Go Directly To Jail

It’s time for The Nest to work its Hump Day hocus pocus and dredge up another pretty picture from Google that will guide us today in another tantalizing edition of Random Image Inspiration.  Let’s use the not-so-secret formula to find this week’s visual muse.  The totally random numbers!

2, 42, 77, 35

The 2nd post in my Reader when I ran this earlier this morning was this one by River Girl… who becomes the first Nester to have a post chosen twice for RII.  No, there’s no prize for that…

The 42th word in that post is “but”

The 77th word in that post is “found”

Well, we already had “but decided” come up as the search string in an RII post.  What will “but found” yield?

Entering “but found” into Google Images turned up this as the 35th result…

This building is apparently a jail in Brooklyn, New York… which I guess explains the weird non-view from the windows.  If you play the Tuesday Teaser on Pam’s blog, you may be snickering a bit that this image came up for me to write about today…

Or maybe just flat out laughing…

It has been a recurring gag for almost three years now that I always guess that the Teaser photo… some place in the world we are supposed to guess the location of… is actually a prison.  I’ve used it as a weekly creative thinking exercise to see how I can work the jail theme into a non-jail photo… and if you don’t follow Pam, you’ve missed out on some dandy answers from me.  Like, for example, the time last April when the Teaser photo was this:

And I responded (in the comments section!) with a mini edition of Shelf Critter Theatre….

Once upon a time, there lived a lonely unicorn princess who was imprisoned in the tower of a castle by a nasty old lady who served lunch at the school cafeteria. An ursine prince just happened to notice the beauty locked away in the tower and was determined to rescue her so he could add another notch to his bedpost…

SNUGGLE: Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

MITZI: My name’s, like, Princess Mitzi!

SNUGGLE: Mitzi! Mitzi! Let down your hair!

MITZI: But I just totally spent all day putting it up in this ponytail, and…

SNUGGLE: Just do it so I can free you from your prison and unlock your chastity belt!

MITZI: Oh, like, OK!

SNUGGLE: What the….? I thought you had pink hair!

MITZI: Lulz! You didn’t, like, say which kind of hair I should let down!

SNUGGLE: Damn! You mean the carpet doesn’t match the drapes? You really are a trashy princess. But I’m desperate enough… so I’m climbing up to rescue you!

Snuggle Bear scaled Mitzi’s….. um, “hair” and reached the top of the tower.

SNUGGLE: My Princess, at last! You are free from your prison!

MITZI: Yaysies! And, like, you can now rot here instead!

Before Snuggle Bear knew what hit him, Mitzi had yanked him into the tower while she quickly scaled her own hair down to the ground and to her freedom. How, exactly, she did this is a secret of cartoon physics.

MITZI: Like, thankies The Bear Formerly Known As Prince! Buh-bye!

SNUGGLE: Come back here you sleazy, no good royal beyotch! Who’s going to rescue me!?!?

MISS DINGLEBERRY: Hmmmm, looks like my princess has escaped. But a nice, handsome prince to take her place! (Licks her hairy lips in anticipation)

SNUGGLE: Oh @$&*(!!!


Is you don’t know who Miss Dingleberry is…… well, let’s just say Snuggle would probably rather be ambushed by Big Scrat than the Teaser school’s lunch lady of ill repute.

The one and only Miss D.

I have been fortunate enough to have never actually been incarcerated in a penal institution before… I only pretend to have such a vast knowledge of the world’s finest penitentiaries to impress my WordPress friends…

Because who doesn’t enjoy visiting the local jail in their spare time?


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Go Directly To Jail

  1. No prize! Well… it’s nice just to be nominated.
    Sorry I couldn’t give you anything better than a Brooklyn jail though.

  2. I remember that teaser. And of course your version makes it all more…ahem…interesting.😆

  3. Love the tower and the falling stuffies 😀

  4. I guessed it… if the princess is not pink but a blonde, it ends not well… poor prince… to stick with miss dingleberry furever&ever is sure no fun…

  5. Oh that was an unforgettable (eeeek) adventure from the mind of Evil Squirrel after the Teaser inspiration photo (as I remember that building is in W. Virginia). Teaser Tuesday is always brightened by your entertaining tour of yet another prison. It never ceases to amaze me how you are able to turn even a photo of a waterfall (remember that one?) into some feature of some prison somewhere in the world. Thanks for being a loyal Teaser fan – and bringing a LOT of humor to the geography lesson every week. As for Miss Dingleberry – I’m wondering how Kismet feels about being a write-in dream date for her?????????????


  6. Mitzi, Mitzi you always keep your style!

  7. draliman says:

    I’ve certainly been in Monopoly jail a few times.

  8. Quirky Girl says:

    That Snuggle Bear/ Mitzi Rapunzel scene lacks the traditional fairy tale feel… Perhaps it’s the questionable characters? 😛

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