Beer Barrel Polka

a box full of junk

It’s time for The Nest’s favorite midweek feature where we have no idea what we’ll be writing about…. well, not that we ever have an idea what we’re writing about.  It’s Random Image Inspiration, where our top secret formula will select another hapless image somewhere off the vast wasteland of cyberspace to inspire a post.  Since it’s a mini-vacay week for me, I ran the Randomator a day early… and here are the results:

47, 7, 73, 81

The 47th post in my Reader was this one by Ghost

The 7th word in that post is “Friday”

The 73rd word in that post is “tapping”

HA!  No boring conjunctions, articles or prepositions as the search terms this week!

Putting “Friday tapping” into Google Images brought this up as the 81st result…

Gee, there’s so much going on in this one photo of what appears to be a keg tapping ceremony.  I think we need a little “Pop Up Video” like breakdown of what’s going on behind the scenes so that you can better appreciate this little fake German party…

And lastly….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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31 Responses to Beer Barrel Polka

  1. Rivergirl says:

    Love it.
    And finally, some decent random words.

  2. It is roughly too f*ckin’ early o’clock here and what do I read? Bunghole. Okaaaay then. Sets the tenor for my whole day. Too bad hubby’s dead and every available man who would be interested in this old chick (and yes, she’s a chick, even though that misguided uh, PERSON in the green dress isn’t) couldn’t get their pole up with a stiff breeze and a bottle of Viagra. Only thing that you might have added would have been Beevis and Butthead (sp?) snickering over ‘bung holi-o” *snicker* hee hee hee. Also I hope there’s an air hole or two (bung or not) for Mitzi. ‘Cos how else will she breathe in there?

    • I can’t use the word “bunghole” without thinking of B&B (My entire generation learned of that word from those two clowns), but now I realize I should’ve made a “Huh huh huh!” comment after that! As for Mitzi, have no fear. I hear she’s pretty well trained at holding her breath for long periods of time if, um, you know what I mean…..

  3. That’s actually a pretty funny photo…..that is a totally weird “logo” on the barrel…..and are those police or military guys in the crowd with the “wish he would hurry up and tap that danged barrel” crowd? Yep this was an excellent “Random” today – when you get words like “A” or “the” it’s tough isn’t it. I’m sure Mitzi would agree that “Friday Tapping” is a goodie – in fact I’m fairly certain Mitzi thinks tapping shouldn’t only occur on Fridays…….cough cough.


  4. Alrighty then, great start to the day especially with all the “random” words including bunghole. I’m going to try and randomly insert that word into conversation today at work, I’ll let you know how it goes, lmao. 😉

    • Bonus points if you can find a way to tastefully use the word.

      “I think I dropped my keys in this barrel. Hey, Harry! Can you look inside the bunghole for me?”

      • True, I did use it in a conversation at work.
        My boss: Dis you send that faculty member the email about completing his conflict of interest form?
        Me: I did, and he responded with, he doesn’t have to fill out that form because he’s tenured.
        My boss: Ugh, why do they insist on using they’re tenure as a cover all!?
        Me: I have no idea, but in his email he sure sounded like a complete bunghole.
        My boss: yeah I know, he’s like that with everybody.
        Me: Seriously?
        My boss: Yes, remember he’s a tenured bunghole.
        I walked out of my bosses office trying not to laugh 🤣😝😂

      • YES!!!! Bonus BONUS points for getting the other participant to say it too!

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    LOL!!! Friday tapping! Love it!
    Yay for getting some good words to work with this time!
    Oh, the Dee Snider dude…rock on! \m/
    Glad to oblige with the Random Image numbers today! 🙂

    • And now I realized Dee’s a “Snider” and not a “Snyder!” Oh well, that was so funny because with the face obscured, it could look just like him! And thanks for the good words! “Friday tapping” is going to be hard to top for best RII search terms ever…

  6. Quite a happening, I am happy Mitzi is there too having fun in the barrel. Has this story a happy end?

    • I’m sure it has a happy ending for Mitzi and all of her visitors. As for the people who are just there for the beer, I think they’ll probably be disappointed that it’s no good.

  7. Loved your captions. They made me laugh. Out loud! Oh, right LOL.

  8. Merbear74 says:

    I loved that show, Pop Up Video, the best part of VH1.

    • Pop Up Video introduced me to a lot of 90’s music I missed while I was listening to oldies that decade. It also taught me that Alex Van Halen can’t dance (If you ever see the video for “Hot For Teacher” again, watch Alex during the dance scenes… you’ll never unsee how out of whack he is with everyone else!)

  9. This oom-pah-pah moment brought to you by the [insert appropriate city name] Chamber of Commerce. 🍻

  10. draliman says:

    Ah, Mitzi, true to form…
    I’m sure I haven’t see so many adverts for a “woman winning big on a slot machine” throughout your posts and comments section before?

  11. draliman says:

    Hey, weird, after I posted my comment all the adverts of the “woman winning big on a slot machine” went away! Maybe she was mistaken.

    • That’s crazy. Even before I added my pop-up blocker a few years ago, I never used to see ads on WordPress blogs (unless the blogger actually used ads on their blog). I’m trying to talk about people getting drunk, tapping “women,” and unicorns hiding in bungholes… and WordPress is ruining it with insipid ads! I want my money back…. oh wait, I use the free service.

      • draliman says:

        They’re back again! I think that’s how they “pay” for the free service. Your notification emails starting having ads in them a few months ago. The ads in posts were always at the top and right before the comments section though, I think they’re starting to put them everywhere now…

  12. Rivergirl says:

    Be sure and check my post tomorrow.
    It’s heavily squirreled.

  13. Nice! The “not a chick!” looks like a local politician, who identifies as female, but is no lady! lol

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