Simply The Best

Congratulations! You win this squirrel trophy.

Need a shot of motivation to face the start of another sleepy summer spring week?  As always, The Nest aims to deliver your Monday dose of musical java complete with an earworm at the bottom of the cup!  On that slightly disturbing note, let’s sift through the burnt filter and see what got lost in the grounds of that gigantic coffeepot of caffeinated tunes we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy will be your audio percolator to help you wake up on this fine morning, while the Sponkies sleep in since school’s out and they have nothing better to do.  Let us fill your ears to the Brim

I’ve brought it up time and time again on this blog, but there’s absolutely no disputing that the 1980’s were the golden age of movie soundtracks spawning Billboard hits.  Just about every film that was big in the decade had at least one song steal its share of airtime on the radio, and a number of those songs have lived on to still be played in retro formats today.  There was one pretty famous movie from the 80’s that apparently didn’t have a cut from its soundtrack worthy of being on the charts…

I’m trying to do what you’re doing, Mr. Miyagi. But my hands still hurt from waxing your fucking cars all week long!

The Karate Kid was one of the more beloved movies of 1984… cementing Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita in the only roles they’ll ever truly be remembered for, teaching us that bullied kids need to try fighting back for a change, and giving us the classic catchphrase “Wax on, wax off!”  Despite the horrific reboots it has recently inspired, it remains a true classic of its time.  However, while the sequel made a hit out of Peter Cetera’s and Amy Grant’s crummy duet, the original could not do the same for its primary theme song.  And that’s a goddamned shame, because it is one of the most awesome inspiring rock songs to ever pump up an underdog…

Joe Esposito isn’t exactly a household name when you think of the great stars of pop music past.  He made a career out of being the guy in the background… being a member of Donna Summer’s backing band during her disco heyday, and later providing the backing vocals to the also underrated (and likely future DVA honoree) Brenda Russell hit “Piano in the Dark.”  And it would figure Esposito finally gets the BIG song in a BIG movie, and it doesn’t even dent the pop charts.  This poor guy got crane kicked right in the damned nads!

That’s not how karate works…

“You’re the Best” was actually intended to be the fight theme to 1982’s Rocky III, ultimately losing out for that honor to the uber-iconic song “Eye of the Tiger,” which is right up there with “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Summer of ’69” for most overplayed songs of the 80’s.  Perhaps had Joe Esposito’s magnum opus been used for Rocky Balboa rather than Daniel-san, it would’ve gained more popularity and lived up to its potential of being… well, the best.  Instead, it gets confined to the annals of DVA history along with all the rest of the unfairly rejected music that I feature here every week out of pity…

I’ll trade my passion for this glorious snooze…

Come back next Monday for another song that got dealt a low blow by the music gods…


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16 Responses to Simply The Best

  1. I liked the song but I disliked all the movies …I never had a stallone or a macchio poster on my walls … I think at least at that point I was consequent LOL

  2. I liked the first movie. The second movie seemed like it was made to try and make more money. You know there is a series on Netflix where the main characters are the Dojos and their students compete against each other. Some things never change…

    • I think that’s the purpose of every sequel is to just try and make more money off a story that was already good to begin with! And yes, I had heard about that show… which along with the Jaden Lee/Jackie Chan remake would be why I made “horrific reboots” plural.

  3. I liked the movie too, but more I like that squirrel photo and the sleeping cat at the end.

  4. Piano in The Dark! I’d forgotten all about that song until now! Thanks to the Nest for these great memories.

    • I’m absolutely going to feature that one at some point later on (To add the element of surprise!) This guy has a really eclectic variety of songs he’s been associated with, and he’s still a no-name!

  5. Don’t think I’ve ever heard it and grateful it wasn’t chosen for the Rocky movie. Eye of the Tiger was a much better choice even if overplayed. Though if it had, made there wouldn’t have been 87 Rocky movies because that song would bore movie-goers to pieces.

    • I remember when Rocky was the poster child for gratuitous sequels, and I think it only got to five before it stopped. Heck, Jason more than doubled that output… he even had to go to space once he’s already butchered every horny teenager on earth.

      I wasn’t expecting this song to get a negative review, but thanks for keeping it real!

      • Not really negative, just an observation. Though if this song had been associated with the Rocky franchise, all bets would be off. 😈 I was sure there were 7 or 8 Rockys. Maybe it just felt that way.

  6. draliman says:

    Well, this wasn’t available in my region so I had to go off to the YooToob and find it myself. This is all very disappointingly DIY.
    I know the song well, it gets played a lot (in part) for various things. Cool song! I had forgotten it was from the Karate Kid, though.

    • I don’t even think they pay this guy royalties anymore since nobody knows who he is, and they had to block the music anyway!?!? This is an outrage.

      I think outside of Karate Kid, I’ve only heard it played at sporting events… but it’s really good for anything. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t stolen it yet…

  7. Didn’t see Karate Kid and hadn’t heard the song before so I’m a “double dummy” when it comes to this one I’m afraid. I remember thinking the idea behind Karate Kid was good but just never got around to seeing the movie – 1984 was NOT a good year for me! Thanks for the ear-worm….if I’d heard this earlier in the day it would have pumped me up for sure.


  8. P.s. I absolutely LOVE the “squirrel trophy” – that guy could not have found a better spot to pose! HAHA

  9. Surprisingly, I liked the original movie. I saw it in the movies and later on TV. The sequels, feh. Only the original ought to count.

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