Muzak Without Borders

I’mma play whatever I want now… and you’re gonna like it, dammit!

Saturday is to squirrels as Mondays is to music.  It’s been that way on The Nest since June 2, 2014.  Every Monday… literally EVERY Monday since then, I’ve posted a different earworm to help you get a jump start on the week ahead.  If our math department (consisting of Troll and his twenty fingers and toes) is correct, that’s 281 songs (plus a few 2-fers and even one 4-fer) that have gotten a moment in The Nest’s Muzak Monday sun.

Thanks ES. Now got some Noxzema?

But one thing those 281 previous Monday songs all have in common is that they had to meet some certain criteria to be posted.  Old timers may remember that the fun began with Mecca Muzak Mondays, inspired by my love for many of the underground indie rock and pop (circa late 00’s to early 10’s) that was being played on the rotating CD’s that served as the store I work at’s shopping muzak.  After milking that cow mostly dry, I switched over to the current Dusty Vinyl Archive in 2016, which has served as a comeback tour of sorts for older songs which seem to have faded from the public eye.  Breaking up both series in the middle were a couple of Top 30 countdowns I ran on Mondays… featuring my favorite cover songs and novelty songs.  Any song could get its own Monday Muzak post, if it fit into one of those niches…

Lords of Acid fit the niche….. twice!

Well….. enough of that!  I’m giving the Dusty Vinyl Archive the next seven months off to recharge its 9 volt batteries so I can bring you some muzak on Mondays that I’ve long wanted to include… but which doesn’t really fall under the conditions that restrict one of my normal features.  I threw together a list of songs that I really love, but that don’t qualify as lost hits, underexposed more recent songs I might hear at work, or that managed to get a spot in one of the countdowns.  I loosely ranked those songs and have put together my first Monday Muzak series that will play anything and everything!

Yes, beginning this Monday, prepare for The Nest’s Top 30 Songs We Just Feel Like Playing!  Evil Squirrel himself is taking over the ones and twos from DJ Scratchy, and she looks none to thrilled about it!  But we hope you will be, as we temporarily breathe a little bit of fresh air into our week-beginning earworms and include some more popular songs and less stuff you had no idea even existed.  Every decade from the 50’s through the current one that’s about to expire is represented here, and just about every genre of music from rock to disco to hip hop and even country will be heard before my #1 hits the air sometime in late April of 2020!

Yeehaw, dude!

Other than the top handful of songs in this countdown, I didn’t take the rankings seriously at all… I just tried my best to diversify the music so that each week will be a bit different from the previous one.  Though I still wound up with almost all of my 21st century songs in the top half and two slower songs leading things off.  Oh well, it’s my muzak, and I think you’ll enjoy the temporary departure from the norm while it lasts!  And don’t worry, the DVA will be back and just as good as ever come next May…

It better be, or I’m gonna whip out my Totally EDM Christmas album and play it on repeat!

I’ll kick off this countdown of whatever with #30 next Monday!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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9 Responses to Muzak Without Borders

  1. Oh cool – great idea – I like the name “Countdown of Whatever”…….life is like that, so why shouldn’t music be too!


  2. So long as the Monday Muzak continues I’m cool. Da doo ron ron ron, Da doo ron ron 🎶

  3. GREAT idea! I may even know some of the songs this time!

  4. draliman says:

    This sounds great – music for the heck of it! Let’s see how many in this series we both agree on…

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