Share Your World – Week 24

Please, kids. Don’t play with matches.

Tuesday means it’s time to share my world…. and boy do I have a world to share this week.  After four wonderful, relaxing days off last week with beautiful weather…. I walked into this Friday night at work.  Yes, that is my place of employment.  Yes, everyone got out OK.  Yes, it has been deeply impacted because of an unsupervised child acting out.   Yes, I am still working… hell, I think half the company as well as an internationally diverse group of temporary workers have been working around the clock the past five days trying to clean up and turn over the entire inventory of our very large store.  Although much of the store came out of the blaze unscathed, Mecca’s insurance company declared it a total loss and EVERYTHING MUST GO.  And no, I don’t mean clearance sales… it all has to shipped out and replaced, while also wiping down every surface in the store, replacing every ceiling tile, and cleaning up the mucky mess all the water and cleanup work has caused to the floors.

But…… we persevere.  Even if the last thing our town needed was to be without its biggest, and really only large retail outlet for what (At least from a total store perspective) will probably be at least a week and a half.  I better stop here before I go off ranting about the alleged minor suspect that could get me in trouble… let’s leave my worries behind now and get on with Melanie’s SYW questions!

Careful, or some kid might set the world on fire too…

If you were suddenly injured or died, are your bedside table drawers ready for someone else to go through them?   If you care to share, what’s the most unusual item someone might find, that might be potentially embarrassing?

I don’t have bedside drawers, but I’m sure there’s plenty of embarrassing things around the house besides the ratty underwear and life-size Mitzi blowup doll (Yes, I am kidding).  I’m sure the critter shelf would raise a lot of curious eyebrows among those (outside of close family) who are unaware I’m such a collector.

Hope there’s a lot of room on the shelves down at Goodwill.

What keeps you going?

Leaded gasoline.  That unleaded shit they make you put in your cars these days is garbage… and it totally isn’t worth huffing.

I loved the gas station smell of the 80’s. And the pump on the right explains why I’m like I am today…

Share a photo or a sentence about ‘your favorite thing(s)

squirrel hanging upside down

Fun squirrels

My cats

The erstwhile Miss Gypsy

The best car ever.

The gang doing its thing

And yes, this was an actual Mecca Muzak Monday song on my blog five years ago!

At the end of  the song “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.,  where did they all go?

As far away as fucking possible from whatever radio was playing that song.  My apologies to all the REM fans out there, but this is a terrible song by a terrible band.  And Michael Stipe actually went to high school the next town over from me…

He probably played with matches too.

What are you grateful for right now?

That tonight is my Friday…

I may have to put some booze in the Quik Trip cup this “weekend”…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to Share Your World – Week 24

  1. Holy crap, Batman…so sorry about the fire. S-c-a-r-y stuff there and makes the Buster demises seem like cotton candy. Glad you’re ok. Don’t work too hard getting things back to normal/crazy.

  2. yes!!! the best car ever.. how great that you found a place in your post ;O))) REM has some good things, but they make me nervous somehow… no idea why…… maybe a phenomenon like the fact that all people hate Nickelback?

    • Not all people hate Nickelback, they did some really good stuff. I just happen to think (not that it’s relevant, nor am I the ‘usual’ age for a fan of that group) that maybe they got caught up in their own publicity hype..?

      • I blame corporate radio overplay in an era where there wasn’t a wide variety of other artists getting the same airplay. And making it even worse is that after a while, all of their songs start sounding the same. Chad Kroeger is the new millennium’s Steven Tyler…

    • Nickelback’s big crime is they got overplayed… and they’re alright, but no big deal. I remember wanting to rip the speakers out at work because they kept playing “Rock Star” every night…

  3. Well happy pseudo Friday to you! And liquor at work helps sometime (not that I’ve ever done that) to get through the day. And the “gang” aren’t scary nor weird, they’re “The Gang” like the characters from the Outsiders, unique, cool a bit disturbed but lovable nonetheless!

  4. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World (even if it’s burning… or is that the BEDS?) .. I sense a disturbance in the force…someone who actually hates R.E.M. (although they did such a wide range of stuff, I’d have thought SOMETHING would appeal to y’all. Maybe Shiny Happy People? WARNING if you’ve never heard nor viewed that video, don’t. It’s for your own safety.) Bwahah. I guess I won’t be sharing my personal playlist for my funeral with you because “Everybody Hurts” is on it.. yeah, I’m morbid like that. 😐

    • “Stand” is the only one of their songs I definitely like… and that’s ironic because I heard they wrote it to mock how stupid pop music lyrics are. Shiny Happy People us another abomination…. it doesn’t help that they were at their peak during the early 90’s, and I generally dislike the music of that time.

  5. Er, forgot to comment on the fire. Damn man. I know some of the critters like to get stoned, but did they have to set your source of income on fire?? 😛 Seriously. I’m glad no one was injured and that kid that did that? Would have a tanned fanny besides minor burns to remind them they shouldn’t play with matches. But the parentage of that kid reinforce why I don’t patronize Wally’s (in my corner of the world) and why I maybe hate it almost as much as you do R.E.M. Heh. Gotta let THAT go. Shopko closed down up here, and I’m only left with Wally’s as a place to buy random shtuff my local grocery stores don’t carry. “It’s the End of the World As We Know It…” Heh heh heh.

    • From what I’m heard, the parentage is as much to blame as the kid since the home is apparently very troubled… but of course, that’s just rumors. We definitely attract the weirdos, but those weirdos put nuts on my table…

  6. Merbear74 says:

    I’m sure Brother Bear is lying under the shelf being the lazy fuck that he is.
    Sorry about the fire! Damn.

    • He may be. it’s a good thing he wasn’t in that fire, or he would have just laid there and burned while he waited for someone to pick his ass up…

      • Merbear74 says:

        I seriously need to send you something that you’d use in your cast. I mean shit, I’ve been following your weird ass (compliment) for almost 7 fucking years…fyi, Fuzzywig says hi, I am drinking my coffee from that awesome mug you sent me. 🙂

  7. draliman says:

    I could only read the second article (after GDPR a lot of small foreign news sites cut Europe off as it wasn’t worth the hassle). They got the name of your shop wrong, though. It’s “Mecca” you fools! Fortunately you weren’t injured in the fire so no-one had to go through your non-existent bedside drawers…

    • The first link was a video some fool…. er, customer took of the fire in progress. The EU just needs to get over the fact that we like to use cookies and don’t want to tell you about them! Yeah, they totally botched the name. It happened a few hours before I reported that night, but I did nearly break my neck on all the water that was still on the floor, so I could have met my Buster and had my contents laughed at…

  8. I’m assuming they declared it a total loss because of smoke damage? Well, at least you still have a place to work. For a minute I was afraid you had lost your employment. I’m glad you weren’t hurt and I’m glad the store will be operational again. What a scary event! Garry covered a lot of fires and he is always afraid of fire. It’s one of his nightmares.

    • It was surreal to see the video and then to see the damage (fire and water) it caused inside a place I’ve spent 21 years working at. I’m guessing smoke damage or whatever, because everything in the store has to be wiped down before anything is allowed to hold new merchandise. Still not scarier than the fire that was raging at the chemical plant across the street from where I lived 12 years ago… which I came home to just before the fire department got there. I was waking my Dad and sister up to get the hell out even before the police started evacuating everyone. Thankfully, nothing blew up before the fire was put out (They said they had no chemicals there that could blow up…. yeah, right).

  9. Fire is so scary – gets out of control so quickly – SO glad this happened when you weren’t there but what a HUGE MESS AND A HALF to clean up! A week and a half is actually a SHORT period of time to totally restock/clean up after a fire. I love the photo of the entire Shelf Critter Crowd – looks more like the audience in the Theater than the actual theater group itself. Also the photo of your favorite squirrel – I still think that guy has great thighs. HAHA


    • There are people from all over coming in to help out (Most for overtime, which I won’t be partaking in). They did open the grocery area last night as they promised, and I guess will slowly progress across the store as each area gets thoroughly “decontaminated.” If that crowd were the audience at a theater, I think they’d be throwing all kinds of peanuts, rotten eggs, coins, etc. at the performers onstage… and Uncle Snuggie would probably be heckling them. As for squirrel thighs, I’m not touching that one!

  10. ghostmmnc says:

    Wow! Sorry to hear about the fire! What a mess to clean up. I hope no one was hurt!

  11. Wow, ES, there’s so much to comment on: glad no one got hurt in the fire. I tried to look it up. Ya got a link? The kid was from a troubled home. Yep, I’ve heard that one before. Huffing on leaded gas–that explains a lot. “It’s the end of the world as we know it”–seriously, not a fan? How about “Crush with Eyeliner”? Surely you like that one. Okay, hold on: I’ve got to put a little REM on right now. Okay, that’s better. Moving on: I don’t think people who know me would find anything unexpected or embarrassing from me. Don’t be embarrassed by your toys; no one’s judging–but even if they are–okay, I’m not going to finish that thought…however, it might be time to go underwear shopping. Hmm…Good luck with the clean up! Mona

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