A Dumb Idea

a box full of junk

It’s time to do the thing!  The random thing, that is.  Let’s take a wandering stroll down Google Lane and see what the next image up for bids is on The Nest’s exciting midweek feature Random Image Inspiration!  Randomator….. do your thing!

7, 66, 62, 85

The 7th post in my Reader was this one by Pam.

The 66th word in that post is “our”

The 62nd word in that post is “beginning”

Well damn, now I have an earworm….

Wait a minute… we didn’t come here looking for music.  That’s our Monday feature!

Entering “our beginning” into Google Images brought up this as the 85th result…

Oh boy, flower power and a light bulb.  Hmmmm, that gets me wondering.  How many reefer addicts does it take to change a light bulb?


Who knows?  They’re still busy passing the light bulb around!

FUZZYWIG: Yeah, that’s about as funny as Arte Johnson falling off his trike for the 420th time.  You’re cramping my mellow with these shitty jokes, dude.

Well, Mr. Mellow, why don’t you prove me wrong.  Change that light bulb!

FUZZYWIG: Dafuq did you get this from, Tina’s Easy Bake Oven?  Is this environmental hazard even legal anymore.

As if you have room to talk about stuff being legal.

FUZZYWIG: Oh, right.  Well, where am I supposed to install this 19th Century lighting implement?

FUZZYWIG: Someone must have been shopping at Goodwill, or digging through Goodwill’s dumpster.  Were they out of leg lamps?

Hush up, raccoon, or you might be the next one to be dumped in Goodwill’s….

SNUGGLE: Fuck yeah!  Clydesdales!  And I’m even drinking a cold one!  What were the odds?

FUZZYWIG: I don’t think that’s Clydesdales beer there, laundry boy.

SNUGGLE: Hey, beer is beer!  It all tastes like horse piss anyway!

FUZZYWIG: Think you can sober up for a minute and help me change this li…

SNUGGLE: Hey, look at me!

SNUGGLE: Man, I can’t remember how many times I woke up after parties looking like this!  Someone get me another brewski in there!

FUZZYWIG: Sorry, no drinks allowed inside the cone of shame.  He isn’t going to be any help…

BUSTER: Howdy!  I was just passing through this part of the shelf, and…

FUZZYWIG: Are you any good at changing light bulbs?

BUSTER: Why, sure!  Who can’t change a light bulb?  Here, let me help you with that…

FUZZYWIG: I can’t imagine what the next picture will look like…..

BUSTER: Ooooooooooooh, that cleared out the sinuses!

Buster drops dead and burnt to a crisp by 1.21 gigawatts…

FUZZYWIG: Man, it smells like the Mecca deli around here.

SHADOW: Is there a problem a legendary Pokemon like myself can help you solve, small critter?

FUZZYWIG: Wow, I don’t even get talked down to that much by my rehab counselor.  Why don’t you use your Pokepowers to change this light bulb for me, long ears.

SHADOW: Change a….. change a light bulb!?!?  You want me to use my vast intelligence and superhuman know-how to do something as mundane as change a light bulb!?!?  You insult me!

FUZZYWIG: Well, if you don’t know how to do it, I can…

SHADOW: Don’t know how!?!?!?  (Pick up the bulb) Any idiot can change a light bulb!

SHADOW: Let’s see…. if I just set this spiral thingie in the jigamabob and….. ummmm…. maybe turn it…. no, that’s not it….. uhhhh…

FUZZYWIG: Righty tighty, lefty loosey, Einstein.

SHADOW: DO NOT MOCK MY HIGHLY ADVANCED TECHNICAL SKILLS, repulsive commoner!  (Taps the bulb) I will get this light bulb (twists and turns)… installed and operational (jiggles the switch)…. before you can say….


FUZZYWIG: If you can’t beat it, blast it…. right, Pikachu?

SHADOW: Enough of this!  I am not about to be made to look like a fool by this obsolete method of earthy illumination!  Farewell!

Shadow disappears

FUZZYWIG: Oh well, I guess we’ll never get this tacky lamp lit up so I can find where I left my bong….


MITZI: Like, OMG to the Z!!!!  Big, studly stallions for Mitzi to ride on!!!!

FUZZYWIG: Hide the children, the burlesque show’s about to start.  Oh wait, they shouldn’t be reading this anyway since we’re bad influences.

MITZI: Giddyups, horsey worsey!!!!!  You, like, totally turn Mitzi on!!!!

FUZZYWIG: Speaking of turned on…. let there be light.

MITZI: Mitzi can, like totally turn horsepower into candlepower!!!!

FUZZYWIG: Who knew…. sexual energy is the new green way to go.

LITTLE HORSE: Daddy?  What is that lady doing to you?

BIG HORSE: I’ll explain later, junior.  And not a word of this to your mother!!!!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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26 Responses to A Dumb Idea

  1. Very recently — like yesterday — I discovered we needed a candelabra bulb. Or really, any small bulb with that little neck that will fit in the socket. I have an entire closet full of bulbs because National Grid seems to think we should buy a lot of bulbs and they offer them to us for so little money, even when I’m really poor, why the hell not?

    But not candelabra bulbs. I’m not sure what they have against that bulb, but it’s not one of the ones on offer. I have so many cartons of bulbs stacked in my (one and only) storage closet in the hallway, I’m always afraid to go digging because there’s going to be a crash as one or another box falls and all those bulbs become shards. Nonetheless, I actually found ONE candelabra bulb. Which meant I could finally change the print cartridge because I could actually SEE the cartridge.

    Meanwhile, I got an advertisement from Google. We have Google’s “YouTubeTV” which we bought because I’d had quite enough of Charter and because it included the MLB channel AND NESN so finally, we can see the Sox games (and if ONLY they were playing better!). Even after reading the ad, I still am not sure what it is, but it’s called “the Google Nest.”

    As a YouTube TV Family Manager, you can purchase a Google Nest Hub for only $49 (retails at $129).*

    The Google Nest Hub is a smart hands-free companion to your YouTube TV viewing experience. With a little help from the Google Assistant, it can:
    • Stream live sports and shows with your YouTube TV membership
    • Serve as the ultimate digital photo frame
    • Play videos and songs from YouTube
    • Control your compatible smart devices

    So — what is it? What does it do? Is it another way to get Google to spy on us?

    • I have no idea, but I’m going to have to ask Google for royalties for using the word “Nest” without my approval. I should get at least a couple million, I think…

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Oooh, an extra Shelf-Critter-Theatre show !

    • I think sometimes the SCT “extras” are better than the full length episodes. The gags practically wrote themselves for it. Enjoy, since you never know if I’ll have one ready for Friday or not…

  3. Rivergirl says:

    Is that a real Budweiser Clydesdale lamp?
    Don’t tell my husband….

    • I don’t see where it has AB anywhere on it, but given where I live, it has to be Anheuser Busch related. It’s one of many items I wound up with from my Grandma’s house after she died. I also discovered after getting it out for this post that it’s as dusty as hell…

      • Rivergirl says:

        My BIL has a vintage bar light. Great big round thing you hang from the ceiling…. the light comes on and the horses move around the circle. It’s worth a fortune and the hubs envies it every time we visit!

      • I don’t blame him for his envy! Granny (As opposed to Grandma) used to work at a gas station, and we got a few old light up advertising products they were throwing out. My sisters got the beer sign, which is long gone. I got the Marlboro clock (Complete with image of THE Marlboro Man!) which is in bad shape, but I still have it!

  4. Photofinland says:

    I started to be afraid what has happened to Lady Mitzi, because she was not on the self at the beginning, and then she comes and turns lights on, this lady is pure energy. You like funny words, computer in Finnish is tietokone, tieto is knowledge and kone is a machine, so it is knowledge machine.

    • Mitzi’s almost always gonna show up eventually. Some of her best work is when she showed up at the end. Mitzi had enough energy to light up a thousand tietokones…

  5. Haha! I think Shadow is my new critter hero! Lol
    Man the Nest just gets into so much self induced trouble, but then they wouldn’t be the Nest if they didn’t!

  6. Quirky Girl says:

    Well, Mitzi sure knows how to light up a room, huh? 😛

  7. They’re still passing the light bulb around! Heeeheeeeheeee! God I need a life! Mona

    • I need to have an ample supply of stoner humor since my main critter is Fuzzywig. I actually made that joke up myself (though I’d be surprised if it’s original)…

  8. So proud to have supplied a couple of words to jump start the “Random” this week. My work here is done….hahahahaha


  9. Merbear74 says:

    I love Fuzzywig, he’s like, so cuuute. My favorite of your special..er, um…troop.
    Grab a bong, get it on, Mitzi!

  10. This is where thumbs come in handy. 👍🏻

  11. draliman says:

    If only Doc and Marty had known all they had to do was plug the car in…
    I’ve had nightmares of a power-deficient future where we spend all our time trying to boil an egg using bicycle-powered generators, but if it’s going to be sex-power… bring it on!

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