The Good Stuff

4:20 is coffee time.

Every year when I start up the Contest of Whatever, I always vow to create some new designs for my old, obsolete Cafepress shop so the winners have a wider selection of stuff to choose from.  And every year….. yeah, I don’t.  Half the stuff in my store predates this blog (which is seven years old) and much of the other half features my comic characters I don’t use anymore.  Making designs with the Shelf Critters is much more difficult since so many of them are trademarked characters… and even those that aren’t might still technically belong to someone else.  Well, in Fuzzywig’s case…. I decided who cares.  So there is now a whole selection of drinkware featuring the Shelf’s favorite coon’s favorite catchphrase.  Completely misapplied, of course…. we all know what Fuzzy’s “good stuff” really is.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, man!

Anyway, for those of you who have visions of winning the CoW which ENDS TONIGHT, now you have a few more things to choose a potential prize from.  Thanks to the ten bloggers who have already submitted entries, and we’re one away from the participation record set in 2014 if anyone else has some good squirrel walking into a bar inspiration!  The entries will all be presented (and commented on by my gang… you know me!) tomorrow, with the results posted on Sunday.  Good luck everyone!

Everyone who enters gets a big smoochie from Mitzi.


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to The Good Stuff

  1. Pleased to be ‘one of the ten…’ or twelve or whatever. That number thing called Maths? Ain’t my thang. And I’ll take a big smoochie from that damned cute Bear, but Mitzi (no offense girl) you’re the wrong gender…

  2. Coolio! As for Mitzi giving a big smoochie to everyone who entered – Teddy’s “up” for the smoochie but isn’t interested in any STDs – just sayin’ !!


  3. Author Mandy White says:

    You may hit that participation record yet. I’m working on a submission that you will have in a couple of hours. Nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour to get the juices flowing…

  4. Trisha says:

    A Fuzzywig mug?!?! Now I really wish I could have gotten my ass in gear and put an entry together! I apologize for not doing so. I finally came up with an idea last week and then I got distracted by issues with my idiot son and his idiot friends. I’m just all worry and no creativity or focus right now. I’m glad you got so many entries and I look forward to reading them all.

    • I was wondering why you hadn’t been around much. I’m sorry there’s shit going on in your life. No worries though… there’s always next year, and the Fuzzy mug isn’t going anywhere unless whoever created that ridiculous looking raccoon sees that someone put him on a coffee mug and sues my ass!

      • Trisha says:

        It sounds like the shit is about to hit the fan even more around here because I just got an ominous summons to a meeting with the parents of my idiot son’s idiot friends. As if I wasn’t stressed enough already about the stuff we already know about. And having to take maniac Gary to the vet this afternoon. I almost wish I had some of Fuzzywig’s Good Stuff! But even if I did partake in that stuff, I need my wits about me to deal with maniac Gary, so I’ll have to find some other way to get through the day.

  5. Ohhhhhh I hope you get two more to make it an even dozen, or three to make it a Baker’s Dozen! Cupcakes for everyone (or cookies, or squirrel corn treats.) This has been so much fun. I’ve had a great time reading and laughing at/with all of the entries. Thanks again Evil Squirrel for another COW. Vlad says thanks too. He never knew how cute all of those squirrels could be.

    • Well, Mandy Spinal Tapped the contest by bringing us up to eleven… so the participation record is tied! Next year will be the year it is broken. Me and the critters are getting ready to go through all the entries again… this is going to be a very hard group to pick a winner from!

  6. draliman says:

    Very cool mug!
    Hang on, a big smoochie from Mitzi? After where she’s been?

  7. Fuzzywig drinkware…I like it! 🍹

  8. I’m going to save this and order some stuff. I love your creatures and so does Garry! It’s going to be a BIG hit around here. not that we need more anything, but … well … gotta love it!

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