The Swamp

Quick! Someone fetch a Shop Vac!

Last Friday seemed like a perfect day to head to the park for a desperately needed new batch of photos to add to the world’s largest squirrel picture archive.  Alas, despite having had two dry days in a row, this was the scene I was treated to not long after I entered.  Even the areas that hadn’t become giant puddles of water still had soaking wet grass.  It became quickly apparent that unless I wanted to go home and put on some hip waders, I wouldn’t be able to freely roam the park as I normally would stalking the little rascals.  This is what it looks like in low lying areas when you don’t get an extended period of dry weather for months on end…

At least I was able to capture one swamp creature before I left to fill in a Saturday Squirrel post…

Anyone know a good agent that sells flood insurance?

Have a great weekend, everyone.  And keep searching for that higher ground


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to The Swamp

  1. Even though the first photo has signs of “severe wet” it’s a great photo…….and what can I say about the one squirrel you DID see other than I bet he’s wondering where he parked his canoe!


    • That squirrel is lucky he built his nest on higher ground. I didn’t go over to the other side of the park (Where I’ve gotten most of my best pictures), but it’s usually flooded even when we do get a lot of dry time, so I could imagine it was a lake out that way…

  2. Rivergirl says:

    That’s what our back lawn has been like this past month. It makes mowing a challenge…

    • My grandparents had a backyard that turned into a lake like that… at least after the ritzy new subdivision was put out behind their yard. When you’re rich, you can have all your water drain onto the poor people…

  3. So that´s why we are not getting any rain. The first photo is beautiful, as Pam already said.
    Now waiting for a thunderstorm.

    • We are hogging all of the rain, and I’d very much like to share it.

      The first photo is pretty, but since I’m not always watching where I’m walking as I watch for squirrels, it would not be fun to walk into that…

  4. I’m not sure if I should be jealous or grateful. We haven’t gotten any real rain in months. Which makes for extremely dry and dusty conditions. 🤔

    • We had the hot and dry thing one summer… and while it’s no real fun either, I’d take it over having not had more than a couple dry days in a row really all year long. Also, the dry heat has nothing on hot and muggy…

  5. draliman says:

    I’m picturing that little guy in a tiny little boat paddling his way across the park…

  6. Trisha says:

    And what a cute swamp creature you found! Squirrels probably laugh at the stupidity of all of us ground-dwellers who aren’t smart enough to build our homes up out of the swamp!

    • And I laughed at the squirrel’s nest I found in the tree a few years ago that was a good 75 feet or more above a concrete sidewalk. I guess that would be a water landing now if one of them fell out of the tree, so another point for the squirrels.

  7. My squirrels are going to have to return to the wild. We are going to redo our deck with paint and power washing, so we’ll take down the feeders until the cold weather arrives, at which point we’ll put the feeders up again. I think it’s not a bad idea for the creatures to remind themselves how to be wild and not depend entirely on our feeders.

    The squirrels have been effectively guarding the feeders, so they keep the birds away. if I strong suggest the squirrel might want to return to a tree, it spooks the birds and I wind up with nothing. Definitely time to take the feeders down. I wanted to keep them up so ii could take pictures, but the squirrels have made it almost impossible — and I have a lot of pictures of squirrels. A LOT of pictures of squirrels. Sitting on the rail looking cute. Hanging on or around the feeder, looking cute. Eating anything on the deck, in the feeder, near the feeder. They hide on the edge of the deck and I stand there at the door.

    “I can see your tail and your ears. Now i can see your eyes. No, you can’t hide on the steps. I see your fluffly tail sticking up from the side of the deck. Trees. Go to the TREES. Stay there.”

    By now, Duke has gone wild and is barking up a storm, which eventually convinces the squirrels to move on. Birds too. For that matter, I think I’m losing my hearing. They ARE evil squirrels.

  8. Holy rain gauge! Yes, your area definitely needs some sunshine…STAT. Hope there are dry days in your near future.

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