Bad Kitty

Go away!

Now that the long winded photo countdown is over, I can once again start sharing some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last half year or so that I didn’t find a way to retroactively work into that series.  These photos aren’t even that old… they were all taken on New Years Eve in the early afternoon.  Above you see The Nest’s current feline food mooch, Gypsy.  If it seems like she’s not in a particularly happy mood, it’s because she isn’t.  And it has nothing to do with all the rain we had the last few days of the year.

No, she’s upset because of the intruder on her territory…

Yeah, you better turn away from me, beyotch!

That grayish/brownish cat with the thick black stripes is not a new feline to my turf.  He’s been hanging around The Nest periodically for a few months now.  To be fair, I don’t know its actual gender, but I’m one of those old school apparent misogynists who default to masculine pronouns… and since he acts like a jerk, he’s probably a male anyway.

Yeah, I thought you’d see things my way…

He has a collar and appears to be pretty well taken care of, so I assume he’s a neighbor’s cat… probably from across the ditch since he usually flees towards my backyard whenever he sees me.  These are the first photos I’ve gotten of him, though.  I don’t have a name for him yet, other than Asshole… which he deserves since he likes to bully Gypsy and chase her away from the food I give her.

Hey! Just who in the fuck are you calling an Asshole, asshole?

I’ve found tufts of Gypsy’s white fur in my yard after her scraps with this cat, so I’ve not been as welcoming with him at my front porch feline cafe.  Although when Gypsy isn’t around, I have managed to earn his trust just enough to get him to come onto my porch and let me pet him.  It’s too bad such a beautiful looking cat has to act like such a holy terror…

Look. I can be sweet when I want to…

Since there was no shooing him away when he showed up Monday, I decided to comfort the enemy by letting him have a bite to eat.  The only trouble was getting a skittish Gypsy to come back for her serving after he had his fill and left…

I can haz noms?

Goddamn cute little Asshole…


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23 Responses to Bad Kitty

  1. draliman says:

    You can’t say no to that furry little face!

  2. He is a handsome soul…..he may be skittish because others chase him away when he tries to visit…..the little cat next door to us is like that. She’s beautiful and sweet but has been swatted with a broom one too many times by some ugly neighbors and doesn’t trust easily. Teddy alerts me when she’s visiting us. I’ll take food out but she hides until I’m back in the house then eats. I feel badly for her – she’s often left out overnight by the neighbors and we have a lot of foxes around here. Anyway, back to the photo of your Mr. Mooch, he’s a handsome tabby – AND it’s nice to see Gypsy again too!!


    • If he acts as aggressively towards the other cats in the neighborhood as he does towards Gypsy, I can see why he would get chased away with brooms. Gypsy will hiss other cats (like Sewie) away, but not flat out attack them like this one will. He needs to learn that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar…

  3. That’s the way they get you, those cute little faces…

  4. Oh my, cat drama. It’s funny how creatures that can be so nice to humans are such jerks to one another.

    • I guess they know they aren’t going to win a fight with one of us. I’ve only known a few cats who dared to take on challengers larger than they were… a tortie we had when I was a kid was legendary for putting big dogs in their place.

  5. Trisha says:

    Asshole looks like a boy to me. He looks like an asshole too! Reminds me of my sweet, dearly departed asshole, Scooby. He could be so sweet to me and such an asshole to all the other animals.

    • Gypsy is kind of that way too…. hissing at Sewie, hissing at my cats, by loving with me. But she doesn’t get into fights like this one supposedly does. I can always tell when Asshole’s been lurking around, because Gypsy’s much more timid than usual about coming to my porch… and it’s obvious she needs food more than Asshole does.

  6. Here’s hoping your favorite white kitty returns. Maybe leave her some Kung Fu directions with the next bowl of food so she can lay a big chop on the handsome jerk.

  7. ody N biskit…..984 pawz up two yur dad for given a damn bout de naybor catz….at leest he carez..may be onze terra torry izzuez “calm down” peace wil reign in de yard….may bee 🙂 !!
    happee new yeer two all ~~~~~~~~~~~☺☺♥♥

    • This cat is clearly invading Gypsy’s territory since I’m sure he’s from another street over, and if he could act more respectful, I’d be happy to feed them both. I’m not counting on that ever happening, though…

  8. JackieP says:

    Awww, maybe he’s just misunderstood. Maybe he gets mistreated someplace else and takes it out on poor Gypsy. Maybe. 😉

    • If he goes around the neighborhood terrorizing other people’s cats, I’d imagine he’s probably getting chased off at other houses as well… maybe with brooms and throwable objects. I treat Gypsy like she’s one of my cats and it irritates me to see a bully come onto her turf and push her around like that…

  9. franhunne4u says:

    The head is not really one of a Tom, but not all male cats have such impressive headgear as my late Tom did. There you could see he was undeniably male – even without his family jewels. The body is very impressive, I give you that. Does he wear a rather neutral collar? Owners are suckers for gendering their cats’ accessories.

  10. Gypsy really is a beauty. I’m assuming she is owned, too because all that white fur looks in very good condition for a stray. You are to cats what I am to birds: the big buffet!

    • Gypsy is “owned,” but in the same way we had cats as kids. My Mom wouldn’t let them in the house, so we fed and played with them on the porch and they stayed outside. Gypsy seems to be always outside. She “belongs” to the kids two houses down, and I have no idea how well (if at all) they feed her. She seems to rely on me for that. Given her circumstances, though, she does look pretty good. Her coat grew out really furry for the cold…

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