Share Your World – Week 15

This is how Major League Baseball turns a significant moment in American history into a complete mockery.

Maybe I’ll be there to shake your hand, maybe I’ll be there to share the world that they’ll be giving away when we all live together.  On second thought, scratch that.  I’d like to continue living by myself, thank you.  But I will share my world by answering Melanie’s questions because that’s what I do on Tuesdays….. usually, anyway.  Enough with the penis monologues… let’s get this party started.

You’ve come a long way, Pangea…

Guns?   Are you pro or con?  Explain your point of view.

Forget arming bears… let’s arm squirrels!

I haven’t fired any type of a gun since I was a kid and my Dad would let me (and sometimes my sisters) shoot bottles at the levee.  I tend to freak out anymore if I see a gun.  I don’t like them personally, but I believe this question’s directed more at the political debate over guns… which is an entirely different beast.  All I will say is nothing will affect our actual (not perceived) safety, nor do I believe it is possible to quell the fervent nature of NRA nation…

Thanks Nerf for making us such a fucked up country!

How would your country change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?

I don’t know if anything would change at all.  This is basically just adding kids to the voter pool… and while kids are supposedly more subject to propaganda than adults (though I’d argue most people of any age don’t have a very objective BS filter), they probably mostly go along with their parents and everything ends up a wash.  The wildcard would be the teens who might be more rebellious… but unless they start allowing voting via smartphone app, I doubt that demographic would be a force at the polls anyway…

Where do we text our votes again?

What’s your cure for hiccups?

YAY!  15 weeks in, and it’s my first SYW repeat question!  Maybe this one will become as popular as Cee’s infamous “Inherit XXX amount of money tax free” question.  I’ll have to make sure I answer it a different way each time it pops up….

So forget what I said in January.  My new cure for hiccups is….. surgery!

There we go! That will take care of your pesky diaphragm!

What’s the coldest you’ve ever been?

I wake up in the middle of the day (Yes, night job) freezing to death sometimes.  It’s weird, and I shiver worse than I do on a winter day.  Maybe it’s my cold heart…

Yes, I have ice water in veins.

If you would like, share a story, a photo or some thoughts on you may be thankful for this week!

I am thankful that the construction that closed down the intersection in front of my workplace for two weeks finally seems to have ended yesterday.  The only other way into our Mecca parking lot is to reroute to a different intersection a mile down the road that gives you the grand tour of the empty commercial center my city built a decade ago that was supposed to feed off of our Stupidcenter expansion.  What a waste of tax money that was.  At least Lowe’s moved into it….. until they closed down in January.  Anyone want to buy a huge retail building…… cheap?

Plenty of parking lot cracks that can be used for gardening!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Share Your World – Week 15

  1. it’s sad that the shopping center ideas end this way… and it’s weird how fast they look shabby and like ruins…

    • There’s just not much you can do with a big honking building that used to house a big box store. We have three of those abandoned monstrosities in my city now, and we never had half of the huge chains some of the neighboring towns have…

  2. Dang! Such thoughts Mr. E.S., such thoughts! You are spot on about the first two, I’m horribly embarrassed that I recycled the hiccup question (note to self: do NOT post the hiccup question for the foreseeable future (to infinity and beyond)) … I thought the first cure killed that possum, another confirmation that those things are really hard to kill (not that they have them in Utah. Yeah. We were spared somehow, probably the temperature up here, which at times is damned cold)…which leads to the last ‘regular’ question…and I don’t believe it at all. 😛 I’m shocked that a Lowes ™ closed, but then I was shocked when Shopkos in Northern Utah began turning up their toes as if they had been gored by a unicorn or something! (wow Mitzi has depths, doesn’t she??) … Thanks Squirrel for Sharing Your Nutty World with everyone!

    • You an ask the hiccup question quarterly as a running gag! I promise I’ll come up with something different (and just as smart-assy) every time! Lowe’s closed a bunch of stores nationwide at the end of last year, and obviously ours was on the list. Home Depot is apparently doing better than they are…

  3. That Lowe’s photo looks a lot like our town’s Sears……at least until about two weeks ago when bulldozers and all manner of equipment showed up and gutted the place…..obviously SOMETHING is going in there but what? Who knows. Maybe a gigantic McDonalds? Be still my heart………………HAHAHA I feel as you do about the gun thing and voting.


    • That photo wasn’t our former Lowe’s, though it could get to that point of abandonment since it’s just us and an Aldi’s out there now. We also have an abandoned KMart and grocery store building collecting dust… so there’s plenty of real estate for anyone stupid enough to try and bring another retail chain to this hellhole!

  4. Ally Bean says:

    I wonder about the wisdom of having kids vote. Perhaps they could vote in their own group, then the results of those votes could be used to influence the adults who are running. Ask the hardened politicians questions based on the ideas of the youth. Now that’d be fascinating.

    • I am reminded of the line from a classic song….

      “I’d like to help ya, son, but you’re too young to vote.”

      As long as children are disenfranchised, no politician is going to give a donkey or elephant’s behind what they think….

  5. draliman says:

    That massive retail development seems terribly under-utilised. Where are the kidz? The cars? The skid marks from all the doughnuts they’ve been pulling? Truly shocking.

  6. kyleoyier says:

    Great post

  7. Ah yes, the construction cone season-I know it all too well. Not sure what’s worse, cones or potholes. We seem to have an over-abundance of both.

  8. Be careful. Someone will adopt the building to use for immigrant kids. Not a prison. They just felt like shopping!

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