Share Your World – Week 44

Happy 64th anniversary to the flux capacitor, invented on this day in 1955!

It’s time for The Nest to do the Tuesday thing, which this year has involved sharing our very, very fucked up world with all of you who read my strange blog.  I can’t do this by myself though, because if I started answering my own questions I might be locked away in a room with very soft walls while wearing a hoodie with no zipper.  Just to be safe, we’re going to use the Share Your World questions Melanie has been so kind to provide us with this week.  Now it’s time to dig into my box of pre-written, impersonal responses I have laying around for when I only feel like giving half-assed answers…

There are about four billion people visible in this image. Just look very closely at it to find them…

What is the meaning of true love?

Damned if I know.  Let me ask around…

SNUGGLE: (Making a circle with one hand and moving a finger from his other hand in and out of it real fast)

I wasn’t asking you, prevert.  True LOVE, not true lust…

MITZI: Like, ….

No, Mitzi, that’s lust too!


Dammit!  Don’t any of my critters know what the meaning of true love is?


Do acts of kindness have a motive?

Maybe it’s just my ultra-cynical nature, but I don’t believe people really do things completely and sincerely out of nothing but the goodness of their heart.  People very rarely do anything without at least a semi-selfish reason.  I really love entertaining people here on my blog, but if the response I got didn’t satisfy that part of my ego that gets off on being a part of someone’s joy they got today, I wouldn’t waste my time typing up nonsensical answers to these questions nor finding old pictures I can reuse with even shittier captions than before…

I spent fifteen whole minutes creating this Photoshop just for you. LAUGH AT IT, DAMMIT!!!!

If we live in a civilized world why do we see so many distinctions between rich and poor?

Civilization isn’t utopia.  While there are rules and norms in place to curb our animal instincts, even in the most civilized societies there’s still going to be a very uneven distribution of power, which is largely going to be determined by who has the moolah.  Communism was supposed to make everyone equals, and look how that turned out in terms of the gulf in money and power among the people.  Wealth is the great unequalizer, and like it or not, no society, civilized or not, can get by without relying on a monetary system…

Time to go toss pennies at the poor people…

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world than in the real world?

The virtual world lets us be what we want to be much easier than the real world.  I like my real world self, but my internet personal is so much cooler than I am…

And he looks a hell of a lot cuter than I do…

Are you grateful?

Since Melanie reminded me of this song with her comment on yesterday’s post….


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18 Responses to Share Your World – Week 44

  1. I have always been a “giver,” but I come from a family of givers. You had to be careful what you admired because if you admired it, you were likely to own it. I’m kind of the same way. Except I’m too poor to be as generous as I used to be.

    • I remember you talking about the “be careful what you admired, or it might be yours” thing before. Of course, the motive there seemed to be to get rid of something you didn’t want anymore. I have such a black heart, it’s hard for me to believe anything ever done 100% for good intentions…

  2. true… if I do good things for someone I feel a lot of joy, so it is not 100% without own reasons,,, I want to feel good and happy, so…yes… there is truth in your statement ;O)… and I think that’s maybe Mitzi’s thought too… to make herself and others happy

  3. I’m on board with every single one of your answers…..and for the record, I DID and DO appreciate all the time it took for you to do your cyclops fox. Also, I just have to ask – how much coinage did that amount to once you dumped it in the change counter?????

  4. Thanks for Sharing Your World E Squirrel Esq. I was (and maybe I did) guess that all that coinage would add up to roughly $5,000. Sometimes I’m an optimist….. 😐 About the unselfish acts of kindness question – your perspective is sadly, the prevalent one. Almost nobody believes that someone can be purely altruistic. For myself? I did a little experiment in real life a few years back. I had some money (not a lot, but more than I needed). So time to time I’d just give somebody (people I knew, let’s not be nuts here) some. I didn’t expect it back. Just gave it away, trying to be purely altruistic. It had a weird outcome. One person felt guilty about it and kept doing things for me (unasked) because she thought she SHOULD pay it back. The other one took what I gave them, and never said another word about it – not even thanks. As I had set it up with myself not to expect people to DO ANYTHING (even say thanks), that weren’t no big thang. The reactions were so diverse that it made me wonder though. The feeling I got from being able to do that and consciously not expect anything in return was amazing. I can’t duplicate it now of course, being broke ass poor. Maybe that was what I ‘expected’ – a buzz. Could be. If one can do a kindness (anonymously or not) and not expect a freakin’ thing? They’ll get a whole lot more than they give is all I’m saying. And you and the majority of voters are probably right – nobody is completely altruistic. We’re not programmed that way. Sad really. *whew..sorry about the soap box*

    I greatly admired the cyclops fox, but until you said “Photoshop”, I thought the poor soul had gotten in the way of one of the endless attempts to kill that possum. And suffered an accident of the eye kind. It was disconcerting. I’m very glad Mr. Fox, still silent after all these years, retains BOTH eyes. Thank you for taking the massive effort it took to create the effect. Heh…

    • Part of my philosophy is just based on the way I am. I just rarely do anything that doesn’t, at least at some small level, benefit myself as well. I know people want to help others, but I think we should take care of our own needs first… and that’s probably why I don’t really mix well with other people. There are other people like me who can make the lives of others a living hell with their self-first attitude, while I try my best to just stay out of everyone’s way…

  5. draliman says:

    I can’t believe you actually found critters on the shelf who have some idea about “true love”. Deport them immediately!

  6. Merbear74 says:

    You sent me the coffee mug of my favorite shelf critter Fuzziwig, that was a truly unselfish act of kindness right there!

  7. Whoa…impressive PhotoShop effort. I was totally captivated by the one-eyed Fox! Well done.

  8. Wait…what the flux capacitor is how old? lol

    And how are those toasted Cheez Its? Are they worth buying?

    • Toasted Cheez Its are definitely worth buying! I actually wish they were more well done (I used to put them in the oven back in the day and scorch them brown!), but they’re definitely better than the regular crackers!

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