Share Your World – Week 33

Yay, the kids are finally back in school. The only thing of value I’ll ever get out of paying property taxes is getting those brats off the streets for nine months…

It’s my world, you’re just taking up space in it.  That’s OK, because every Tuesday, I’ll be happy to share it with you.  The Nest does this via the questions Melanie posts each and every Monday morning, just waiting to see what kind of smartass answers I’ll come up with.  Hopefully this week I don’t get a black eye…

OCD people all over the planet are cringing at that uncapitalized Y.

What would be your solution to the over-population of the earth?   Earth has finite resources and humanity seems to be breeding themselves to extinction.   Some countries have tried restricting the number of children a couple or a person can have, with little success.  So what other viable options are there for reducing the number of people?

Reducing the number of people is easy and very viable.  The human race has long found ingenious ways to reduce large quantities of people from the population in a short period of time.

Let Ninja on a Skateboard take care of things…

Of course, a lot of pansy ass people won’t go for that kind of population reduction.  So maybe instead of propaganda leaflets, we should try dropping a massive payload of condoms over third world countries with more people than resources.  Hell, we might have to drop instructions to go with them…

Or maybe that would reduce the population via mass suffocation.

What’s invisible but you wish people could see?

The million dollars I have locked away in my safe.  I’ve tried to spend it numerous times, but haven’t gotten a single cashier to bite on my invisible money…

You can only see it when you’re stoned, I guess…

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

The possum has a bifurcated penis.

The more you know…

What are the unwritten rules of where you work?

Hell, things are so batshit crazy at work these days, that I don’t even think there are any written rules.  As long as you don’t steal, miss so much work the attendance policy gets you, or call a customer a mofo, you’ll probably be alright…

Not that I would ever feel tempted to cuss out a pissy ass customer…

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

About the same as I would feel about putting dogshit on a cracker…

Toilet paper, over or under?

Under. All of my critters enjoy walking on the white carpet. Oh, and GEORGE!!!

What’s the best type of cheese?

Government cheese, of course.  Especially if it’s freshly cut…

Another candidate for shittiest board game of all time

If you’d like, please share something positive, uplifting or funny from last week.   We can always use some more of those things! 

Well, I thought of a new series to take up a few idle Thursdays on this blog.  But it requires me to use the polling function, and I can’t remember if I’ve ever used it before.  So this is a test of the WordPress Polling System, and ONLY A TEST.  Please vote for ONE answer…


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28 Responses to Share Your World – Week 33

  1. that’s anteresting fact about the possums… we have to ponder about that…

  2. Okay, I can’t un-see a lot of these, so thanks Evil.

    Yes I’m in training pretending to be working on a proposal but if I don’t try to wake myself up, the loud thud of my head hitting the table with startle everyone else…..

    So thanks again for the cavalcade of “un-seeable” photos!

    • Maybe sharing the amazing possum factoid with your “teammates” will keep them quiet for the rest of the trip. Or at least away from you! And remember…. you’re a National geographic fan, not someone who follows very disturbed bloggers!

  3. Gosh – I’m speechless over the rear view possum photo…..maybe it’s best not to say anything. We voted in the “not real” poll – of course my vote wasn’t real either. HAHAHA


    • I’m thankful for the six people who voted in the poll (so far) since it seems to work, although I sure hate all the trouble WP makes you go through to create one. Feel free to borrow the possum photo as a visual aid for biology class next Tuesday!

  4. I voted. Where’s my sticker?? Okay. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your Intriguing World with everyone. I’ll get on that glaring error in the banner too. And bifurcated penis? Yeah, I’m gonna un-see that one. Like NEVER. (my eyes! OH MY EYES!!) , but I asked. Silly me. I’m curious as well as to what that fellow is wearing on his head. Is that the world’s most versatile condom? You have something there for sure!

  5. Merbear74 says:

    The best way to help the overpopulation of the earth? Ban Barry White songs.

  6. Laura says: Like most everybody else the possum is killing me here. Of course now I’ve got an *extremely* weird fact for the next time someone asks that question.

    • I’m glad my blog was educational! I picked that fact up from an Aussie, and it actually applies to most, maybe all marsupials. She also mentioned (though I haven’t verified) that the echidna is DOUBLE forked…

  7. I would have voted for more choices, but you wouldn’t let me.

  8. Ally Bean says:

    I voted. Your poll works. Whatcha up to now?

  9. A bifurcated penis seems like a complex way to go about procreation. Any theories about the evolution of this? Curious minds wanna know…asking for a friend.

    • Beats me. Maybe at some point in ancient possum history, one of their ancestors did a little too much banging and split it wide open like Chuck Negron. On the plus side, a possum is always ready for a threesome….

  10. Nice poll! I had no idea about the opossum and now will be searching for eye bleach.

  11. draliman says:

    Having voted in the poll I’m devastated to learn that Mitzi also gave her number to someone else…
    And population control? Logan’s Run? Put all the category A prisoners (they’re the really nasty ones) on an island “Escape From New York” style and then have a nuclear “accident”…?

    • Gee, I wonder who else would have voted for that choice…… oh, hold on, someone just sent me a bathroom selfie!

      Expanding on your idea, I’d put all the worst of the worst criminals inside Washington DC and build a wall around the city. Then see who remains out of the thugs and the politicians…. and if anyone would be able to tell the difference between the two.

  12. Quirky Girl says:

    Wow. Maybe if you start sharing those dog shit crackers with everyone you encounter, you’ll be able to reduce the world’s population faster than Thanos can snap his fingers to turn half of humanity into dust. (Have you seen the Avengers movies? Yeah. Definitely don’t be like Thanos.)

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