Long Tall Glasses

We’ve made it halfway through the week as it’s displayed on your calendar, so that means it’s time for The Nest to indulge in its new Wednesday tradition that will lead to Dog only knows what.  Here is the lucky 13th edition of Random Image Inspiration!  Let’s see which numbers were randomly handpicked by Juan Valdez this week…

2, 41, 77, 64

The single digits are hot for the first number lately.  Better post on early Wednesday mornings if you want your post to help inspire the next RII.  Anyway….

The second post in my Reader was this one by Arlene.

The 41st word in that post is “the”

The 77th word in that post is “pepper”

I’m a pepper, you’re a pepper… almost all of the images showing up contain peppers.  But the Randomator tends to pull a surprise out of even the most obvious of prompt terms…

Typing “the pepper” into Google Images turned this up as the 64th result…

A pair of glasses!

Yeah, no shit Konami!

I don’t wear glasses, though I’ve had a prescription pair since 2008 for my nearsightedness.  Upon realizing I was never going to get used to wearing them all the time (and nearly getting into a few wrecks on the interstate trying to drive with my glasses on), I opted to live life continually squinting at things more than 20 feet away from me and only broke out the specs for ballgames where they make a world of difference in being able to see what’s going on down on the field.  And since I haven’t been to a baseball game since 2016, that means my glasses haven’t left their case in three years.

Unlike Elton John’s glasses, which should stay in the case.

I have a pair of prop glasses, which are actually just cheap plastic frames, that Mecca was giving out to people who came in for one of the Harry Potter book releases (I have no idea which one).  That pair has rather elegantly been worn on occasion by The Nest’s fashion model extraordinaire, Mitzi.

They’re probably magnifiers for checking out the “equipment” of the other critters.

Mitzi with her glasses would look something like this personified…

You forgot the hair dye and unicorn horn, dear.

Buster’s also sported the glasses in an episode

Where he was playing this famous character whose glasses met a tragic fate…

Don’t worry, I’m sure the library has some books in Braille.

I also have a pair of sunglasses (since broken) as well as some special eclipse glasses on hand when the script calls for my characters to look cool…

Oh, sorry Buster. Need some eye drops?

Going back to my comic I used to draw, I only had one bespectacled character and that was this guy…

What’s up, Four Eyes?

Robbie the raccoon character, a much more reserved and soft spoken version of Evil Squirrel, represented the quiet, introverted side of me that you pretty much never see on this blog… but that is totally me in real life.  It was a pain in the ass to draw and color Robbie in a comic between the outline of the frames over the raccoon mask… and that was mainly WHY I only had one character wear glasses.  While Mitzi’s glasses only add to her visual sex appeal, Robbie’s glasses did the exact opposite for his personality…

Hey baby.

As long as I can see my computer screen in front of me, I’ll continue to leave the real glasses locked up and the fake glasses on my critters.  And no, I won’t be inquiring about contact lenses, because the very thought of sticking things in my eye makes me cringe…


We’ll do this again next Wednesday, but which time hindsight on this post will be 20/20…

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Long Tall Glasses

  1. franhunne4u says:

    While I am soo shortsighted, I am glad I have glasses. Funnily old age enables me to go more and more without my glasses. As a child I loved when I finally could see my surroundings and the writing “on the wall” aka blackboard…

    • I don’t remember having issues seeing in school… but when they gave us a vision test for Driver’s Ed when I was 16, I had all kinds of issues seeing letters on the line they wanted us to read. Staring at a computer screen for almost two decades has probably not helped my distance vision any….

      • franhunne4u says:

        I was still in primary school, aged 7 or 8 when they placed me in the first row as I could not see what the teacher wrote on the blackboard (yes, a classical blackboard – I am that old). And when I finally got my first pair of glasses, I was soooo happy to be able to see all those things around me again! Grandma felt a little twang of guilt, as she’d never thought my eyes were not fully functioning.

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    It’s funny to see what your numbers and all pull up for a random photo.
    I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid, but I never wanted contacts, either. 🙂

    • I always love seeing what comes up from all the moving parts in my formula! I don’t always like the picture I get, though. This was not one that particularly inspired me, though it served its purpose of making me write about a random topic I probably wouldn’t have otherwise!

  3. draliman says:

    I find myself strangely attracted to “librarian Mitzi”….

    • That’s because she makes you believe that there are brains to go along with all that beauty. And given Mitzi’s power of distraction, those who gaze upon her might actually believe that too…

  4. Very near-sighted am I…..add in a dose of astigmatism and I’m a challenge. My Mother forced me to wear contact lenses when I was a Junior in high school – it was torture and I lied and told her I was wearing them when I wasn’t because I really could NOT stand putting them in and taking them out. They felt like lead weights on my eyeballs. Things have changed since then in the contacts department obviously. I’ll stick with my glasses. They are a part of me. Love your Random Image day every week – it is ALWAYS fun.


    • I just can’t imagine putting stuff in and out of my eyes every day…. that just creeps me out. If things ever get that bad, I’ll just train Fleabag to be my seeing eye dog…

      • The lenses they had when they first came out were about as thick as coke-bottle bottoms and I thought it was PURE TORTURE. I’d tell my Mom I was wearing them but walked around not being able to see instead. Then soft lenses came out and I tried them but it still was yucky putting them in and taking them out. Yep – I’m officially a weinie when it comes to my eyes. Gimme my glasses – I wear them all day every day.


  5. Ally Bean says:

    Spectacles are cool. You can mark my words. Just saying… 👓

  6. I’m with you at the glasses front… as long as I can see my screen or if it is day or night outside I’m fine without. I only wear them for driving, they give me such a fab intellectual touch when I hiss swearwords at the idiots around me…

  7. The Librarian. I have no more words right now. Well, take that back, I guess I do. This was fun.

  8. I ‘see’ this was a very visual post for you! 👓

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