Disco Dancing

Go ahead and tell these skunks that disco sucks…. I dare you.

Feeling a bit lethargic and unenergized as we kick off another week?  Well, it’s Monday, so The Nest has just what you need to put some sparkle back into your groove!  That’s the day we dive deep into closet underneath all of those polyester leisure suits and pull out another well worn dance tune from that disco ball of awesomeness we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got her hot pants and roller skates on for this week’s track, while the Sponkies just watch all the pretty lights float around on walls.  Here’s a record that made it out of Comiskey Park undemolished…

I noticed more than my fair share of anti-disco sentiments recently… and it made me realize it’s been a while since I spun a classic late 70’s dance song on the DVA.  It’s time to change that with a song that’s literally been sitting near the top of the list of songs I planned to feature here since I started this feature three years ago.  Ladies and gentlemen…. Mr. Peter Brown!

Disco king by night, French artiste by day.

Peter Brown did a lot of the music that filled the clubs of the disco and post-disco era… and he even managed to score a Top 10 hit.  Not that a lot of people know him today from Peter Wolf… but The Nest remembers his most famous contribution to the dancefloor.  Here is the 1978 #8 song “Dance With Me”…

Yeah, go ahead and tell me that disco music isn’t the greatest thing ever after listening to that five minutes of Monday Night Fever!

Disco fucking sucks, you lousy squirrel!!!

Regardless of what you may actually think about my selection for this week… here’s a fun fact about Peter Brown.  Along with his songwriting partner Robert Rans, he wrote Madonna’s 80’s anthem “Material Girl!”

Looks like Madonna had the disco ball made into jewelry…

I’ll be back next Monday with another song that’s got a great beat and you can dance to…


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23 Responses to Disco Dancing

  1. love it… the intro is pretty cool … perfect song to chase to moanday blues away ;O)

    • This song has all kinds of great parts! He definitely didn’t just play the same boring muzak over and over during the whole song like some of that crap they make today…

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I remember this song. You’re right it’s the perfect antidote to a lethargic and unenergized Monday morning. Thanks.

  3. Oh yeah…….I remember that one – had no idea he’d been responsible for “Material Girl” though. The whole Disco era was the first time I actually was AWARE that music and fashion went hand in hand. I wonder how many ankles were sprained on dance floors while people boogied away in their platform shoes?!


    • I can’t imagine just trying to walk around in some of those hideous outfits, let alone trying to dance in them while a bunch of sparkly lights are flashing in my eyes. Only Pee Wee Herman should be allowed to dance in platform shoes…

  4. I had forgotten about this song, as with many songs from the 70’s that have been pushed back into the dark recesses of our minds. Regardless of what most people think, many of Disco’s music had good melody, lyrics and beat, no doubt about it. I think the entire “Disco Sucks” movement was created out of mass hysteria, just sayin’.

    • I could understand if it was retaliation for the fashion…. I mean, my God, what possessed people to dress like that? But disco music is awesome! I question anyone who says it can’t make them at least nod their head to the beat…

  5. Thom says:

    “Yeah, go ahead and tell me that disco music isn’t the greatest thing ever”

    Disco music isn’t the greatest thing ever.

    Well, you challenged me lol.

  6. Trisha says:

    Although I would never listen to any disco song on purpose, outside of Dusty Vinyl Archive posts, that wasn’t terrible. I’d take it over any rap or horrible hip hoppy crap.

    • Now you’ve reminded me that I haven’t done a rap or hip hoppy song on the DVA in a while! Let me look through my P Diddy collection….. of wait, I don’t have one.

      • Trisha says:

        thank god! i don’t know any p diddy songs but i’m sure i would hate them all. btw, i never noticed that wordpress doesn’t automatically capitalize anything until now when i’m trying to type with one hand and hold a popsicle in the other.

  7. Wait…there are people who don’t like disco? WTH is wrong with ’em? And some of the current stuff is supposed to be better? Ummm, I. don’t. think. so. 🕺🏻

  8. I was working at Doubleday when the big disco craze was on. One of the editors (the guy in charge of the Military Book Club) was a crazed disco dancer. He used to show up at work looking hungover, but he wasn’t hungover. He was exhausted from dancing all night. We used to laugh at him a lot. We weren’t old or out of touch. We were hip and in our 20s. We just weren’t disco dancers.

    • I love the music, but I wouldn’t dance all night… or maybe even half the night. There’s nothing wrong with sitting off to the side and just enjoying the music. Especially if you’re dressed like John Travolta…

  9. I have friends who still won’t admit that they donned clothing made of fabrics that are made of materials that don’t occur in nature and went disco dancing. More often than not couples wore matching outfits – his shirt would be made of the same slinky fabric that her dress was made of.

    But yes, that was a well written song. I’ll just leave it at that. Disco was, well, you know, Disco.

  10. draliman says:

    I can imagine them on stage in their sparkly spangly skin-tight costumes boogieing away…

    • The first video I checked out had all the hip kids dancing to this song back in the day on American Bandstand (an old TV dance show)… but the music sounded a bit off so I picked a different one. But yeah, it was a lot like that…

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