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Welcome to the only weekly feature on WordPress that is unintentionally inspired by other bloggers!  It’s time to whip up another midweek edition of Random Image Inspiration, where I select a couple of words from one of your posts and let Google and my demented imagination do the rest!  Yes, YOUR posts!  If you read my blog and I follow you, you just might find be my next RII muse!  But first, as always, we need the Randomator to pull some numbers out of its ass thin air…

25, 15, 5, 17

The 25th post in my Reader was the Tuesday Teaser by Pam.

The 15th word in that post is “well”

The 5th word in that post is “go”

My RII searches teach me a lot, and this time I learned there’s a movie distribution company called Well Go Entertainment.

Skipping over a couple of dull logos, putting “well go” into Google Images brought this up as the 19th result…

DIRECTOR: Alright Wally.  Just thin her eyebrows out a bit and I think we’ve got it!

WALLY: (Clicks on some icons in an obsolete version of Photoshop) Right boss!

GIRL: Hey, wait a minute!  What’s wrong with my eyebrows!?!?

DIRECTOR: Well, they’re just a tad too manly looking for what……. WAIT!  Did you just question my….!?!?

GIRL: Uh, yeah.  I look ridiculous!  There’s no way I’m going on the set like this!

DIRECTOR: And just what’s wrong with the way you look?

GIRL: C’mon, Spielberg… look at me!

GIRL: First off, your “makeup artist” here made me look like I have two black eyes.

WALLY: I’m sorry!  This CGI program is crap!

DIRECTOR: You look emo!  Your character is supposed to live a troubled life and look towards the darker side of things…

GIRL: Dude, I am not playing a goth!  I’m a girly girl, man.  Gimme a unicorn!  And how about some cute leggings rather than these gaudy MC Hammer pants you found down at Goodwill?

DIRECTOR: (Grasping his forehead) I do not have to put up with this from you!

WALLY: I’ll see if this thing has any wardrobe presets…

GIRL: Hey, while you’re at it, Waldo… how about you see if that MS Paint ripoff can do something about the fact that my head is about fifteen times the size of my feet.  Seriously, director dude, quit blowing the movie budget on the local brothel and try spending some jack on a decent digital art program!

DIRECTOR: Wally, see if you can use the eraser tool on her MOUTH!  If you talk back to me one more time, Missy, I’ll see to it that you never work in this town again!

GIRL: As if!  I could get a contract at Pixar like that (snaps her poorly drawn fingers) if you cut a talent like me loose, mister!

DIRECTOR: (Throws down his megaphone and funny hat) That’s it, I QUIT!!!  I’ve dealt with enough primadonna actresses in the business before!  The only reason I accepted this job was to get away from fussy thespians!

GIRL: Oh please.  We actors have a right to look out for ourselves too!


GIRL: You trying to stereotype me, bub?

DIRECTOR: GAH! (Runs out the studio door screaming like mad)

WALLY: Woohoo!  Now I can play Minecraft all day!

GIRL: Hey, ya think I could have his trailer?


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to Best Dramatic Performance

  1. HAHAHAHA…….sorry you managed to get a couple of truly boring words from my truly boring Teaser post BUT you did magic with them. You definitely “got” the character – she looks to me like she’s either saying “goodbye cruel world” in preparation for a leap off the building, OR “this is your last chance to draw some wings on me cause I’m gonna fly Mr. Cartoon Draw Guy” .


    • Sometimes the boring words lead to more unpredictable results than the fancy words do! I learned that this character is apparently the star of the highest grossing film ever in China… and I guess learned that China has a bustling movie business at all! And I got to do another warped story, so it was all good! Or maybe I should say it “well go”…

  2. 😐 Uh….she’s certainly not the worst drawn girl I’ve ever seen and I’m super picky. I can out-draw any such artist like that (snaps my arthritic fingers). Well except maybe whomever drew Jessica Rabbit. If I could draw like THAT, I’d have had a lucrative career in uh…gentleman’s (*rude snicker*) magazines, doing ‘toons about naughty nurses and the woman at the DMV who is flashing her male customers a free show… Um. I got off topic a bit didn’t I? Sorry. “Bad” cartooning is a trigger. Heh. Yeah. Well that artist who drew your lost child has a lucrative career (presumably) and I shuffled paper for a living. Who am I to judge? Now I’m curious about something. It’s not a criticism either, despite the fact that it might come out that way. Dude. Seriously. Put some f$#@! clothes on that fat baiter of mastery at the keyboard who is talking about a gazillion X (his size no doubt).. Maybe you can borrow those cast off MC Hammer pants…

    • Heh! If bad cartooning is a trigger, you’d have loved the days when I drew a weekly comic for this blog. Sorry about ol’ fatty on the sidebar, but he’s a part of The Nest’s lore due to his uncanny ability to draw people here from search engines. Because, you know, everyone is looking for “xxxxxxxxxxxl” on Google! I think the MC Hammer pants would be leggings for that poor gentleman…

  3. draliman says:

    She does look a bit mouthy and fed up in the picture…

  4. I always wondered what a convo would be like between a peep and a cartoon character. You did not disappoint. The character however reminds me of way too many of the kids in my ‘hood. #millennialspawn

  5. Woo hoo! Minecraft all day!

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