Hall Of Dreams

Your Monday muzak is late because I was sleeping on the job again.

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for The Nest to skip writing a really lame intro and just dig right in to that giant vault of lost dreams we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy was happy to get to sleep in this morning since she was up all night playing for a rave again, and The Sponkies…… well, the bus already picked them up for school today.  This week’s DVA comes live from Daryl’s house…

Daryl Hall and John Oates are, believe it or not, the most commercially successful pop duo in rock history.  That’s not half bad considering one half of the group was useless and had a really bad porn mustache.  So what would you get if you removed the filler and only kept the guy with musical talent?

A better looking duo, for one thing.

After a very successful run together from the late 70’s through the mid 80’s, the band briefly went its separate ways in 1986.  While John Oates worked on his facial hair, Daryl Hall put together the album Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine, which spit out a single hit that proved Daryl should have gone solo a loooooong time ago…

“Dreamtime” went to #5 in the summer of 1986, but you’d never guess that given how it’s become one of the many victims of the selective memory of radio these days.  The likely reason for that being that people want to fondly hang on to the “Maneater” days of H2O… and have blocked pretty much everything else out the group did…

Except for that godawful fucking mustache… which you can’t possibly unsee.

I like a lot of the classic Hall and Oates hits…. and that said, I still think “Dreamtime” is better than all of the songs Daryl did with John combined!  Really this is awesome!  And now that I’ve fulfilled my Monday muzak obligation, I’m hitting the sack for a little dreamtime of my own.  Join me next Monday for another song that will be more fondly remembered than John Oates’ porn stache…

Huh huh huh! Huh huh huh! He said porn stash! Huh huh huh!!!


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18 Responses to Hall Of Dreams

  1. I loved them and I loved the song … I also remember the video …as if it was yesterday 23 years ago. I liket their Out of Touch a lot, but no one on this planet could dance to this song LOL

    • I’d just gotten MTV when the video for Out of Touch came out, and I remember the big honkin’ deal they made about it. I thought it was just weird and the song is just OK…. but then again, I have to hear it at Mecca all the time!

  2. ody N biskit; de most success full ?? trooth ?? thiz kinda sir prizez uz act shoo a lee…tho we iz tryin ta think oh other “duos” rite now…. N we iz onlee comin up with…. tom and jerry 🙂 ☺☺♥♥

    • LOL! That’s why I clarified in rock history! Tom and Jerry had a few issues with that kept their partnership from really flourishing…. for one, all that chasing each other around the house!

  3. Yet one more piece of music I’ve never heard before. You lose one decade, but it seems like a LOT more.

    • If this were one of the bigger songs associated with the decade, I might think you missed out on something. But I’d bet even a lot of people who DO remember the 80’s forgot about this song. That’s actually kinda the whole purpose of this feature is to dig up the forgotten ones…

  4. Oh I really did love them but this is a good song for Daryl without “the mustache” guy wiggling around……!


  5. Always like these guys, hair and all.

  6. Nice. I always liked that song.
    But seriously dude put your shirt on.

  7. Thom says:

    Excellent choice! The strings take it to a higher level. He also had a couple of good tunes on his solo debut album before this one but not as good as Dreamtime.

  8. draliman says:

    That song’s not too bad!
    I’d like to see Oates and Mercury face up in a “porn ‘stache-off”. He looks a lot like that greasy-haired “Soul Glo” chap from “Coming to America”…

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