The Perfect Earworm

The perfect forecast. For most critters….

Summer’s heating up, and The Nest isn’t about to let the muzak go into a June swoon.  Let’s start off this fabulous Monday the same way we always do, with another hot lost hit from that cooler full of musical refreshments we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s flashing back to those hot summer nights of 1985 this week, while the Sponkies seek out the nearest place with air conditioning.  There’s nothing new under the sun on Mondays…

Perhaps the only thing more unusual than the name of the British band Scritti Politti is the name of their lead singer Green Gartside.  The early incarnation of the band whose name was inspired by the Italian phrase “political writings” very much lived up to its billing of being a progressive, politically oriented group who sang awful songs about changing the world.  Or basically, just about every college band ever…

You guys might sound better if you quit hugging that tree.

Scritti Politti was much more popular in their homeland than they were across the pond, with five Top 20 songs on the UK charts.  Most of those songs came off their most successful album Cupid & Psyche 85 which, not surprisingly, was released in 1985.  That’s also where their lone US hit was spawned, however it was a dud in the Isles.  Here is Green Gartside’s lone slice of American pie which has since dropped well off the radar, the perfectly 80’s sounding #11 hit “Perfect Way”…

Now, that sounds a whole lot better than protest rock, doesn’t it?

Take that, you hippies!

I’ll be back next Monday with another lost song that will not challenge your view of the world…


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19 Responses to The Perfect Earworm

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Meh on the song and the video makes me dizzy it’s so scattered!
    First photo of Rainy and the weather chart being sunny … there is a lady here in town who’s actual name is Sunny Rainy! She works at a travel agency! 🙂

    • I’m not going to fault you for that… I think you have to really have a thing for 80’s new wave to like this song. I really, really hope that someone named Sunny Rainy would have a travel agency called Rainbow Travel!

  2. I had forgot about this song, but once I heard it I remembered 1985. Thanks to DJ Scratchy and the Nest’s fantastic archives!

    • I was all ready to use a different song this week until I saw something while researching that reminded me of this one, which I somehow hadn’t featured yet since I love it. Maybe I’ll use that other song next week, which will be a really weird 80’s flashback from a year later!

  3. I had no clue that they were well known in the states too… I liked them a lot even when their opinion and the their thoughts about some things were veeeery different to mine…

    • This is really the only song anyone in the US knows them for. I saw a video for one of their others songs one time and thought it was awful, even though it tried (and failed) to sound like “Perfect Way.”

  4. Gotta love that synthesized sound!

  5. I really think that song starts off like some other song and even sounds a bit like some other song which shall be nameless because I can’t think of the title just now…’s THAT for confusing? Anyway, it’s the basic “sound” I suppose and many had that same vibe, beat and feel. Ah the 80s….Gotta love it and the memories!


    • I’ll bet that other song was great too! If you happen to come up with it, be sure to let DJ Scratchy know so she can find it in the archive, though we won’t hold our breath on that happening…

  6. draliman says:

    It’s decades since I heard the name “Scritti Politti”. Where do you find these songs? This one sounds like 99% of everything else 80s…

    • It’s very 80’s, which is probably why I like it so much. I was surprised to see it was only a hit in America, and even more surprised to find out they used to be a punk band because the singer sounds like a squirrel wacked off his nuts…

  7. I don’t remember this one. Maybe his voice was so high that only my dog could hear it. Wait… I didn’t have a dog back then. Maybe my cat, but you know how cats are. They don’t tell you anything. Nope, no cat will say, “hey, you should listen to this song.” Cats are such assholes. Anyway, something old is new for me today. It kind of makes my head hurt to listen to it all the way, which is odd since you know I love the stuff from the 80’s SO MUCH. But thanks for the post. It was fun.

    • I had actually forgotten how high pitched the singer was before unearthing this one again. As I said above, it wasn’t my intended song for this week… which is a REALLY goofy 80’s song from the same time, but if I use that song next week, I’ll reveal the connection that caused me to suddenly sideshift to Scritti Politti…

  8. How the heck did I miss this in the 80’s? And I had MTV on all the time, too! Has that perfect 80’s sound, no mistaking what era this is from! Loved it…Now I’m in the mood to go watch that movie, Fandango, that thehuntress915 writes about on her blog! Thanks for the beatz, Evil Squirrel! Did y’all coordinate or something? Mona

    • I’m not sure anyone would want to be accused of coordinating with some of the stuff I come up with here. And I can’t imagine Kevin Costner dancing to Scritti Politti, but who knows? The DVA has done a lot of work these past few years to keep the lost music of the 80’s alive and well…

  9. crimsonowl63 says:

    Oh god NO! I think one of my ear drums just melted.

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