Share Your World – Week 43

My doppelganger, apparently. No, not the reindeer…

So I got to do some stocking in the Toys department this morning, and the very first box I grab off the pallet goes in the Frozen section, and as soon as I saw the plush character of Olaf the snowman, I started laughing my fucking ass off.  Thanks to the story I posted about Sunday, I will never, ever be able to see Olaf and not think about his misadventure in a Florida Target.  As to the reference above, my support manager dropped by and pointed to a cardboard sign that went with a feature of Frozen toys and I thought maybe she had heard about that story as well and was going to tell me about it…. but no, she just pointed out to me that I look just like the dude standing next to the reindeer.  That would be Kristoff up there, who looks a bit too handsome to be my twin… but the more I look at his face, the more I realize that….. yeah, that creep fucking does look like me.  If the eyes were a bit squintier and you aged him up about twenty years.  We even both have huge, fat honkers…

OK, you didn’t come here to listen to me babble on about nonsense like that… you’d rather me babble on about Share Your World nonsense instead!  So let’s tackle Melanie’s questions this week before Olaf sends me into another gigglefit…

Old school, like an old fool…

Where’s the line between respectful disagreement and being downright mean (bullying) to someone?

In the same spot as the line that should tell someone they need to disengage from the disagreement and the idiot they are disagreeing with, because only you can allow someone to verbally bully you.  And the concept of a dividing line reminds me of this old squirrel photo I took of light side and dark side squirrel separated by a big stick…

Come on over and have some of our cookies!

Would you prefer to live in a world where alcohol was free or where politicians were honest?

I don’t drink, so all the free alcohol in the world is completely useless to me…

I guess I could give it to the kids…

As for politicians, an honest politician would not be a good politician.  Let’s face it, there are times when one HAS to lie for the betterment of all.  I think it’s like that for all of us, no matter what we do.

Case in point: A customer at work asks me if we have something they’re looking for in the back.  It’s possible said is in a completely inconvenient location that would cause me to almost literally have to move heaven, hell and earth to get to… or maybe I’m sure we have it, but it could be almost anywhere in our clusterfuck backroom.

I’m sure it’s under here somewhere…

I have learned the hard way (the very, very hard way) that the best solution is to simply lie to the customer and tell them we’re out if I know I can’t come up with it right away.  Yes, I’m sure.  Most customers would understand even if I were honest with them… but not some customers.  If I even give the subtle suggestion we have what they want, but it could take hours to find and/or dig it out, they will not leave until you bring them the goods.  It could be a few minutes before closing… they don’t care.

Just lie, baby!

What’s one habit you have that your family or friends think is rather childish?

Oh, you want us to get up so you can play with your dollies again? Loser…

Would you rather go to a big party and rub shoulders with the rich and famous or go to an amazing quiet Garden that hardly anyone has ever visited?

I’m not sure why I’d want to do either.  Parties and the rich and famous are two big turnoffs for me.  As for the garden…. maybe it if had squirrels I could take pictures of.

If the squirrels are as big as the trees, maybe that’s why nobody ever comes to this garden…

What do you think of the idea of “trick or treat or money for a charity” as a way of making Halloween more useful?

We’re going to trust kids with charity money who will steal the good candy right out of their sibling’s bag once they get home?  Might as well send that jack to a dishonest politician…

Yeah it’s for a good cause! I’ll be buying a pony with it!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 43

  1. ha! I thought the same about the politicians and those kids.. ;O)

  2. I’ll second that motion, politicians and kids with charity money, nope to both! lol
    But that giant squirrel though, how long did you hide before you caught Squirrelzilla? lol

  3. No wonder you had a giggle attack when you unpacked Olaf…..yeah…..I bet you’ll be cruising down that aisle to make sure those stuffies are “spotless” ! HAHAHAHA That squirrel photo with the stick kind of made me hear their conversation as “I dare you to cross that line!” – “I double dog dare YOU to cross the line!” …….


  4. Merbear74 says:

    A well placed white lie has never hurt anyone. It’s those whopper black lies that do the damage…

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Love the dark squirrel/light squirrel photo.
    umm – yeah, I’d be one of those customers who asks you to check in the back for an item. And yes, I’d wait forever for you to get back. I think sometimes employees get lost back there on purpose and never do come back. Then, after awhile, I go in the back myself, and look for either the item or the person who never came back. I have done this quite a few times. sorry/not sorry! haha 🙂

    • Some of them get “lost” because they have no clue what to look for, where to look for it, or just don’t care. I’ve come back before, sometimes successfully with the item, and found the customer already gone… probably assuming they were getting blown off.

  6. Thanks E.S. for Sharing Your World, and for re-sullying Olaf for me. 😐 I’d forgotten that sordid tale for almost 24 hours…. I think Kristoff is hot, which tells YOU the quality and substance of my love life, falling for animated characters and all. Double 😐

    • Falling for animated characters is usually the domain of boys since many of the female characters seem to be drawn as sexy as the animators can get away with (I even did a post about that phenomenon way back in the ancients days of The Nest). I will admit Kristoff has that handsome look to him, but despite the facial similarities, I didn’t get any of his sex appeal…

  7. I have a son who works retail. I get it.

  8. Your doppelganger isn’t the worst character you could resemble.

  9. Ally Bean says:

    I’d like to be in the quiet garden. If I see a squirrel I’ll be sure to snap a pic and send to you. I won’t bully you into using it here on this blog but if I’m honest that’d be what I’d like to see happen, if it’s not too childish, of course. 😉

  10. draliman says:

    Let’s hope your customers don’t read this post…

    “Do you have any whatever out back?”
    “I’m afraid not, Sir/Madam/small child.”

  11. Quirky Girl says:

    There’s no shame in playing with stuffed animals. I still have some of mine. Shhh! 😀

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