Share Your World – Week 27

RIP Ross. That giant sucking sound you’re hearing is the state of politics today, 27 years after you briefly made it fun again

As much as I’d love to share all of our humidity with you, that technology isn’t possible yet.  But thanks to the 21st century innovation known as blogging, I can share my world with those of you who didn’t even ask for it in the first place.  It’s time for The Nest to do another two days late response to Melanie’s SYW questions for this week… which are all conveniently about the absolute worst season of the entire year….. SUMMER!  Like, yay and shit, I guess.  I’ll share my world and melt with you…

M&M’s won’t melt in your hands, but our planet might…

Are you a Summer person?   A Winter person?   Or one of the other seasons suits you best?

I prefer the more temperate seasons of Spring and Fall, with a strong preference for the latter since I do slightly favor colder weather (especially after it’s been HOT).  I get that a lot of people don’t like winter… snow gets a little old after the third or fourth time it dumps on you.  But I will never understand why summer seems to be so beloved.  I’ll take Too Fucking Cold To Go Outside over Too Fucking Hot To Go Outside any day…

hot temperature

Looks like a great day to fry at the beach!

What is your favorite summer time clothing?

My wardrobe doesn’t change during the year…. other than maybe adding a jacket or coat if necessary (I’ll spare you the image of any clothing, or lack of clothing changes, that may occur in the privacy of my own nest).

The Shelf critters do get their summer fashion on, though….



Snuggle Bear:


And Hung Lo…

I’m so very sorry for that……… no, I’m not.

Do you find yourself eating out more during the summer?  Or making ‘cold food’ like salads and stuff you can heat in the microwave?

No, I’m a routine person… and weather doesn’t affect what I eat.  It can be 100 degrees in the house, and I’m still going to fry my chicken, dammit!

Wait a minute! I’m not chicken!

Do you like watermelon?   What’s your favorite summertime treat?

I haven’t eaten watermelon since I was a kid… but I did like it.  Except for those damned seeds that were buried in literally every square inch of watermelon flesh.  Mom always told us that if we swallowed watermelon seeds, we’d grow a watermelon in our bellies.  And being kids, like with all that Santa Claus bullshit, we were stupid enough to believe that.  Of course, it could always be true.  Remember folks, the next time you see a woman who looks like she might be pregnant… never assume that she is.  She just might have a watermelon growing in her belly instead…

All of the ingredients I need for my favorite summer treat.

Are you thankful it’s finally (sorta) dry and warm?

Sorta dry, as in it’s stopped raining every other day… but the humidity is still about 6900%.  Warm…. no.  The 90’s may have been an alright decade, but as a group of temperatures, they suck.

90’s are the Nirvana of the temperature scale.  If you happen to like Nirvana, you probably also love roasting your ass off.


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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32 Responses to Share Your World – Week 27

  1. we love the summer fashion of the shelf critters… and btw. the mama wears the same pants like Mitzi today.. just saying…

  2. Yep – I’m with you on summer…..not a big fan. I’m an early Spring or Fall kind of girl. Relentless, mind-numbing (or frying) heat is not my thing. Even at the beach I’m a “pre-sun-up” or “just before sundown” beach walker. Is that a “cherry ice” concoction I see there?


    • Cherry snow cones rock! I bought a machine 16 years ago, and I’ve been making them to keep cool in the summer ever since. I have to buy the syrup online (for heavy shipping fees) because they discontinued the old Rival syrup at Mecca a long time ago, and the stuff they have now is so watered down it doesn’t even LOOK good.

  3. I’m with you all the way on this one Evil, I’ll fry chicken in summer because fried chicken IS THE SHIT! AND I prefer the fall and winter, probs because we don’t get snow here in far Southwest Texas, so its just cold, no snow. One can pile on as much warmth as we need but we can only take so much off to deal with this godforsaken 102 degree heat! I was walking to my car during lunch the other day and there was an actual cookie sheet on the dashboard of a student’s car, baking cookies……BAKING COOKIES, ON THEIR FUCKING DASHBOARD!!! So I thought I’d do something similar during the winter, I’m going to leave a liquid version of my margarita mix in my car and see if its frozen by the time I leave work, hey why not right? lol

    • Well, that’s a clever way to bake treats without having to roast yourself out of the house! That is another hidden benefit of working nights is that my car rarely has to sit outside in the baking sun and turn 200 degrees inside. Perhaps in-car fried chicken is a possibility too?

  4. Photofinland says:

    Mitzi is always the best! I agree with you the fall is great, if not raining every day. Wishing you dry days!

  5. Merbear74 says:

    I love Nirvana, but I loathe summer, I must be some kind of freak.
    Hey, how did you get asshat to pose for that beach shot?

  6. Ally Bean says:

    I like all the seasons to a certain degree, but I adore Fall. As for food and clothes, I modify them with the seasons which is why I probably like the seasons because I like their gentle nudge to remind me to keep changing. A free spirit has to be free to spirit, you know?

  7. Thanks ES, for Sharing Your World. Now as to the ‘home’ fried fried chicken. Dude. If it’s 109 in the freakin’ shade OUTSIDE, why welcome that sort of atmosphere INSIDE where even the most valiant A/C can’t easily cool things off. I go to KFC for my chicken fix, they built a ‘new’ one and the chicken is the old KFC kind that I remember fondly from my youth. ‘Course I don’t go often because along with their nifty new lodgings, they raised their prices to ‘we want your first born’ prices. I never knew Rumplestiltskin worked at KFC, but I’m educated now. So I’ll get a $5 Big Box (stop sniggering. It’s not THAT kind of box, okay?) which contains a leg and a thigh and a weensy mashed potatoes and gravy (they appear to have shrunk the size of their containers while they were remodeling and raising their prices through the roof) and a stale biscuit. Maybe you can tell me this, because you appear to have all sorts of trivia right at your fingertips – why is it that the biscuit is so popular with fast food chains? If they were GOOD biscuits, I might understand, but the majority have second jobs as hockey pucks and door stops and one might break a tooth trying to gnaw on one.

    • It thankfully hasn’t hit 109 since the summer of 2012 when it got that hot almost every day… but I wasn’t about to give up my fried then! I used to love going to KFC, but they decided to stop offering combo meals that would satisfy my appetite while being even remotely reasonably priced. I’ve always liked their original… real oil or that fake stuff they started using, but I’m not paying $15 for a few pieces of their scrawny ass chicken. As for biscuits, I have no answer for you because I hate biscuits myself… and get tired of pitching them every time I do get a chicken meal at some restaurant. Maybe they should send all those biscuits to the starving kids in Bumfuckistan instead of slopping them in the combo boxes of people who hate them…

  8. draliman says:

    Yay, go Mitzi!
    If it’s too hot there’s little you can do. If it’s too cold, you’ve got coats, hats, scarves…

  9. Quirky Girl says:

    I can understand your hesitation to eat watermelon for fear of growing your very own internal watermelon farm after swallowing one too many seeds, but if you’ve made it into adulthood without incident, you’re probably safe to resume eating them… if you’re feeling adventurous enough. 😛

  10. I’m with you…summer is sooooo over-rated. I’d rather shovel snow that have to be in this oppressive heat. Fortunately (if that’s possible this time of year) we rarely have humidity with high temps. It may be a dry heat however, I still don’t fancy myself as a inhabitant of a pizza oven. Stay cool and have a great weekend.

    • The 109 degree reading was taken during our dry heat summer 7 years ago. While it was no fun either, I’d choose it easily over humidity-aided 120 degree heat indices…

      • We’ll be seeing triple digits over the next 3 days though even a ‘dry heat’ like this will be of little comfort (being a Mile High makes for extra intense sun). I can’t deal with temps over 85-it’s Hades to me.

  11. Trisha says:

    I’m really glad no one can send their excess humidity my way. I’m a total wimp when it comes that soupy stuff. It was cloudy and humid here for a few days this week and it just completely zapped my energy. And it wasn’t even hot.

    I find summer much easier to bear now that I know there are other people that hate it too. I used to think I was the only one!

    • I’ve found a lot of other people who hate summer around here! We are apparently a very silent majority… or nobody can hear us because of all the people whining that it’s too cold to sit on a beach and roast yourself to death…

  12. Our humidity is thick enough so that going out feels like walking into a bowl of hot soup. And watermelon doesn’t have that many seeds anymore. They have advanced in the growing of watermelons. They even have little ones suitable for one person (I buy the little ones because Garry has emotional issues about watermelon).

    People like summer because we were out of school in the summer and everyone somehow connects summer with not having to “go to work.” Or anyway, that’s what I think.

    • There probably is a lot of that childhood memory association with people liking summer. That, and the vacation thing… which has never been my thing. And when I do vacation, it sure as heck isn’t during summer when everyone else is going! What’s the point of getting away from it all when everyone else is there as well?

  13. TC Conner says:

    I ALWAYS have a small fan sitting in front of me and pointing up when playing at outdoor summer gigs! This Friday it’s supposed to be in the 90s with high humidity, and yes, we have a gig! Outdoors! Summer is my favorite season only because what it provides for my garden!

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