Circle In The Land

It’s time for The Nest to play its favorite game of photo roulette and conjure up the next picture I’ll have to come up with a post from in this Wednesday’s edition of Random Image Inspiration!  Here are this week’s completely random numbers…

5, 75, 85, 73

The 5th post in my Reader was this one by Phenny.

I got real excited that I might get to use some wacky Weim words in the search this week that would turn up something really strange.  But the fates of weirdness were not with me this time…

The 75th word in that post is “is”

The 85th word in that post is “a”

Gotta love it, huh?  Typing “is a” into Google Images turned this up as the 73rd result…

Looks like he’s walking through a field carrying….. gas cans?  What could he possibly be doing?

Well, one of my favorite shows that aired during my teen years was the NBC series Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by Robert Stack.  The generation that came before me knew Stack for his role as Eliot Ness in The Untouchables, but I will always think of Stack as that creepy guy in the trenchcoat walking in a fake-foggy studio while introducing the audience to the next story of some crime that has yet to be solved or some phenomenon that has yet to be explained.  And it was that weird unexplained stuff that really drew me in…

Hey kids! Wanna take a ride with Uncle Bob?

And if you were into the paranormal cool stuff that was making the pages of The Enquirer thirty years ago, you might already know where this post is going.  Remember these?

This could only have been done by aliens. Or the same bored kids who build extravagant forts out of the paper towel counter at Mecca.

Crop circles” were popping up all over the place in the UK in the 1980’s, and nobody had any good explanation for why.  Well, at least nobody who refused to believe they weren’t the “skidmarks” of hovering flying saucers.  The crops within the shapes of these crop circles were somehow flattened while the rest of the field remained untouched.  And they only seemed to pop up overnight.  Either spaceships have a really exact exhaust system and only visit while the sun’s shining on the other half of the planet, or just maybe…… you know….. these things are being made by people with too much time on their hands.

Of course Styx was behind it. Crop circles are the grand illusion…

In 1991, a pair of jokesters named Bower and Chorley fessed up to creating all of the circles that had been strategically appearing near Stonehenge (Probably after Clark Griswold knocked it down, angering the gods).  Not only did the publicity from that admission spur a bunch of copycatting all over the world, but even turned the making of crop circles into an art form that could only truly be appreciated by a race of giants or people from that Jetsons age when everyone has flying cars…

Seriously, dafuq!?!?

Of course, there are crop circles that can occur naturally… particularly in weird weather conditions.  Anyone who lives in the Midwest like I do already knows how a powerful tornado can plow through and rip your house right off its foundation while barely even wrinkling the patio chair cushions over at the neighbor’s house.  And I was extremely pleased that the Wiki article I linked to above referenced the one explanation that is the ultimate end-all, “because I said so!” answer that by-the-book scientists will always give to write off any phenomenon that seems to be paranormal in explanation….

It has been suggested that crop circles may be the result of extraordinary meteorological phenomena ranging from freak tornadoes to ball lightning

Ball lightning for the fucking win!!!

But wait…… there’s more!!!

In 2009, the attorney general for the island state of Tasmania stated that Australian wallabies had been found creating crop circles in fields of opium poppies, which are grown legally for medicinal use, after consuming some of the opiate-laden poppies and running in circles

Yes…. crop circles resulting from strung out wallabies!!!!  I’ll buy that over a couple of idiot hoaxers and fucking ball lightning…

Give us the Good Stuff, man!!!

From “is” and “a” to dope smoking wallabies!  Only at The Nest, and only on Random Image Inspiration.  We’ll do this again next Wednesday, mate….


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23 Responses to Circle In The Land

  1. Yep – you’re right – only you could slide through a transition like that! HAHAHA


    • I was NOT HAPPY when I got those words… but being a blogger of (ahem, cough) integrity, I went ahead and went through with it anyway, and was obviously very happy not only with the direction it went, but picking up that awesome fact about wallabies! I’m going to have to have Fuzzywig make a wallaby reference in the next SCT…

  2. Crop circles! Remember that stupid movie with Mel Gibson? Didn’t someone admit to making them with some handmade tool…?

  3. Ally Bean says:

    Crop circles. None around here, but you never know… Mysteries of the world!

    • There could be crop circles in your neighborhood, but only the squirrels would know since they have that great view from above. Plus, this is what they do at night when people think they’re asleep in trees…

  4. I want to be a wannabe… ah no a wallaby ;O)

  5. Stoned wallabies. Who knew? Mystery solved!! 😉

  6. draliman says:

    Wait, Bower and Chorley were from outer space then…?

  7. I’m VERY down with the strung-out wallabies!

  8. Crop circles-the first recipient of drone technology that made them popular.
    O O
    O O O

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