Share Your World – Week 26

Time to present the colors for this week’s SYM post…

Welcome to humpday!  Yes, I have a calendar and I know that it’s not Wednesday… but July 2nd is the official halfway point of the year!  182 days after New Years, and 182 days to go until New Years Eve!  Where has the year gone?  Since 2019 humpday is on a Tuesday this year, that means we get to celebrate this middling occasion by sharing our world with the questions provided by Melanie!  Let’s get on with the show before some amateur pyrotechnic asshole sets the neighborhood on fire with their illegal fireworks (I fucking hate the Fourth)…

Imagine this with a turkey. If only Ben Franklin had gotten his way…

Would (or do) you stop to help (presumably) stranded folks by the side of the road?

I don’t know what the point would be since I’m useless with cars, am typically without my cellphone, and don’t like talking to strangers at all.  I’ll just drive on by and pretend I don’t see anything…

Aw, shucks! The thingie’s busted!

Well, on second thought………..

Do you think the world is less mannerly today than in past times OR are we just more touchy and manners are as they’ve always been?

Like language and culture, etiquette has always evolved over time… and one thing you can rely on from the older generation (Of which I pretty much am a part of now) is that they’re going to bitch about how it ain’t like they remember it.  Most of the shit Emily Post preached about (while keeping her pinkies extended, of course) is hopelessly outdated and impractical in today’s world anyway.  I wouldn’t recognize a soup spoon from a tater tot spork.  In fact, I’m not a fan of using silverware at all if I can help it.  Just remember that next time you hold a fancy dinner party and think about sending your good friend Evil Squirrel a fancy invitation…

And please make it an engraved invitation. I’ve always wanted an engraved invitation…

What happens if you’re scared half to death, TWICE?

Mathematically, you’ll be just fine since you’ll only be 75% dead.  You can get scared half to death an infinite number of times without ever ending up 100% dead.  Asymptotes are our friends…

Buster failed math, so this doesn’t apply to him.

If ALL the world’s a stage, where does the audience sit?

Behind me.  I should watch my back…

The peanut gallery that heckles my world…

Share your thankful comments here.   It’s a gorgeous day most places, so celebrate!

Well, gorgeous in that we’ve now had five days without rain, and eight out of the past nine!  The price we’re paying for sunny days is that summer decided to finally show up and it’s been hot and muggy as shit since last week.  Typical summer weather for here, but because it had been cooler than normal all Spring due to all the wetness, we aren’t as used to it as we’d normally be now.  But I’ll take it for an extended dry spell…

We have a long way to go to match 2012’s dry spell…


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24 Responses to Share Your World – Week 26

  1. I love the photo of the grilled buster!!!! …and I feel a little uncomfy because I’m a math fail too….

  2. I’d rather drive on by. My husband picks EVERYBODY up. He’s picked up strangers when we’re out on a “date”. Grrrrr. Gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don’t like people that much to want to help them out!

    • There is no way I’d be able to pick up people off the road like that. I was at a convenience store once and an old lady asked me to give her a ride to her apartment just a short way from the store. I was even going to refuse this old lady, but she pretty much insisted on getting a ride, because she was getting in my car as I was trying to tell her no. So…… that one minute of awkwardness turned into the only time I ever gave a stranger a ride.

      • She was trusting! I’d never force my way into a stranger’s car. I’d walk before I’d do that. Old ladies get hit over the head and mugged, too. Sheesh, what was she thinking?

  3. I too hate the 4th, not because its America’s birthday (I don’t want to sound unpatriotic) it’s because of what you said, those amateur pyrotechnic assholes all around the neighborhoods (which they shouldn’t be popping fireworks may I add because it’s FUCKING ILLEGAL IN CITY LIMITS!) But they do anyway keep us up until all hours of the night! Not to mention that everyone’s pets are scared shitless during this illegal activity.

    • I can’t stand amateur fireworks, not only because I have to sleep days (and only get the Fourth off if it falls on my weekend like it does this year), but I had a close call with some kids shooting off fireworks in the alley behind my house a long time ago. I was cutting the grass and all of a sudden there’s an explosion just a few feet off to my side. Goddamned bottle rocket they may or may not have intentionally shot my way. They fucking took off like the cowardly assholes kids are. I still have the shell in my box of cool stuff I’ve saved up over my lifetime…

      • Right? I completely understand, I’m surrounded my neighbors with either small kids or grandkids and they are too annoyingly happy and not careful of what they do. Not to mention that its illegal to pop fireworks within city limits, ugh fucking little rugrats.

  4. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World. Your engraved invitation is in the mail btw. I’d stand near Buster, even though, like “Timmy’ the dude thingie is DOOMED, but I’d stay prudently away from the south end of a north bound Rainy. Some things are simple. I never thought ‘my’ generation (which is slightly older than yours I think, maybe quite a bit older actually …. hmm) had any manners. We DID start the fire, even without a dragon..

    • I can’t wait to get my engraved invitation so I can tack it up on the wall to show how special I am! And maybe the more politically incorrect version of special. Your generation started the fire, and my generation provided the gasoline. I blame my Gen X brethren for the way their millennial spawn turned out…

  5. Like Buster, I never got math either. 😈As for manners, decency has kinda exited the premises. We’ve seemed to have turned into a society that engages in hit and runs cleverly disguised as social media.

  6. Photofinland says:

    Fireworks are sh*t, nobody obeys the law, and around the New Year’s Eve we are like in a war.
    I am old-fashioned, you don’t have difference between you and you. We have like many other languages, here sinä and te, and I like to use the when talking with elderly or unknown people. Do you know what I mean?

    • The different forms of “you” seems to be a common thing in most languages. I learned about the difference between tu and usted in Spanish classes and thought that was too complex. Then I learned there are literally hundreds of ways to refer to oneself in the first person in Japanese. Pronouns may be the one place where English isn’t as complex as other languages… whether it’s your best friend of the President, you use the same pronouns when talking to either.

  7. Most of the people I meet are reasonably polite. They don’t have fancy manners, but they aren’t rude. I think most of the rudeness I encounter is either online or on the telephone.

    • I can be polite in person, but I’ve also been accused of being rude a number of times (including just a few nights ago)… usually when someone is doing something that is pissing me off. I have the deadly combination of being both very blunt and very sarcastic when I do speak, so I tend to rub people the wrong way…. even if I believe they are in the wrong to start with. I’d be hopeless over the phone…

  8. We don’t stop for anything – broken down cars, people with their thumb (or some other part) out hitching – we just hope our own vehicle doesn’t break down before we get where we want to go. As for engraved invitations….hard to imagine anyone actually DOES that but if you had a long guest list you’d spend your honeymoon money on the cost of invites! Unless you had two guests of course. Then there’s that shelf photo of yours – if ever someone needed eyes in the back of their head it’s YOU, ES. That lot doesn’t look like they can be trusted!


    • Or some other part! OMG, you must have run into Uncle Snuggie on the side of the road before! If there’s any critter I need to keep a close third eye on behind me, it’s HIM!

  9. draliman says:

    Well aren’t we the clever mathematician 🙂

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  11. Quirky Girl says:

    Is there really such a thing as a tater tot spork? If so, I need to order me a couple of those ASAP! 😛

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