Queen Of Sheena

I will NOT strut, pout, or put it out!

It’s time for The Nest to clean your ears out with another doctor recommended auditory aid to help you start this Monday.  This is the day we dig through the musical records and pull up the chart for another old song that got put on life support in that giant waiting room we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  Dr. DJ Scratchy’s got another FDA approved music prescription that may cause the side effects of dancing and feeling good, while the Sponkies are busy candystriping by cleaning bedpans.  Ick.  This earworm should only be used as directed…

With all of the female pop idols who dominated the 80’s…. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Boy George… you might not immediately recall one of the decade’s most successful, and certainly its most sassy.  That would be one Sheena Shirley Orr, aka Sheena Easton.  The Scottish born singer hit the big time running in her native UK when an appearance on a 1979-style music themed reality program (or programme, since we are talking about Britain) led to a recording contract and pop chart fame.  By 1981, she had already earned the honor of singing the Bond theme for the movie For Your Eyes Only..

Hey! A chance for me to work in one of my old drawings!

She quickly crossed over the ocean to have a successful career in the US as well, where her songs “Morning Train (Nine To Five” and “Strut” are still well loved and sometimes played.  And of course, she had that flirtation with The Purple One (No, not Barney) which led to one of the few good songs Prince ever did, “U Got The Look.”

They may have even squared off in the World Series of Love.

Sheena’s career post-Prince seems to have been lost to the ages… but she sure as hell wasn’t done charming us with her pipes.  In 1988, she released the album The Lover In Me, which spawned a #2 hit in the title track…. which is my absolute favorite Sheena song, and which… you guessed it, you never hear anymore.

So sad… another victim of music’s war against the awesome songs of the late 80’s.  Just because it makes you want to move doesn’t mean it’s disco, people…

Skunks love disco, and so does The Nest!

I’ll have another great song next Monday for your ears only…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Queen Of Sheena

  1. love it! and I love the hair style… oooh 3 bottles of aquanet? or 4?

  2. Ally Bean says:

    When I think of Sheena Easton I think of Miami Vice. She had a role on that show as Sonny”s wife? Girlfriend? Further research is in order…

  3. I always thought she had a great voice – quite an up and down life and career though. Some of her songs were certainly “mega” in the scheme of things. Ally Bean is right – Wikipedia says she married Sonny of Miami Vice during one episode of the show. That “on screen” marriage may have lasted longer than her REAL life marriages!


  4. Yay, disco to start out the week! The Purple One had a stable of protégées he helped. Sheena, Sheila E were two of my favorites, back in the 80’s hair days. Great ear worm!

  5. Merbear74 says:

    “My Baby Takes The Morning Train…” My mom loved that song and I heard it playing in a thrift store a week or two after she passed. It made me smile.

  6. Sing it Sheena. She has such a wonderful style. One of the Queens of the 80’s.

  7. Thom says:

    Ms. Easton got on my enemies list from her very first song, Morning Train. The character telling the story in this song puts the self in self centered. Per the lyrics, her man gets up early every morning and goes to work, slaves all day (while she presumably sits on her butt all day watching soaps and eating chocolates) then comes home dog-tired to find her “waiting for him” so that he can take her out on the town to “play all night”. When is this poor dude supposed to sleep? Obviously the plan is to run the poor guy into the ground so that he croaks from exhaustion and she gets the huge insurance payoff, which will keep her solvent until she can latch on to some other sucker.

    I think there is a slight chance that I may take some of these songs just a wee bit too seriously….

  8. I am almost sorry I missed the 1980s. Almost. But not quite.

  9. draliman says:

    Yes, very 80s indeed…
    Ha, “female pop idols”, “Boy George”. After he went to all the trouble to put “Boy” in his name and all…

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