Dancing On The Ceiling

No, that’s not Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled countdown to bring you some old school Monday muzak here at The Nest.  Since the first MM post on June 2, 2014… we have featured something new on this day every single Monday of every single week since then.  And due to the next entry in my Novelty Song countdown being a repeat of a past Monday song, I’ll be postponing that post until tomorrow.  In it’s place… a true blast from the past, Mecca Muzak Monday!  Yes, here is another new school song I have come to know and love due to its frequent airplay over the speakers at work… and I really think a lot of you will like this one.  It’s a great combination of 2000’s indie rock and circa 1970 pop…

Sounds real groovy, man!

The Black Keys is a duo that formed in Ohio about 15 years ago and who slowly climbed their way up the ladder from a bonafide garage band act to the A-list of artists who are critically acclaimed while having exactly zero Top 40 pop hits due to the tone deafness of Billboard and the music industry as a whole these days.  With the help of one of the best damned producers of the past decade, Danger Mouse…

No, not THIS Danger Mouse…

…The Keys spun pure gold with this cut from their landmark 2011 album El Camino…. fittingly titled “Gold On The Ceiling”…

Yeah, the lyrics are mostly nonsense…. but that music!  The beat… the crazy guitar breaks… those harmonies on the chorus!  This is three and a half minutes of pure awesome.  My favorite summary of the song listed in its Wiki page came from John Soeder of Cleveland’s newspaper The Plain Dealer… who described it as a hybrid of “Spirit in the Sky” and “Rock and Roll Part II.”  I can definitely hear influences from both songs in “Gold,” particularly the drumbeat and handclaps, which are almost signature Gary Glitter…

Gary would know what’s on the ceiling of Vietnamese prison cells… and I’ll bet it’s not gold.

Here’s a Black Keys fun fact that made me laugh when I discovered it.  Their first record contract came with a label by the name of Fat Possum Records!  Among the prestigious artists who have also released albums under the Fat Possum umbrella are groups like The Heartless Bastards, Bass Drum of Death, Soccer Mommy, Yuck, and Fat White Family…

Awesome logo and slogan!

And that concludes this extra edition of Mecca Muzak Monday.  There will be one more MMM before my Novelty Song countdown ends…. see you in 12 weeks!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Dancing On The Ceiling

  1. love it… perfect to sit in the car and to drive into the sunset (after you hissed id*ot and a$$hat at all the freaks around ya :O)))

  2. Trisha says:

    I like it! And I hate almost everything, especially if it’s from 2000 or later. I love the name Fat Possum Records too, although that possum is a little creepy. And is he sucking food up his nose?

    • I think that’s supposed to be the rotten odor of the garbage he’s snorting through his nose, but whoever did that drawing wasn’t trying his best. It looks more like noodles, and that would have to hurt to suck pasta up your nose…

      And that possum is larger than the trash can! I love possums, but if I came across one THAT big, I’m pretty sure I’d run and hide before he got me back for all I’ve done to Buster!

  3. Pure awesome. Possum awesome.

  4. crimsonowl63 says:

    Love, love, love it! And thanks. My husband & I have loved the Black Keys from early on. We saw them at a college show, thanks to our friend Tim. Anyway, my husband doesn’t like change & wouldn’t listen to anything past their first to maybe third album. He heard Gold on the Ceiling and loved it. Yay! Now I can share the “newer” albums with him.

    Being from Ohio, I was thrilled to see your post about the Black Keys.

    • Glad to be of service! I admit I’m not familiar with much else of their work… there is another Black Keys song they used to play at work a lot a few years ago that I didn’t much care for (Something about going to Kalamazoo), but this is all they had to do to make me love them. This is seriously one of the greatest songs ever…

  5. This song has ‘road trip’ written all over it. And air guitar competition. 🎸

  6. That does rock the socks off for sure………I like it although I have to admit (yet again) that I’m not familiar with it – how did I miss it??? Oh yeah……I’m older than dirt. Forgot about that…..I often do.


  7. ody N biskit; thanx for de share….will hafta give thiz a listen two later !! 🙂 ♥

  8. I actually LIKE that one. It’s a real finger-snapper 😀

    • I had a feeling this was going to be a song that had universal appeal because it’s really the best of all generations of rock music. It takes a lot of talent to mash all that together and come up with something awesome and original out of it…

  9. Love me some Gold on the Ceiling and Black Keys, too! Great way to end my day! Thanks!

  10. I love the Keys… but the fact that a Fat Possum produced their first album? Priceless!!

  11. draliman says:

    Very nice indeed, as people have mentioned an ideal song for driving.
    That’s the best slogan of any company ever!

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