Share Your World – Week 41

Some witches from The Nest’s past to get you in that Hallowe’en spirit…

Is it Tuesday again already?  Sheesh, what’s with that?  It seems like Tuesday comes around literally every week.  Oh well, I guess that means it’s time for The Nest to share its wonderfully warped and deeply disturbed world with you all.  And that means I’ll be answering the questions Melanie provided us with for this week.  Who knows… maybe I might even answer one of them with a straight face this time…

The last image any of us will ever see once we’re invaded by the giant aliens…

Why do we have such trouble telling our loved ones that we love them?  Do you have that kind of communication issue with your loved ones?

I personally think a lot of communication of feelings is just so much lip service, and it’s always bothered me (and probably another reason I wouldn’t last a day in the world of romance) that a lot of people feel the need to be told in no uncertain terms how you feel about them, and often.  If you can’t tell by now, I’m not one of those people who is going to just blurt out that I love someone, even family.  If it’s not obvious, well, I guess you’re just in the dark…

(Sniff) How did I raise such an ungrateful, unloving son!?!?

They teach managers at the place you work at to always communicate how appreciative they are of the work of the slaves employees under their charge.  I absolutely despise being given a thank you for all I’ve done because even if it’s sincere, I will always take such niceties cynically.  I can tell by how I’m treated and respected by my bosses whether my work is actually appreciated or not, and absolutely no extra assurances are necessary.  That’s how I feel about love too.  If you actually have to say to someone that you love them for it to mean something to them, there’s an issue with the relationship to begin with…

You don’t, like, have to say you wuv Mitzi. Mitzi can, like, feel your wuv in her happy place!

Decorations for holidays?   Spirit lifters or pain in the butt?   Or a mix?

If you’re one of those people who actually enjoy elaborately decorating for the holidays, then I’d assume it isn’t a pain in the butt.  For those who do so because they feel compelled to for some reason….. well, you have nobody but yourself to blame for your inconvenience.

I decorate more for Shelf Critter Theatre than I do in the real world…

Do you donate to charities?  Of your time, do you feel money is the only true gift, or other?

Geez, the questions this week seem tailor made to bring out the asshole in me!

Yeah, like that’s hard to do…

Other than the occasional round up the change promotions some of the fast food places I eat at offer, I’m a Scrooge when it comes to charities.  I’m not going to say they don’t do good, but they’re basically corporations operating under non-profit protection.  And so many of them are trying to “fight” the very thing that will put them out of business…. and no, I don’t think any of them actually want to be made obsolete.  Too many people within the organization have their livelihoods tied to it continuing to rake in millions of dollars in donations every year.  Think about it…

I miss riffing on charities with Hottie and Tufts of Love in my comics!

Are you too superstitious or  have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

I have a 13th birthday and 13 has long been my favorite number.  Note I said favorite, not lucky.  Superstition is bunk and I don’t believe in good or bad luck… just the randomness of the universe.

That’s true. We black cats aren’t unlucky at all. You’ll never even feel these Claws of Death on your jugular…

A for a Ouija board, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one in real life, let alone “played” with one.  I don’t even see how they’re supposed to “work.”

Like, OMG! It’s a text from the dead!

This week please share a photo or image of what ‘harvest’ and “Autumn” mean to you!

I harvested some good shit, man!


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23 Responses to Share Your World – Week 41

  1. draliman says:

    Ooh, you cynic, you…

  2. noelleg44 says:

    Lots of good thoughts in this post!

  3. crimsonowl63 says:

    I agree with some of your answers, maybe all to a point.
    A person’s actions should show that they love you. All people are not secure enough to see this. At least not all the time. Especially depressed people or lonely people. Those people sometimes need both.

    I do give quite a bit to charity. I do my research first. I check for the percent of donations that go to the cause stated (multiple sources). Other factors, too.

    Decorations? I hate putting them up. People expect me to. I still don’t. The kids are all between 30 & 40 and no grandchildren so we don’t. They all live out of state so it’s fine.

    I forget if there were other questions, but your answers themselves didn’t make you sound like a dick. It was maybe the WAY you worded them 🤣 And sheesh, I love you, man. 😅

  4. Oooooooo! I spy with my incredibly little eye a SQUIRREL (maybe one for September…??) great pic, but then you knew that. You took it. 😛 I admit to looking forward with zeal and zest to your weekly contribution to Share Your World. There are three of you (quite a crowd really) who add a little zing to what could be deemed mundane questions. And I’m right there with ya on the charity thing. But this is Utah and some of us are highly biased about that word. Thanks ES for Sharing Your Pithy World. (please give generously, and tip your waiter).

    • I think zest and zeal and zing are the only way to approach anything! And that Zest will probably come in handy later on to wash out my dirty mouth. Keep the questions coming… this has been a fun weekly exercise in both critical thought (gasp!) and coming up with creative responses.

  5. Ally Bean says:

    No Ouija board for you? When I was a girl my friends and I goofed around with one, but I can’t say that I was taken with it or what it supposedly foretold. Oddly enough it seemed like all the answers to our questions might be random…

    • I was such a deprived child. I remember ouija boards used to be sold with the board games, which pretty much told me something was a bit fishy about the whole mystical nature of them being able to communicate with the dead. Me and my sisters would have just lost it and probably starting hitting each other with the planchette anyway…

  6. I was always of the opinion it’s not what you say, it’s what you do that indicates how you feel about people. 😊

  7. Yep – I totally agree with “Tails Around The Ranch”……I’m not superstitious but many years ago I did the Ouija thing with a friend and it was VERY WEIRD – haven’t messed around with it since. I admit to being a big old (very old) kid when it comes to Christmas decorating – I do like seeing the tree and lights and all the ornaments we’ve collected through the years. Love the squirrel pic – he scored a big one there and I think that’s a gingko tree – don’t often see those!


    • OMG, you just made me remember my 9th grade biology class! Yes, our park has quite a few gingko trees, and the teacher brought us to the park to talk about the trees there and mentioned the gingkos that were planted there a long time ago. I’m not good at picking out trees at all… I can recognize an oak and an evergreen, but that’s it!

      • I have NEVER seen a gingko in person but there was one featured on one of our British Mysteries the other night and their leaves are an incredible lime green. Lucky you!

  8. I say I love you to my son, my husband, my granddaughter and my best friend. That’s pretty much it.

    • That’s more people than I say it to. I’m in the minority (or perhaps the silent majority) who doesn’t think sentiments need to be communicated that should otherwise be obvious…

  9. You must have Finnish blood in your veins. We don’t talk about our feelings, all kind of small talk is quite difficult, we just don’t talk. Sometimes somebody says “thank you” .

  10. Merbear74 says:

    I’ll just slap you to show affection…

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