Fast Car

Chicks love dudes with a race car.

Happy Labor Day to my American readers!  Of course, as you now by now, The Nest takes its holidays seriously… and that means we expect our employees to actually labor on Labor Day.  That means you won’t miss out on the next hard working entry in our Top 30 Novelty Songs of All Time countdown!  DJ Scratchy is missing out on all the 69% off sales just so you’ll have another fun song to chuckle at on your Monday, while the Sponkies just stand around and take selfies since nobody expects kids to work on any day of the year…

#18. “Hot Rod Lincoln” – Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

For almost as long as there have been automobiles, there has been the human desire to drive them as fast as possible just because it’s cool.  In 1955, a country singer by the name of Charlie Ryan wrote a song about a speed demon in a Model A that had outraced two other amateur competitors in another song four years prior.  “Hot Rod Lincoln” was the name of the song.  As drag racing cars on the highway became more and more popular into the 60’s and 70’s, numerous other artists offered up their own takes on the song…

I can’t understand the appeal…

In 1971, an upstart country rock band that went by the rather lengthy name of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen (Heretofore after known as just Commander Cody since I don’t want this post to be 8,000 words long) crafted the most successful version of “Hot Rod Lincoln,” hitting #9 on the Hot 100 charts and becoming their only Top 40 hit.  They also managed to take a song that was just interesting and turn it into a bonafide novelty song simply by way of the style in which they recorded it…

While the Charlie Ryan original had already been done in the rockabilly style, Commander Cody added a ton of flair to their version and upped the tempo as you would expect a song about a flying bullet of a car should sound.  The added sound effects are perfect, and the hesitation after each word in the final call to the title is an awesome cap on a souped up cover version!  This song is nothing but fun to listen to…

The perfect song to soothe your road rage…. or maybe encourage it.

I’ll be back next Monday with another novelty song whose entertainment value is way over the legal limit…

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20 Responses to Fast Car

  1. imagine this song while riding in an opel meriva with 3,25 hp… scaaaary, right?

  2. I never knew this was a cover. I had to find the original. Oh wow. Commander Cody TOOK it and OWNED it. He made it a classic that is remembered. Too much fun.

    • I’d heard the (boring) 1960 version before and always thought that was the original. The real 1955 original isn’t bad, but has absolutely nothing on the Commander Cody version. I do think this song would have gotten lost to time without this fast paced, fun take…

  3. My most favorite car was a MG Midget whose horsepower was rated in cc’s. Not much power in that lawnmower sized engine but man…when the top was down on a sunny, it was a blast of a touring car. 🚘
    P.S. Can you explain the high heels with yoga pants phenomena? Even on a race track that just seems weird.

  4. crimsonowl63 says:

    Fantastic version! This is a favorite novelty song of my husband, in fact. We listen to it often.

    I don’t like speed. I get anxious when the speed limit increases to 70. Watching cars go fast on tv is too much for me! Baby, I know.

    I do love the song. Sound effects and all!

  5. Trisha says:

    That’s a fun one! I don’t think I ever knew who did this song but it sounds so familiar I know I must have heard it frequently throughout the 70’s, probably while thrown into the back seat of my mom’s Pontiac GTO with no seatbelts. The good old 1970’s.

    • I used to “sit” in the front seat all the time as a kid with no seatbelt! And by sit, I mean it was kind of a sideways kneel where my legs were up against the back of the seat. If we had to make a sudden stop, my Dad would reach across with his arm to hold me back! The late 70’s version of the airbag!

  6. Oh I remember Commander Cody……didn’t even know there was an earlier version – this one totally rocked though!


  7. Merbear74 says:

    I suppose hot rod Kia just doesn’t sound right…

  8. Personally, for really pedal to the metal music, give me CCR every time. That thumping base just gets those revs all the way UP.

  9. draliman says:

    Quite fun. Love the name of the band too!

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