Share Your World – Week 21

My excuse for being late this week. I wish I had a concrete lawn…

The staff at The Nest was too tired to Share Its World on our normal day this week, but we’re not going to let our laziness completely keep us from answering the questions Melanie proposed for us in this week’s SYW challenge!  I’m pretty sure I will enjoy this much more than I did mowing grass for 45 minutes on a hot morning to try and beat the latest round of storms that were coming.  Let’s pull the cord fifteen times and bring on the logo…

Tragedy struck today as a giant hand wiped out the entire lower half of South America…

Do you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?

Pessimists get a bad rap for being Negative Nellies, but they can only be pleasantly surprised when things don’t turn out as bad as they thought they would.  Whereas optimists can only be disappointed when the world shits on their car.  Whether you’re one or the other just depends on what you think the future holds, and as I’ve explained before, we suck at being able to forecast what lies ahead.  Optimism and pessimism are just different forms of idealism, and as the little image Melanie included with this question adds on, I’m very much a realist.  This is the world…. just deal with it, ‘kay?

Besides, my fortune teller isn’t very good at her job…. at least, not that job.

Can War ever be just?

Even an old hippie band like The Byrds conceded (with a little help from that Book that burns in my hands) that there was a time for war.  Unless you want the Hitlers of the world to run things, there’s times when you just gotta go out and lay waste to other countries if you want to bring a little good back to the world…

This type of War is always just… except for when my sisters would cheat.

Think about the people you love most in your life,


Huh?  Sorry, I was having trouble thinking there….. what was the question?

Think about the people you love most in your life, what do you do for them?

Not much, being a mostly solitary person whose main concern is doing things for myself.  I do try to make them laugh.  Sometimes I even succeed…

Hey! What about us?

The questions specified “people,” not “critters.”  And besides… I don’t love you guys.  You’re just puppets to be used by me to satisfy my sadistic creativity…

FUZZYWIG: The people you “love” are going to think a lot about the fact that you hold imaginary conversations with imaginary critters.

SNUGGLE: Dude!  I’m not imaginary!  Check this out!  Does this look imaginary?

RAINY: Put that away, you disgusting prevert!!!

SNUGGLE: Want some “rain” for your rain gauge, cutie?

RAINY: Want me to wack that imaginary thing off, mister!?!?

Oooooooookay, moving right along….

Are you health conscious?

This question made me squirt Pepsi out of my nose and all over my plate of fried chicken!

Hey, I’ll bet there’s a whole ‘nother meal in between the keyboard keys!

Anyone who has seen me on a lunch trip to Golden Corral would know the laughable answer to this question….

Gratitude, Thankfulness, Wonder, Awe and Joy!   

This is the space where you share, if you’d like to, something that falls into those categories.

Yesterday I got my six month kidney stone checkup… that’s always something to be thankful for, right?  I’m probably less than a year away from my next blasting, as the current occupant of my left kidney is now approaching 7 mm in diameter… larger than my pride and joy that I passed seven years ago…

Aren’t you glad you read The Nest?

As a veteran of countless stones and four lithotripsies since I was in my late 20’s, it’s almost a “meh” moment for me by now.  But yeah, when they act up, there ain’t a worse pain in the world.  And I can be THANKFUL my present stone doesn’t keel me over in pain…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Share Your World – Week 21

  1. Oh man, kidney stones…my sincerest sympathies, dude. Those buggers are the pits. And your first image is what made me rip out every blade of grass and replace them with ground covers and perennials. I had an electric mower and invariably the grass would be long and coincide with a wet spell…not the kind of weather you want to cut grass in. Trust me. To carefree garden maintenance!

    • P.S. And to loads of Pepsi or Coke (whichever is your jam).

    • That’s what’s so fun about the rain every couple days we’ve been having…. well, forever it seems like. The grass doesn’t get a chance to fully dry out, and then it’s pull, stop, unclog, rinse wash repeat. If I weren’t so cheap, I’d have one of those lawn service companies run the big mower through it… the huge backyard with the large sunny spot where the grass grows wild is the killer…

      • Rain makes grass über fast no mower can keep up with that, not even services. Hope you guys dry out soon. Times like this make you wonder what we see in these big yards, doesn’t it? 😉

  2. I’m so thankful for the Nest and it’s critters, I wouldn’t have my weekly laugh without them. And yes thanks for the view of that interesting kidney stone, made my day bro…lol

  3. You know, you can be tooling along (in motion terms, not in being a tool, which some folks make a science out of)….and thinking things are pretty hunky dory and then *WHAM* (not the ‘rock’ group) you realize that you’ve gotten a big ol’ lesson handed to you by someone else. Man. It’s enough to (almost) make me wish hubby were still alive and I could get a little artificial peace of mind through second hand smoke. Ask Fuzzywig if you don’t believe ME about that… Thanks ES for Sharing Your World and reminding me in the process that others have bigger and more painful problems than I do, by far. I’m sorry about the kidney stones, seriously I am. Hasn’t your physician(s) offered up solutions in the stuff that you drink to help minimize those things? Wow. And that lawn makes me eternally grateful for my H.O.A. They might be an endless money pit with questionable common sense, but by gaw I’m not trying to mow some big ass lawn either. The upside is that the man in the image (you?) looks peaceful and relaxed lying there passed out from the heat and exertion. I’d keep that S&M bear far far away from such individuals though. You never know when you might wake up, swathed in old Mardi Gras style beads, with an empty can o’ something (or a pipe) in an unknown field or on an unknown lawn with no idea how you got there. Talk about lost weekends…. 😉

    • The best way to tell that isn’t me in the picture (Which came from Mr. Google) is that the guy is wearing shorts and flip flops… which are two of my no-nos you’ll never see me in. I’ll take the hassle of mowing my lawn over the busybody nature of HOA’s, who would undoubtedly have a stroke over my eyesore of my property. Diet solutions don’t work for me because I refuse to give up my unhealthy foods and soda. I’ve had so many stones run through my plumbing now that unless one is actually in the act of passing, they almost never bother me…

  4. I’m MBRS with the empty thought bubble. I’m glad to LAUGH OUT LOUD at your blog. OMG this week in the nest has been great. Thanks ES.

    • Wow! Now the pressure is on to come up with a GREAT SCT episode tomorrow…. or any SCT episode tomorrow anyway. Saturday Squirrel is already guaranteed to be great… trust me, you will NOT want to miss this one!

  5. Trisha says:

    I can’t believe people can pass something like that sharp, jagged stone out through their urinary parts and be okay. It seems like it would just shred everything it passes by!

    I’ve been seeing radar images of the storms moving through the mid-west and wondered if you were getting any where you live. Our weather is as bland as ever, not that I’m complaining. All the flooding, severe storms and May snow in other places makes me thankful to live in a boring weather area!

    • I look at that little cockleburr and wonder the same thing…. how did it make it through unscathed. I will say it was a VERY slow and irritating process, though! I had another one about that same size pass a year later, but it split up into three pieces on the last leg of the journey…

      My locale specifically has mostly avoided the bad stuff… but we’re still getting our allotted rain every few days. I slept through our only tornado warning last week…

  6. draliman says:

    I can’t help wondering if your 7mm (so do medics in America use metric?) kidney stone has anything to do with your fried chicken diet. You should try a diet of pizza and burgers like me.

    • Kidney stones are measured in millimeters since we don’t have a basic unit shorter than an inch (My biggest stone ever was an inch in diameter… and by then, you’re screwed). I’ve always blamed the soda since caffeine will dehydrate you and that’s the environment they form in…. but I’m sure it’s more than that. The calcium in cheese (pizza) is another good stone former…

  7. Never seen a kidney stone before, so thank you for showing it. About lawn movers, my hubby hates the noise that theymake, he is sure that some of our neighbors sleep with their lawn movers so that they are ready to start that terrible noise maker at the same time they open their eyes.
    Hugs to Lady Mitzi.

  8. Another Nest-filled post giving us even MORE info on what makes the Squirrel tick (so to speak). I know kidney stones are horrid to deal with – Hubby #2 had two incidents one of which he had to have surgically removed. Not fun. But life without caffeine and cheese sounds rather scary as well. Decisions – decisions. We are tired of the daily severe storm warnings and the resulting deluge but whatchagonnado. We just hope this pattern CHANGES soon – not fun wondering what’s heading your way (at least weather-wise!).


    • It’s so wet that it’s pretty much a guarantee that summer’s going to be very muggy. Maybe a touch cooler than usual, but that’s worthless when you can’t breathe in the soupy air that is inches thick with mosquitoes…

  9. Merbear74 says:

    Be THANKFUL that it’s not Sly and the Family Stone.

  10. Of all the horrible things that have happened to me, I have so far been spared that. Oh praise whoever is hanging around in the clouds listening. Or not.

    • You either have good genes (At least, kidney stone making genes) or a good diet or maybe both. The stones run in our family. Both parents and all four of my sisters have gotten them as well. I guess there are worse plagues… at least kidney stones won’t kill you.

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