Have A Seat

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It’s time to be blindfolded and driven to some undisclosed location where I’ll never be able to find my way back to civilization… that Wednesday feature The Nest likes to call Random Image Inspiration.  The magic numbers will help us pick a post, some words, and a picture which I will have to make a post out of.  Sounds easy?  Well, it’s not.  But that won’t stop us from firing up the Randomator yet again…

22, 19, 56, 34

The 22nd post in my Reader was the Tuesday Teaser by Pam, a weekly post that seems perfectly placed for the Wednesday morning Randomator to find!

The 19th word in that post is “chair”

The 56th word in that post is “status”

Putting “chair status” into Google Images brought this up as the 34th result…

Well geez, what did I expect?

Let’s play around with my blog’s media library and see where chairs have come into play during the nearly 8 years of wasted bandwidth this blog has taken up….

Going uuuuuuUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!

Of course I’ve used the image of the lady from the 1984 film Gremlins getting the ultimate thrill ride on her electric lift chair before.  It’s one of those iconic moments in 80’s film that will never not be funny to me…

Like an episode of The Golden Girls, if they used cheap film.

And that Gremlins image was used in my Retro TV Ad post about the 1990 commercial for the Craftmatic Adjustable Chair that aired constantly on daytime and late night TV.  Art Linkletter, one of the more respected celebrities from the early days of television, was going to rip the hell off of the same people who grew up watching him.  I had a lot of fun ripping this ad a new one…

Wet dog or burnt possum… I can’t decide which smells worse.

Buster took a seat in the electric chair during Day 7 of last year’s Buster Death Advent Calendar.  We’re not even sure if he was guilty of anything, it just seemed like the thing to do…

One of my favorite photo’s…

Here’s a picture I took of a park bench with plaques that makes one of the most common writing mistakes in modern English… using apostrophe-S for plurals.  Get that punctuation mark outta there!!!!

Like a bad case of dandruff…

A still from the 2001 episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire I was a finalist for… sitting in Seat 9 right behind host Regis Philbin.  Yeah, that’s my dumb ass there in the shadows.  I didn’t make it into the only chair that matters on the show, though I managed to tell one hell of an entertaining story out of it a few years ago…

The kind of fine furnishing you can only find in a $400 a night hotel.

Also from that saga, an actual chair from “posh” New York City hotel room I was put up in by the show’s staff.  It wasn’t the only thing in the room that was falling apart.  To think, some people actually pay for this kind of “luxury”…

Remember, form should always follow function…

A wonderful image I dug up for a snarky post on the kind of modern home design I’d have if I had a house that would be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.  I’d love to have this at my computer… I’d almost never have to get up.

Hello, Snuggle Bear?

Chris Hansen wants you to have a seat over there.  I can’t imagine why….

Or Chip Hansen if this is Shelf Critter Theatre.

And finally, I’ll end this post with a song I absolutely love… and which would be in my Countdown of Whatever had I not already used it in my Dusty Vinyl Archive three years ago.  The excellent one hit wonder masterpiece by Sniff N The Tears, “Driver’s Seat”…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Have A Seat

  1. the throne looks interesting… but at the end I prefer the drivers seat before Busters seat ;O)

  2. crimsonowl63 says:

    I like the comfy throne. Might be a bit TOO comfy.
    I once sat in a giant fake electric chair that had handles on it that gave you an increasing shock. The point was to see how long you could hold on. My hair stood on end and my face contorted (to make the kids laugh) and I hung in pretty well. Funny stuff back then.
    I love the song! Great choice! Great Wednesday post!

    • Sounds like the fake electric chair would be a cool Halloween gimmick. I’m not sure I even got to touch one of those giant metal balls that makes your hair stand on end. I did once work on an electric outlet in my house that I’d turned the wrong breaker off for. I’m still not sure how I escaped that misadventure alive…

  3. Okay in “Twilight Zone” land (which knows no clocks nor calendars)…we’ve landed. I don’t know what kind of seating they have here, but the following fact is true anyway. I have been re-cycle playing that song all week so far. 😐 Uh, are sinister forces at play? With seats or not? Or is it the lingering odor of burnt possum fur that’s sucked us into an eerie parallel time line vortex? Wow.

  4. draliman says:

    Well done, you found a cool song heh heh!
    I can’t believe both the family and the sign writers thought that’s how you write “sons” and “daughters”…

    • You praised the song when I first posted it, so you get points for consistency!

      I did wonder who was to blame for the extraneous apostrophes… the commissioners or the engravers (or maybe the commissioner’s or engraver’s). It might well be both…

  5. OK I’ll admit that I “re-visited” the Millionaire adventure you had – hilarious doesn’t quite fit it somehow including that hideous hotel room they stuck you and your Dad in! Still, it was something not just ANYONE has done so you get kudos for putting yourself through the torture. Glad our post inspired you to revisit that experience AND the chairs from hell (other than that toilet which is on my Santa Wish List now!). Love the song too……….great Thursday ear worm.


  6. Wait…you were on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire??” Holy 💩I had no idea!

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