#25 – Jump!

Photo taken: January 29, 2016

For me, the holy grail of squirrel photography would be a flawless image of a squirrel leaping midair between branches high up in a tree.  When I took this photo almost three years ago, this was the closest I had come to that crowning achievement.  With the two large forks of the tree in the foreground, you can’t really see from what or to what the squirrel is leaping… but there he is somewhat fuzzy and framed by the larger trunks taking one of those far up leaps of faith.  The tail is in a rather interesting position with regards to the jump as well.  Seems that would provide some aerodynamic drag curled up like a question mark, but maybe that was an intentional part of his internal calculations that allowed him to stick this landing…

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to #25 – Jump!

  1. 10.0 from france!!! BRAVO! … now I have this awful van halen song in my head ….aaah…

    • I can think of three songs named Jump, and none of them are particular favorites of mine. David Lee Roth apparently wasn’t a big fan of Jump either… he did not like the synthesizer heavy 1984 album and that’s why he left the band after that.

  2. Arlene says:

    easywiemaraner, I have the same song in my head now too! lol

  3. That’s not bad. They really are too quick to capture with any clarity. Lord knows I’ve tried..

    • I’ve gotten very few crystal clear pictures of jumping squirrels before, and I’d imagine that’s only due to the fact that I’ve probably had many more opportunities than you since they’re my primary focus. The ones that have come through, like Supersquirrel the other day, make all the time invested in shooting them worth it.

  4. Ally Bean says:

    Squirrels move so fast and I am too slow to even attempt a photo like the one you got. It’s pretty good. I’d call it holy-grail-worthy-ish.

    • I have another that, in my opinion, is much closer to the grail than this one is. It was taken from directly under the squirrel, leaving no doubt as to the fact that it was actually taking place way up off the ground. Though the squirrel in that one has motion blur as well. Under perfectly sunny conditions without me having to whip the camera around so much trying to follow its mad dashing, I think I could get the true prize…

  5. Squirrels do take a lot of TRUE leaps of faith – It’s amazing what they get away with. My office is on the second floor of our house and I have super large trees right out my window – I see them dancing around on those branches all the time – honestly I think they have competitions to see who can get away with the most dangerous moves! I love watching them..


    • The trees at the park are incredibly tall. Maybe not like the redwoods, but probably a good four or five stories tall. And they leap around up there like it’s nothing! I’d be afraid of breaking branches if nothing else!

  6. That guy’s got nothing over Van Halen! 🎸

  7. These guys are pretty good at sticking their landings!

  8. Trisha says:

    Such amazing little creatures! I can’t believe some of the crazy leaps they make.

  9. draliman says:

    The tail’s probably acts as his rudder. Now I have Van Halen going round in my head.

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