Share Your World – Week 3

Looks like someone had too much fun celebrating National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

It’s time to share my world again… not that you’d really want to use my world for anything.  It’s mostly imaginary and deeply, deeply disturbing.  But…. oh wait, we aren’t being literal, are we?  That means we must be doing Melanie’s Share Your World challenge again, and it also means I won’t have to worry about my world not being promptly returned when you were finished with it.  Sock that logo to me…

Whoever designed this must have had something against the Western Hemisphere.

What’s the closest thing you’ve experienced to real magic?

Going off my lame gag I used in the intro, I can’t imagine anything more magical than creating fictional worlds out of nothing and watching them grow with each new inspiration.  I’ve done it numerous times in my life, what with the overactive imagination I have.  The real magic is in how a couple of small ideas can come together to spark a fire that leads to a bunch of other accidental creations that make that world even more real.  My Evil Squirrel cartoon gang I drew comics of here for years is probably one of my best worlds I conjured up… largely from random inspiration provided by other online buddies.  The Shelf Critter universe that succeeded it was wholly created on this blog… and those of you who’ve been with me the past couple years have watched that magic unfold before your very eyes…

And I deeply apologize for that…

Who is the messiest person you know? And why?

I’m pretty messy around the nest… though I’m the only one that has to tolerate it, so that’s no big deal to anyone else.  We have a lot of messy people at work who seem to be completely incapable of cleaning up after themselves.  That includes both on the clock time turning the salesfloor and backroom into a disaster area and off the clock time in the breakroom leaving it like a whole class full of second graders had just had lunch there.  Most of this comes from the youngsters who had everything done for them by somebody else all their life, and expect maid service to follow them to the grave…

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Have you seen me?

What benefits does art provide society? Does art hurt society in any way?

Art’s first and foremost intention is to benefit the creator… whether that’s through some sort of therapeutic release, scratching a creative itch, or maybe just for pleasure.  That pleasure can even solely come from the expected reaction of others to the art.  As someone who enjoys entertaining others, a lot of the things I create (especially here) are done mainly with the hopes of garnering a reaction from others.  When I’m muttering about a lack of comments on this blog, I’m rather selfishly sulking about not getting the response I expected from something I did.  I think I just totally deviated from the actual question… which is an art form I’m an expert in.

You all better like this, or I’m gonna throw a tantrum!

What’s something positive you’d like to share?  Can be a smile, a joke, or music..anything that gave you a lift this week!

Longtime Nester Jenn created a bunch of crafty ornaments this past Christmas, and replied to my comment on that post by saying she should create an Evil Squirrel ornament.  Lo and behold, this just came out of my mailbox this morning not even an hour ago!

Like, it’s totally OMGworthy!

Mitzi wasn’t included in the envelope and is just there for decorative purposes.  But there’s Evil Squirrel sewn onto a tiny pillow, and I love it!!!!  Thank you so much, Jenn, for actually making me an ES keepsake and mailing him to me!  He will be a cherished part of my shelf forever and ever!!!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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12 Responses to Share Your World – Week 3

  1. That is one very cool keepsake! Nice job. Some people are just so dog-gone clever and can execute it well. Bravo.

  2. Yano, I designed the logo (patterned after the one Cee Neuner had on SYW for years before I took it over). And I never noticed the lack of the Western Hemisphere. Now I must address that, because it’s gonna drive me bonkers until I ‘fix’ it. Um. Thanks. Now onto the E.S. World… Is that um, interspecies unicorn bonking? How very p.c. of Mitzi (she’s the Unicorn, isn’t she?) and how great that she got to be on top. Go Unicorn Girl Power!! I too wonder, now and then, whatever happened to ol’ Jimmy. Witness Protection? Complete facial reconstruction so his former questionable cronies don’t find him nor recognize him? He’s buried in the landfill in NYC somewhere or the fish in the Hudson are fatter because they got to eat him? Will we ever know? And your keepsake? You have great admirers obviously!! Thanks so much for Sharing Your Squirrelly World with us!!

    • I remember the original logo, and think I may have even comments on someone’s SYW post way back in the day about the Old World centric status of the globes. Mitzi, like many of my shelf critters, is…. something else. Very outgoing. Very free spirited. Very….. well, her nickname is the Bimbocorn. PC isn’t a phrase that could be used to describe anything my critters do, though if there’s a personification (or unicornification) of free and unlimited love, Mitzi would be it.

  3. Ally Bean says:

    I always like reading answers to the SYW questions. I agree that creating fictional worlds out of nothing is magical. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that creating anything out of nothing is magical.

  4. draliman says:

    What cool mini ES pillow!
    I feel privileged to have seen the SCT magic unfold.

  5. Great answers this week to some great questions………and I wanna know about Hoffa too…..if you find out let us know will ya? LOVE LOVE LOVE the adorable squirrel ornament your friend Jenn made…’s fabulously CUTE.


    • Hoffa disappeared the same month I was born, so I’ve always felt a connection with the mystery surrounding him. Not saying I’m Jimmy Hoffa reincarnated, or anything…. I mean, I don’t want THEM to come for me too!

      Little pillow ES is very cool! Especially when he’s hanging from Mitzi’s horn like that…

  6. Aw…shucks! I hope Mitzi wasn’t jealous. If she is, I can make her one too. Idle hands are the devil’s playground! I tried designing someone else (I won’t say who), but my drawing skills are limited, and all my patterns are hand-drawn first. Oh well! xoxo

    • I assure you Mitzi is not jealous at all. In fact, as far as she’s concerned, she just got some brand new horn bling! This is going to be the latest fashion statement in unicorn culture…

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