Missing Miss Gypsy

I haven’t been running many Picture Day posts on my blog recently, and I guess the reason why is that I haven’t been taking many photos lately.  One of the main reasons for that may be that I’ve been without one of my favorite photography subjects from the past year for a while…. which became painfully obvious to me as I looked through my archive for other unused pictures.  The outdoor cat I named Gypsy was at my door nearly every day since I first tried to feed her in March of last year… and above is a picture I took of her on what would be the last day I saw her, which was March 8th.  Someone had taken a scissors to the long fur she had on both sides of her body and I was absolutely livid about it since we were not out of the winter cold yet.

Whatever happened to her, I can only guess at.  There are a handful of potentially good scenarios… maybe someone took her in, maybe she wound up at the shelter and was adopted… maybe, possibly, perhaps.  But there are probably more likely bad outcomes.  Either way, after six weeks MIA, I don’t think she’ll be coming back to my door.

And so in a bittersweet tribute to the favorite of the three outdoor cats I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and feeding in the past few years…. here’s a collection of some of my favorite snaps I took of the picturesque Miss Gypsy:

A picture from the morning I first met Gypsy…. March 17, 2018.

She grabbed the butter knife of food out of my hand because she was so hungry.

I invited her inside a few days later.

She didn’t like it in here, and I paid for it all summer long with a breakout of fleas.

She eventually accepted regular meals on the porch… here with Sewie.

Rain or shine, she almost always showed up

She loved sitting on the neighbors truck tire…

No matter the weather…

You could see her even in the middle of a power outage.

Do I really have to be out in this shit?

Totally not interested in squirrels.

I absolutely adored her winter coat she grew.

And that white tip on her brown tail.

And those blue eyes. That’s what my Mom called her… Blue Eyes.

Helping keep my notebooks warm

You gonna put some more food out here or what?

Oh, hello!

Thanks for a year full of memories and great pics, Gypsy. I hope wherever you are now, it’s a better place than what you had here…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to Missing Miss Gypsy

  1. randomlyerin says:

    I hope that beautiful girl is safe somewhere.

  2. We hope she’s in a better place, wherever that might be. Beautiful girl.

  3. Aw. I hope, like you, that she found a forever home, but you’re probably right, something ill her way came. Whomever cut her fur might have been doing it out of kindness. If she got into burrs or other problems with her fur, they might have been ridding her of a more serious problem. When I was about eleven years old, my family lived near some railroad tracks. There was a colony of feral cats that lived in the weeds and crannies at the side of those tracks. The mother cat produced kittens often, and one of the babies apparently came into contact with burrs. They covered the kitten’s head and got into the eyes, I’m sure the kitten was blinded. Nobody could get near enough to them to help the kitten either. Your story reminded me of that. And the reasons why responsible pet owners and animal lovers get dogs and cats neutered or spayed. Too many unwanted ones that end up being the brunt of an unhappy ending.

    • I doubt it was burrs… not the right time of year for them, and she was fine the day before. The sad thing about Gypsy is she apparently belonged to one of my neighbors, which is how she got to my hood in the first place. The kids want a cat, the parents don’t want to take care of it. I also fed their calico a few years ago who, like Gypsy, was outside all the time. I heard about a year after she disappeared from another neighbor that they found her squashed by a car… and I guess Gypsy became kids’ cat #2. I’m hoping Gypsy met a better fate than the previous cat, but I’m not holding out my hopes…

  4. I’m sorry you lost your Gypsy muse. I hope (like you) she’s in a better place. A lovely tribute for a lovely looking kitty. 💖

  5. guyz…..we troo lee hope herz happee N healthy N livin large N in charge…manee thanx ta dad for helpin… N carin bout gypsy…… frum de get go ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  6. Ally Bean says:

    Those eyes! So pretty. I’m going with a good scenario about what became of her, poor darling.

  7. She WAS beautiful. I just hope she’s okay.

  8. we hope for the best… and we try to chase the bad things away while looking at this beautiful girl.

  9. draliman says:

    I like to think she’s off somewhere living the high life.

    • It would be a nice thought. Gypsy does resemble the white cat that used to be the mascot for a brand here called Fancy Feast, which was marketed as high class ritzy cat food…

  10. She really is a beautiful girl who deserved a lot more than life seemed to be handing her – with the exception of the good meals she got at YOUR house – so thank you for giving her that and let’s just hope that someone DID in fact give her an indoor home somewhere and that she’s living “the life” now. Still – wouldn’t it be nice if she magically appeared at your door one day just to say hi and thanks for the help?


    • I somewhat quickly got out of the habit of expecting her to come bursting out of one of the trees the second my garage door opened when I came home in the morning… but I do still look sometimes to see if she’s lurking around. Not long before she disappeared, I noticed she was prowling around the area a block down from my street… farther away than I’d ever seen her before. I worry, though, because given her love for playing out in the street… I think the reason she lasted this long is because there’s not much traffic on a dead end cul de sac. It’s much more dangerous off of The Nest’s street…

      • Yes…..I remember thinking she was lucky to find someone to help her who lived in a “safe” cul de sac. I’m going to continue hoping someone took that sweet and gorgeous little girl into their home and she’s safe and pampered. Yeah I know – I live in a bubble of hope but that’s just the way I am! 🙂

  11. Oh, she’s beautiful. I’m going to be Susie Sunshine and say if someone trimmed her fur maybe they adopted and gave her a loving home.
    Yup, I’m going with that. The alternative is too sad to ponder…

  12. Thom says:

    You never know. There have been many instances where cats have disappeared for a time and then show up after their humans have given up on them. My son’s cat escaped from his house after getting spooked by something. After about 5 months, he had given up hope that he’d ever see her again. He put up missing cat posters and everything, with no luck. He had resigned himself to never seeing her again. Then out of the blue he got a call. Leela had been chilling for months with the folks on the other end. Right now she’s relaxing on my couch, as my son is visiting for a few days and brought her with him. Since she wandered into a different neighborhood, Gypsy may have found a new meal ticket for awhile. She may show up when you least expect it.

  13. Merbear74 says:

    😦 ❤

  14. ghostmmnc says:

    Awww Gypsy’s such a beautiful and sweet kitty. Sorry she’s not around now. I know our outdoor cats come and go, and I always wonder what happened to them. I choose to believe they found someone to take them inside a cozy home. I’d take them all in if I could. Maybe someday Gypsy will come back by. Thanks for sharing her story and photos. ❤

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