Snow Day

I shouldn’t have to be out in this shit!

Last Friday my locale had one of its biggest snowstorms since 2014 with a whopping six to ten feet inches of the white stuff predicted.  While everyone else was out raiding the supermarkets buying the necessary supplies to make french toast for the next six weeks, I made the daring decision that evening to snap a seven year streak of perfect attendance and take the night off work.  With how poorly my new car seems to do in the snow compared to the 20th century beast I used to drive that was actually made to drive worth a shit… plus with the snowfall continuing to accumulate all night long, it seemed like a good idea to take my very first snow day since I was in high school in 1993.

If only I had a squirrel sled…

Dipping my ruler into the snow that morning (No, not THAT ruler!) revealed the final tally to be on the light side of the 6-10 expected… but it was still a pretty solid coating.  Geez, look what it did to my birdbath squirrel feeder!

Eh, let the squirrels eat cake.

Seriously… that’s what it looks like!

I don’t think my backyard mooches are going to appreciate me taking a snow day from feeding them.  Guess I’ll have to get a little cold…

They better tip me for this…

I got some nice squirrels pics on my snow day which will fill up the next few of my Saturday posts.  After sticking around for a few days, yesterday and today has been warm enough to finally have the snow melting.  I can see bits and pieces of the ground again.  But for a few days, we all had to suffer in the cold with the dandruff of the gods…

I hope Gypsy has some snow leopard in her ancestry…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Poor Gypsy. Hate seeing pets outside in weather like that. Can’t be easy even with a luxurious fur coat.

    • I tried very hard to get her to come inside, but she knows my cats are in there and won’t even peek inside the door anymore. I’m glad her coat got extra fluffy this winter, though. I’m sure she know every warm place in the neighborhood by now…

  2. Your yard is just like ours! Nice to see Gypsy, she is pretty girl. Did she want to came in your house or was she just asking for food?

    • She only wants to come inside if I get rid of my cats, Since I won’t do that, she settles for just the food. I have to watch out to make sure the other cat lurking around the neighborhood doesn’t take it from her… he’s a bully and I’m pretty sure he’s getting fed better than poor Gypsy.

      • We are feeding two cats, they live in this neigborhood, but they ask for food. The other one doesn´t come near, just wants her plate. The other, very tiny black cat, comes in and eats by the door. Kosmo is such a weird cat, he likes to watch the girl eating and often tells us when she is waiting outside the door. Cold here 0°F/ -17°C .

  3. Trisha says:

    Poor Gypsy! She’s looking at you like, “will you do something about this snow?” I love how cats blame us for everything. She still looks sweet though. The stray that lived at our house for many years used to glare in the window with such contempt. I got so sick of his accusing eyes following me everywhere, especially since we would have been happy to have him come inside.

    I’m really looking forward to those squirrel in show photos!

    • I feel SO bad for her! I know she’s cold and would want love to warm up inside, but she flat out refuses to share that warmth with Ody and Biskit. I guess it’s a good thing the guy who moved in next to me a couple months ago also has a big honkin’ pickup truck, since she likes sitting on his rear tire facing my house just like she did the other guy’s…

  4. That is a lot of snow – looks just about like ours did at the end of our first day of the white stuff. Poor little Gypsy….well, you’re right about her – she’s precious and so cute I’m SURE she has some warm spots in mind around the neighborhood but she knows where to go for a nice meal – YOUR place. She’s a gorgeous cat………..


  5. draliman says:

    Gypsy better be careful – she’ll be invisible in all that snow. I hope Mecca survived without you for the day/night.

    • Yes, we’re still in business…. technically. Now on our second straight weekend of snow panic buying with the added bonus of people last chance food stamp buying before those benefits go poof thanks to the stupid shutdown…

  6. ghostmmnc says:

    Love the snow pictures! I like when it piles up in the shape of whatever it lands on, like the birdbath cake! Gypsy is so cute! I do feel bad about the cats & birds around here when it gets snowy, rainy, & cold, but they manage. We feed them all more than once a day.

    • I had never really took notice of the “caking” of snow on round objects like the birdbath until I saw your snow pictures a little while back. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw what the birdbath looked like after the snow…

  7. Quirky Girl says:

    Brrr! I think Gypsy needs a snowsuit if she’s gonna be out there making snow angel kitties or flinging snowballs at unsuspecting neighborhood kitties…

    • She needs to work on her snowball flinging since there’s another cat lingering around who likes to very roughly chase her away from my handouts. Maybe make a snowball with a brown colored center….

  8. We’ve got a storm — two, actually — on the way for tomorrow morning and the big one over the weekend. I’m not sure whether we are in the middle or along the edges. For me, snow is not the problem. I worry about losing POWER. We have no backup. So far, we’ve been okay. Otherwise, we are unlikely to starve — unless the power goes out. If it does, we also have no water because our well uses an electric pump. Oh to have a few thousand dollars to get a generator backup!

    • Storm number two was supposed to hit today, but now it looks like most of the snow is going to miss us. It’ll still be really windy and cold, though. For how cold it’s been overall this winter, it has yet to actually get frigid. I don’t think we’ve been close to single digits yet this season…

  9. Ally Bean says:

    Freshly fallen snow is beautiful. I’m hoping that Gypsy found herself a good place to lounge during the storm. I have no doubt that you did!

    • Yes, I lounged right here in front of the computer like I always do. I should have gotten a fresh bowl of snow while it was still falling and undisturbed. One of my favorite winter “treats” as a kid…

  10. Violet says:

    Poor Gypsy, she’s so pretty, have you made her a waterproof home from a big tote with a hole cut out so she can climb in and curl up with an old blanket or two?? Hey, sorry haven’t been around…yes, I changed my name to Violet…lol

    • I was wondering why some newbie was commenting on my blog and it didn’t show up in moderation! I’m sure the possums and raccoons would love it if I built a shelter outside. Gypsy would probably still sleep in a tree like she does…

      • Violet says:

        LOL, newbie,ha. It’s me Teresa aka{Ladybuggz} or did you figure that out? lol… In in the midst of some crappy shit life stuff, not having much time to blog and read blogs sorry.. Poor Gypsy. It is suppose to go down to { in celcius} -9 with windchill of -19, pretty rare for here especially when flowers already blooming..I worry about my poor little Hummingbird when it drops this low temp, explain how in the hell a little creature that small can keep from freezing?? Unbelievable💨😬 take care Bill. ttys

      • Yes I knew it was you! I think it’s rude to call an actual newbie a newbie! I think Gyspy may have been brought inside by her half-assed owners, because I didn’t see her at all during the coldest part of that stretch, and then she was back once it warmed up a bit (and then A LOT… though it’s back to brrrr again). I’m not sure how almost any creature makes it out in cold like that…

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