#142 – Oceanfront Property

Photo taken: August 15, 2016

When it rains, it pours.  And man did it pour all night and morning long when this photo was taken in one of the worst single storm floods we’ve ever had.  This view of my street suddenly being turned into one of Venice’s famed canals is actually pretty tame compared to the flooding this storm caused in other parts of the city…. even in areas that don’t normally flood.  I was at work that night and had literally nowhere to go to get around places that had flooded between Mecca and The Nest.  I chose one of the few routes the city hadn’t closed off yet… and apparently my Neon had some Yellow Submarine in its DNA since it managed to wade through water a foot or more high for long stretches at a time without stalling.  Sheesh, and to think Rainy Skunk missed out on all of this…


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12 Responses to #142 – Oceanfront Property

  1. ksbeth says:

    get your raft out

  2. draliman says:

    I had a 1985 Fiesta that performed similarly well on a trip to Scotland once. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

  3. Whoa…you even had a small island for tourists. ⛵️

  4. Locally, Lynn got 9 inches of rain today. We got some, but so far, the worst has been further north. Lucky, because when this valley floods, it REALLY floods. All those rivers are pretty much at peak already.

    • This month marks the 25 anniversary of the peak of the Great Flood of 1993, which was more the cause of substantial rains (and winter snows) to the north rather than particularly rainy weather where I live. It came within a few inches of topping the levee that protects the city I live in… which I don’t think anyone seriously thought could have been topped. The before and after pictures of the Mississippi River during that flood are quite eye popping… that was a LOT of water that got stuck here on its way to the Gulf of Mexico…

  5. All you need is a few yards of sand to be delivered and you could have a beach resort right out your front door.


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