Tabloid Thriller

Ah, the good old days when you could actually trust what you read in the news.

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for The Nest to check out the magazine rack near the checkout stand and dig for another unbelievable hit that was spotted with Elvis out of that giant tabloid lined litter box we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  It’s Week 2 of our three part tribute to a triumvirate of late 80’s music videos that were all shot in the same rather off style.  DJ Scratchy’s got her lone sparkly glove on, while the Sponkies learn to moonwalk to this greatest hit from the King of Pop that you’ve probably never heard before…

It’s hard to believe that this June will mark ten years since music superstar Michael Jackson got some really bad medical advice and went to that giant Neverland in the sky.  I could run up the word count of this post to unreadable levels just naming the many hits MJ left behind during the course of his four decade career in the biz.  I’m sure you’re already familiar with many of them, though…

Ah, the paradoxical message that was in “Beat It” and “Bad”…

Thanks to his immense popularity and rather eccentric lifestyle, during the late 80’s Michael Jackson also began his reign as the King of Pop Culture.  There was no TMZ thirty years ago, but celebrities still had to deal with all kinds of shady gossip about them being spread by the 80’s version of Fake News, the tabloid magazines.  The many things that the likes of The National Enquirer were hounding Jackson over finally boiled over into this 1989 song with a video that poked fun at the strangeness MJ was being accused of while also extending a gloved middle finger to the scandal sheets that were making his life a living hell…

“Leave Me Alone” was released by Jackson shortly after his album Bad was breaking all kinds of records back in 1987, and soon became a part of the album when it was included on the CD version in 1990 and appeared on every re-release of Bad since.  If you saw last week’s video of Paul Simon’s “The Boy in the Bubble,” you’ll immediately recognize that the videos are eerily similar in style.  So similar, that some of the same people had to be behind both productions.

You can test your memory of 80’s Michael Jackson “news” while watching this video and see how many Enquirer stories you can find represented in it.  There’s the hyperbaric chamber he supposedly slept in, an entire sequence with Elizabeth Taylor who he was believed to have some sort of fascination with, Bubbles the chimp and the llama are there, and let us not forget the time he was going to buy the Elephant Man’s remains…

The real Elephant Man didn’t have a trunk… but boy could he dance!

I’ll be back next Monday with one more video from the same era that looked a lot like these past two…


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16 Responses to Tabloid Thriller

  1. Bubbles war included too (in the headlines), so I think there is something or someone related … but nevertheless I like the song, even when I was a fan of Prince that time … the time what split nations and friends in the Prince vs. Jacko war ;O)

  2. Ah, the Enquirer. If we don’t read it how will we know which of our neighbors are really aliens?

  3. There are strange people and there are REALLY strange people and he certainly was in both categories! No denying his talent though…….like many shooting stars, he burned out before his time. I THINK I may have heard this song a time or two.


  4. The only thing missing was his silly llama that grossed out the likes of Freddie Mercury.

  5. draliman says:

    I was never really an MJ fan, to be honest. “Earth Song” was the only one I ever really liked.

    • I like a good chunk of his 80’s songs, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other big names. The Thriller songs were all over the radio when I was first getting into music around 1983, so that may have influenced my opinion of him…

  6. ody N biskit…..ten yeerz ? be jezuz wear haz de time gone….

  7. Ally Bean says:

    Bubbles the Chimp. I’d forgotten about him. And the Liz Taylor connection. Micheal Jackson was like no other person, for which I am thankful.

    • I often wonder what the tabloid/TMZ like outlets would say about me if I were that famous. I’m sure they’d have a field day. Though MJ does this video by mocking all of the sensational stories about him, he was very much pissed about the media obsession with his life… and I almost feel sorry for him.

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