Peace, Love And Lost Hits

Like, everything’s groovy and shit!

Need a little help to make your Monday just a bit more mellow?  Well, The Nest is ready to help you tune out the rat race by turning on another lost hit that dropped out of the mainstream.  It’s time to traipse on down to Yasgur’s farm and rummage through that pastel painted VW van full of funny smelling smoke that we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s rocking the tie dye for today’s hit… and yes, she remembered to wear some flowers in her mane… while the Sponkies are learning that flashing the peace sign is more than just something to make yourself look cool in selfies.  Of course, today’s DVA selection is coming from that trippingly groovy decade of……… the 90’s!?!?

Soho is more than just a place where Roger Daltrey used to play pinball and where you can find werewolves walking in the rain.  It’s also the name of a music trio that formed in the UK in 1989, and was active for much of the 1990’s.  Their lone song of any popular significance was actually a decent hit on both sides of The Pond… and it will answer the question of what that acid flashback of an intro I wrote up was all about.  Here is Soho’s lone hit, reaching #14 on the US charts in 1990, “Hippychick.”

With a rhythm borrowed from Soul 2 Soul and a hook lifted from The Smiths, “Hippychick” is a catchy little song that contains influences from many different styles that were popular at the time.  It’s got some pop, a bit of hip hop, a toke of reggae, and is a dance song that won’t make you work up a sweat or blow out your eardrums.  And sadly, at least in America, it is mostly forgotten… unlike the hippie chicks the Cuff sisters claim not to be.

Hippie chicks never die. They just get glaucoma.

I’ll return next Monday with another groovy song that the 60’s made you forget about…


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18 Responses to Peace, Love And Lost Hits

  1. I don’t know this song nor the band… I had to ask wikipawdia …1990 was the year of Phil Collins & Londonbeat in our area ;O)

    • I prefer Phil’s songs from the 80’s. Londonbeat had a nice hit here with “I’ve Been Thinking About You,” but like a lot of other early 90’s songs that weren’t grunge, it’s been long forgotten about…

  2. Nope – that’s another one I’ve never heard of or heard period. I keep telling myself that there was SO MUCH MUSIC to hear in the 90s…..It was just impossible to hear it all ! I like the groove though.


  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I’ve always loved this song!
    There was at one time a clothing store in our mall named Hippie Chix, and every time I passed by this song would be in my head. haha
    hmmm maybe I should get some of that medicine for my glaucoma! 🙂

    • Hippie Chix should have been playing this song in their store… though I guess it would drive the employees crazy after some time. Fuzzywig would be happy to share his medicine for you… though I warn you it’s really catnip! Same effect though!

      • ghostmmnc says:

        You’re right, they should play that song for the store’s theme.
        Not to worry, I have plenty of the good stuff catnip around here. Cricket will share. haha! 😉

  4. Trisha says:

    I expected to hate it because you said it had a little hip hop in it but I liked it. It was a good, upbeat way to get this probably shitty week going!

  5. Whoa, if the music doesn’t induce a seizure the video surely will. ☮️

  6. draliman says:

    Never heard of them or their “music”. Well, I enjoyed the bit at the very beginning…

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