirrel looks like he’s just about had it with bugs too!


  6. Our dogs all wear very expensive flea and tick collars. WE have ticks and they are really awful.

  7. Trisha says:

    I always offer to use the flea comb on the squirrels but, so far, I haven’t had any takers. 😀Strangely, my pets haven’t had fleas since Frosty passed away. This is the 2nd summer I haven’t had to use flea treatments of any kind, which is just crazy with all the squirrels hanging around in my yard. Now watch, I’ve jinxed it and we’ll have an infestation from hell.

    • I’ve already been through that infestation from hell, and thought after seven years I might not have to worry about it again, but they’ve infiltrated The Nest this summer. It could be them clinging to me from when I cut the grass, or maybe Gypsy brought them in since she’ll still pop inside every so often. Either way, I hope I don’t have a year long problem like last time!

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