Scratchy Squirrel

They’re claws, or maybe really ingrown fingernails…

The Squirrel O’Lantern has been a Halloween tradition of mine that predates my blog (You can see all nine of my crazy carving designs here), and this year’s presented more challenges than usual.  First off, just the way I procrastinated at getting it done.  I think this may be the only one I ever waited to carve on Halloween morning.  Second, despite only buying the pumpkin last week, it managed to develop a mushy spot near the top on the good side.  That forced me to use the side of the pumpkin that had a slightly downwards tilt to it… which also made it much harder to carve since I had to keep tilting it back to cut features on the bottom (and sticking my hand in the mush).  I also managed to bend my good tiny details saw, though thankfully I was almost done at the time.  All in all, this is why I went for a somewhat simpler design than normal this year… but it turned out OK.  I think the claw marks are the first time I cut outside the “frame”…

Whether this year’s edition will get to be seen by the few people who venture through my neighborhood remains to be seen.  It rained most of the night and up until two hours ago… and it could rain again anytime today.  Maybe I’ll carve this poor squirrel an umbrella…

Or stick this out on the porch to greet the trick or treaters…. er, maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Happy Halloween from The Nest!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Scratchy Squirrel

  1. fabulous… we have no real pumpkin this year , I totally forgot that halloween is … yes.. today…have a spooky howloween at the nest ;))

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    Happy Halloween!
    It’s raining all day here, too. 🎃

  3. An ☂️may be a worthwhile accessory. We got about 14 drops. This being on the very top end of the El Niño Gulf Stream is going to make for a(nother) dry winter. Happy Howloween! 👻

  4. Is that squirrel wielding a blood dripping knife?
    For God’s sake man…. throw some nuts on the front porch before he comes for you!

  5. You are one of the brilliant carvers. I’m not bad, but you are SO much better! Love the long claws!

  6. I think the scratch marks from claws outside the frame was a cool idea…..adds that extra “ouch” to the carving. Hope some kids got to enjoy your squirrel-art. We didn’t carve one this year – just used our two electric ones. Not as much fun – missed that aroma of “cooking pumpkin” from the candles.


    • I think this was my first squirrel o’lantern that drew no comments from kids or parents. Visitors were at a minimum, though… I was the only one on my street in business last night, and though I was happily handing out big handfuls of unwanted candy, most kids probably didn’t see the trek for one house to be worth it…

      • We have a similar problem in that we have a very LONG uphill driveway to our house and a lot of kids take the easy way out and visit the ones on level ground with short driveways.

  7. Trisha says:

    Another awesome Squirrel-O-Lantern! You are so good at carving pumpkins and making cute little squirrels look menacing! I have a different sort of Squirrel-O-Lantern. I’ll try to get around to posting pictures of it soon.

  8. draliman says:

    Very vicious-looking, I love his little knife!

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