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It’s time for The Nest to help you randomly get over that imaginary hump in the calendar by bringing you another exciting edition of Random Image Inspiration!  This is the feature where my top secret random formula picks a photo off Google that I have to make a post out of.  It’s hard work, but no pain, no gain!  Let’s start with our weekly contribution from the Randomator…

10, 78, 74, 17

The 10th post in my Reader was this one by Marilyn

The 78th word in that post is “I”

The 74th word in that post is “days”

It is really strange how many seemingly random two word combinations this exercise spits out turn out to actually have a real world meaning.  Did you know there’s a music festival in Milano called “I Days?”  I didn’t… until just now!

Putting “i days” into Google Images brought this up as the 17th result…

Ladies and gentlemen…. welcome to the biggest concert of the millennium!!!!

The crowd rauciously cheers, smartphones held up high over the clouds of marijuana smoke.

We have gathered the biggest legends of music together for one night full of all star entertainment that you will never forget!!!

The roar of the audience is deafening as the lineup for this concert to end all concerts is about to be announced…

Performing on the main stage tonight, we have ELTON JOHN!!!!

Followed by ERIC CLAPTON!!!


THE GRATEFUL DEAD, complete with animatronic JERRY GARCIA!!!!


And a very special appearance by PAUL MCCARTNEY and RINGO STARR of The Beatles!!!

And now…….. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!?!?!?!?

With the announcer’s very loud voice now silenced, it becomes painfully obvious that the crowd is deathly silent….

“Who did they say?”

“Something about stones?”

“WTF are the Beatles?”

“This is, like, such a ripoff!”

“Yeah, I haven’t heard of any of these guys!  Were they the losers on that Voice show?”

Um… er… ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the biggest names in rock and roll!

“OMG, WTF is rock and roll?”

“Like, really!  I thought Taylor Swift was playing tonight!”

“And Kanye West!”

“Where’s Ariana Grande!?!?”

“There isn’t, like, a bigger name in music than Da Biebs!!!!”

Uhhhhh… sorry, no Justin Bieber.

The deafening sounds of thousands of people simultaneously typing up angry rants on their Twitter accounts echoes through the arena.

“We didn’t come to listen to no names!”

“Yeah, or rocky road, or whatever you called it!”

“We better get our parents’ money back!!!!’


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24 Responses to Rockapalooza!

  1. Oh gawd, I actually work with millennial who have NO IDEA who some of these artist are! Specifically the Grateful Dead. And for the record I HATE Taylor Swift, god she stomps on my last nerve! As for the stupid millennial I work with, I want to just reach out and slap the shit out of them, for things other than not knowing who the Stones or Grateful Dead are, UGH.

    • I reached that age in the 2000’s where songs from my day were getting either covered or sampled by new artists, and all of the little twerps would have no idea that wasn’t original content. Especially that jackass from 2007 or so that had everyone thinking the chorus from “Breakfast in America” was something fresh and new! Stupid little shits need to listen to some real music!

  2. crimsonowl63 says:

    Hilarious!! I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of these giants of rock myself. Not really any of the kids ones. I at least know who they are & heard at least one of their songs! Damn whippersnappers! That bieber kid can go to hell. Let’s see in 50 years who knows their bands! Kids these days! No respect I tell ya.

    Great post, man! 🤣

    • The idea came to me as soon as I noticed all the smartphones in the crowd! Yeah, I know everyone (except me) has one now, but I still associate those damned things with the millennials…

  3. crimsonowl63 says:

    You know our great-grandparents (well depending on your age) said the same thing to our grandparents about jazz. It’s just our turn now.

    My 3 children are all millennials and they know who all these people are because their mom, me, listened & told them who they were A LOT. 🤣

    • My parents switched over to “oldies” radio in the mid 80’s, which allowed me to get my education on the music of the 50’s and 60’s. I listened to a 70’s station in the 90’s to fill in the remaining gap. I realize everything is relative from a generational perspective, but I dread the day when people are complaining about the current music and holding up Justin Bieber as a model of the “good old days!”

      • crimsonowl63 says:

        I am not a Bieber fan at all either. Maybe I’m wrong, but from what you post here, you like stuff that didn’t make it to the charts. Those songs are usually better and more interesting to me. My husband & I collect 78 rpm records, some almost 100 yrs old and they are still great. I would much prefer old school rap & hip hop to Bieber!

  4. Ally Bean says:

    Justin Bieber sings rock and roll? Is that what he calls it? Hmmm… feeling old and cranky about that. Make him go away, please.

    • I doubt anyone would call what Da Biebs sings rock and roll… except maybe for the morons who run the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who will without a doubt allow him entry on his first ballot.

  5. It’s hard to imagine not knowing the Beatles, Stones, Elton John, et al. I mean, they play them in the elevators ALL the time, right? Maybe they should announce the song titles with the amazingly bland versions of the songs they play? That might help. Garry listens to Sinatra ALL the time. It’s pleasant music and puts me soundly to sleep.

    • Sinatra? What band was he in?

      Just kidding, of course. My generation learned who Sinatra was…. through all the Bugs Bunny cartoons we watched as a kid. We also know Bing, who always got played by a slow talking parrot…

  6. Reblogged this on Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth and commented:
    Kids. They don’t even know good music when they DO hear it. Who is this Justin Bieber kid?

  7. Love this post and it reminds me of sitting in the airport last week – just glancing around and realizing my husband and I were the only ones within range (which in an airport is rather extensive range-wise) who were NOT holding an iPad,iPhone, laptop or some other electronic gadget and totally focusing on IT. Not one person was chatting with another person or looking out a window, or reading a book, or knitting – they were ALL on a “device”. We laughed about it at the time but the more I’ve thought about it the more it bothers me. Makes me glad to be old-fashioned. LOL


    • That is me just about anywhere! Including at work, where cellphones used to be BANNED. Now even management uses them to communicate (and play on when they just want to look busy)…

  8. Ha! That concert could have been held in my neighborhood. #cluelesstwits

  9. I’d have gone to that show. Millennials have no taste.

  10. draliman says:

    I blame da kidz for the death of good music. I know we don’t agree much in the music arena, but I’m pretty sure we both have the same opinion of Da Biebs…

  11. Trisha says:

    Yep, this is just how a concert with some of the biggest names would go in this day and age of annoying vocals set to a collection of weird noises. WTF is a guitar again? I would have forgotten if I didn’t listen to old stuff!

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