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It just wouldn’t feel like Wednesday if The Nest didn’t leave its destiny to chance by conjuring up another mystery photo to guide us for Random Image Inspiration.  Let the Randomator do its thing…

12, 29, 52, 75

The 12th post in my Reader was this one by Melanie

The 29th word in that post is “discovered”

The 52nd word in that post is “the”

Putting “discovered the” into Google Images brought this up as the 75th result…

DUMAS: Tell me why we’re here again, Bobby.

BRAINERD: (Speaking out of the side of his mouth) It’s the annual group picture for all the members of this think tank, imbecile!  This is considered a very solemn occasion, so please shut up and look at the camera!

DUMAS: Uh, OK Bobby.

BRAINERD: And stop calling me Bobby!  It’s Dr. Robert Z. Brainerd, Nobel Laureate for Physics in 1931.

DUMAS: Right, sorry Bobby.

BRAINERD: Grrrrrrrrr…

DUMAS: Hey Bobby, why is your tie longer than mine?

BRAINERD: Because I’m taller than you, idiot!

DUMAS: No, really Bobby!  Mine like (looks down) doesn’t even cover my belt.  I should go put on another one…

BRAINERD: Do not move or I’ll put radium in your Rice Krispies again.

DUMAS: Bobby?  Hey Bobby!

BRAINERD: (Facepalming) ……

DUMAS: Why do men wear ties?  I mean, (grabs his short tie) what’s the purpose of this thing anyway?  It’s like wearing a noose…

BRAINERD: (Sneering) You’re going to be wearing a real noose later on if you don’t…

EISENSCHWARTZ: (Over his shoulder) Hey Doc, could you keep it down?  You’re breaking my concentration!

BRAINERD: You have to concentrate to have your picture taken?

EISENSCHAWRTZ: Yeah, it’s not easy to keep this serious looking face.  I want to make sure I look professional when this photo is all over the internet in fifty years.

BRAINERD: The what?  You all have gone mad!

DUMAS: I think I should take this tie off.

BRAINERD: Don’t do it, Dumas…

DUMAS: And maybe these underdrawers as well.  They’re chafing my bottom something terrible, Bobby…

BRAINERD: Would you just stand still and shut up for about fifteen more seconds until this is over?  Or else I’ll be forced to revoke your Bunsen burner privileges…

DUMAS: (Scratching his rear) Gee, Bobby, I’m gonna get a rash…

BRAINERD: (Turning around) And YOU TWO!!!  Stop giggling this instant!

TUNGSTEN: (Stifling a laugh) Looks like you’re the one who should be changing their knickers since they’re obviously in a bunch…… BOBBY!


BRAINERD: I am so blowing this joint up once I get back to the lab….

Alright all you geniuses out there…. say CHEESE!!!!

DUMAS: Aw, Bobby.  You forgot to smile!

BRAINERD: I’ll smile when that tie bomb I planted on you goes off….


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Mad Scientist

  1. oooh that is a reason to smile .O)

  2. Jeez professor, maybe you should consider switching to decaf? 😂

  3. What? Not one bow tie in that crowd of brainiacs?


    • Egad! You’re right! What bunch of overgrown child prodigies doesn’t have at least half of its members wearing bow ties!?!? And nobody is smoking a pipe! I think these guys are frauds, probably just the janitorial staff at the facility.

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  5. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! There’s always one in every crowd, isn’t there? That alleged “dumas’ character bears more than a striking resemblance to the Kennedy boys. Although (and I’m bad with math and history so don’t judge me) they hadn’t been born when that photo was taken….

    • I don’t know exactly how old that picture is, but I do think it was a group of scientists (given the keywords) and it looks WW2 era-ish. Given the sheer number of Kennedys, it could always be a legitimate or illegitimate one…

  6. draliman says:

    What a bunch of stiffs. Apart from Dumas. He’s cool.

  7. mydangblog says:

    In the immortal words of Farm Film Report, “He blowed up good. He blowed up REAL good.” Ken and I were just talking the other day about the weird social convention of men hanging a piece of fabric around their necks to look fancy. I don’t blame Dumas at all.

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