The Man With The Golden Nose

To some of you, this noise may sound better than this week’s song.

Looking for some nifty music to help you scrape that frost off the pumpkins?  The Nest has spent the latter half of this year harvesting only the ripest of songs that fell off the silly tree… and it’s time for you to reap another Monday fruit from our Top 30 Novelty Songs of All Time countdown!  DJ Scratchy’s going gangsta mack this week and laying down a killer bass groove, while the Sponkies are….. um….. hopefully out in the fields somewhere.  This song may not be quite appropriate for their young ears…

#11. “The Humpty Dance” – Digital Underground

I’m generally not the biggest fan of the typically hardcore genre known as hip hop.  Give a man two turntables and a microphone and promise not to wash his mouth out with soap, and you’ll typically get a gritty, hardcore message about inner city life that will have you wearing out the Urban Dictionary trying to figure out what the lyrics mean.  These are the kind of songs with their speaker erupting bass booms that will cause you to experience a mini earthquake when a listener pulls up next to you at a red light…

That’s not a giant sucking sound you hear… it’s the idiot next to you listening to Kanye West.

While the hip hop biz tends to take itself just a bit too seriously, not all of its artists are the kind who would get offended if Weird Al Yankovic invaded their gangsta’s paradise.  Such an act on the light side of hip hop was the Bay Area’s Digital Underground.  MC Hammer may have been the biggest thing to come straight outta Oakland in 1990, but the Underground was definitely the second best… and funniest.  Their lead rapper Shock G had one of the more… well, unique alter egos in music history.

Celebrate with a bowl of lumpy oatmeal!

And the horribly dressed, huge honkered Humpty Hump persona would have likely been long forgotten about by now had he not been the subject of Digital Underground’s only hit… the wonderfully quirky and extremely naughty (NSFW WARNING!) 1990 song “The Humpty Dance”…

While your Humpty Dance experience is always better by getting to see Mr. Hump do his act in the music video, I didn’t post it here since it bleeps out anything even remotely rude and sounds like one of Mecca’s pathetic attempts to play a P!nk song on the speakers.

Or perhaps how it would sound in a Burger King bathroom.

As funny as Humpty is in describing his dance and extremely fabricated sexual prowess, this one also rates high with me on a musical level.  The bass line and drum loop are epic.  In fact the latter, a Frankensteinian combination of drum samples from old funk songs as well as a few drum machine effects, has itself been sampled in a whole slew of songs that came later.  See, it’s not only your favorite classic rock and R&B songs that get ripped off to create modern hip hop backing tracks…

Vanilla Ice would have totally ripped off Humpty had he not already released “Ice Ice baby”…

Please return next Monday as we tickle your rear by venturing into the Top 10 of the Novelty Song countdown!


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19 Responses to The Man With The Golden Nose

  1. Phenny would make his to his national anthem… ;O))

  2. Ally Bean says:

    Thanks for my Monday morning ear worm. It’s time to eat some licorice & crackers.

  3. Yes, a truly epic drum beat and and bopping beat line. Don’t think I’ll need caffeine this morning.

  4. This is great…….who can resist that beat – I love that dance description……LOL.


  5. Oh my goodness. That was silly and unexpected. Why am I suddenly thinking about Tipper Gore?

    Hey, don’t forget to wish Weird Al Happy Birthday tomorrow.

  6. The Operation Guy caught my eye. I just took my game to the recycle depot. The batteries exploded in it years ago…and for some reason, my mother kept it. Batteries and all. lol

  7. draliman says:

    Hmm, the lyrics may be amusing but it’s still hip hop and largely unlistenable to…

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