Calendar Squirrel – July

Taken in July, but not quite eligible for the calendar…

2020 will be the year of the squirrel if The Nest has any say in things.  That’s because we’re putting together a virtual squirrel calendar, and we’re giving the power back to the people by letting YOU, the squirrel fans out there, vote for your favorite monthly representatives among my vast archive of sciuriness.  We’re halfway done completing our lineup now, and just in case there isn’t an apocalypse by the middle of next year, we’ll need to find a real firecracker to be Mr./Miss July!

But first….. the June vote!  Man, was this a fun poll to keep track of!  Going into the final day, the top three candidates were all deadlocked.  But then last night….

Quirky Girl popped in to serve as the Vice President and cast the tiebreaking vote to make Samurai Squirrel our official cover boy for the month of June!  Congrats to the squirrel with the sword, and now I won’t have to fear him beheading me if he lost…

You better watch your back anyway, evildoer!

The sweltering month of July is probably my biggest void among all twelve months of the year, since squirrels and photographers alike prefer to stay indoors during our muggy Midwestern summers.  But I was able to scrape up a pretty decent field, and here are the July squirrels bidding for your approval and adoration this week, as always, in chronological order…

#1. Electric Squirrel (July 21, 2013)

#2. Birdbath Cafe (July 24, 2013)

#3. What Are You Looking At? (July 25, 2013)

#4. Peekaboo! (July 29, 2014)

#5. Middle of the Road (July 12. 2018)

#6. Blondie (July 11, 2019)

So, which squirrel will it be?  Please vote in the poll below!  If you can’t see the poll below, please mention it in the comments and which squirrel you’d like to vote for, and I will add your vote to the total.  I think some people are only voting in the comments, and that won’t work unless I know it’s because the poll isn’t appearing for you!

As usual, voting ends next Wednesday night the 9th!  Say it loud and proud!  Vote for the July squirrel in our virtual calendar, or the communists will win…

But the squirrels of Soviet Russia are so cute…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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33 Responses to Calendar Squirrel – July

  1. oh we love that blonde girl (it must be a girl right?)

  2. noelleg44 says:

    OMG, how did those non-squirrels get in the house. They do not have the best personalities!

  3. Ally Bean says:

    Went with peekaboo because who doesn’t like a coy squirrel?

  4. I’m going to have to go with #4, Peekaboo Squirrel, but they are all so cute, even Electric Squirrel and Middle of the Road squirrel but he worries me that he/she is in the middle of the road.

    • Fortunately, that’s only a paved path in the local park! Their maintenance trucks do use them, but I would hope they brake for squirrels since there are so many in the park!

  5. Rivergirl says:

    I’m going with birdbath squirrel. Sure he’s cute, but he also looks like he’s ready to huck that nut right at your head.
    Love that momma and baby opossum!
    As for the poll, it doesn’t show up when I’m on my computer, only my mobile.
    Weird, that.

    • Birdbath squirrel is the surprise favorite of this round! That was one of two I found in my archive that I’d never posted here before… can’t believe I overlooked it!

      Momma actually had two babies, but the one wasn’t present when I had my camera! It would’ve been so cool to capture mom with both kidlets on her back!

  6. Photofinland says:

    Number two, he looks so very much a basic squirrel, meaning do cute and looking straight to the camera. VOTE FOR ME #2.
    Thank you!
    Russian squirrel is very special, like our squillers, but almost white.

    • The squirrel from Kyrgyzstan was part of a collection I posed on my blog a long time ago of Eastern European squirrels. It is absolutely gorgeous! I wish our squillers had ear tufts, but I guess evolution decided our squirrels didn’t need earmuffs…

  7. So much cuteness. My vote was #3 but I adore all of them.

  8. randomlyerin says:

    You do realize that you could probably put this together as an actual calendar and make a killing off it, right?

  9. Looks like blondes really don’t have more fun (at least not on the voting totals).

    • I’m a bit surprised Blondie hasn’t been doing better, but there wasn’t a perfect shot of him. I debated on using that one or the photo I got where he was sorta standing up… but chose this one since it showed off his bleach blonde tail so well.

  10. The Russian squirrel could use a bit of hair gel…..just sayin. I voted!!


  11. Honestly it was a toss up between Peek-a-boo (the one I voted for) and Blondie. And I would have cast my vote for that last pictured squirrel if that had been an option. So very very picturesque! ❤

    • I only threw the Russian photo in as a gag since it played off my communist joke… but it’s obviously not my picture. If I ever got a picture of a squirrel that looks that good, I’d be showing it off every day!

  12. draliman says:

    Birdbath cafe squirrel for the win!

  13. I found you through Melanie B Cee. Love your blog. 🙂

  14. mydangblog says:

    I really like Blondie–that tail is very unusual, especially up here where we have mostly black squirrels!

    • It’s not uncommon to see squirrels around here with very light colored tails when their bushy fur is growing in, but that is head to toe the most light colored squirrel I have ever seen! I am very jealous of your black squirrels! They don’t quite get as far south as I am… all of our squirrels are gray.

      • mydangblog says:

        Yes, we just realized a little while ago that, while black squirrels are the most common here, they’re pretty rare in other areas! But we don’t have red squirrels, which I would love to see!

  15. Trisha says:

    Another tough choice! I ended up voting for the very unusual Blondie. He really looks bleached!

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