Calendar Squirrel – Cover

I did my hair for the occasion. Do you like it?

The champagne has popped and Baby New Squirrel has arrived in The Nest’s project where I’m allowing you, the squirrel adoring public, to choose the representatives for each month in our virtual squirrel calendar.  Last week you all voted for the December squirrel.  Let’s see how that turned out…

There’s an extra manual vote for Hover Squirrel I neglected to add in there, but it didn’t matter since Can’t Reach handily won out the final spot in our 2020 calendar!  Let’s hang the prize just over his head now and see what happens…

Oh, you are an evil bastard!

So that’s it, right?  Naw, this is too much fun!  Let’s extend the voting for one more week and choose a squirrel to grace the cover of our imaginary calendar!  To come up with the field for this final poll, I took the best of the runners up from previous months that I thought would look good as the face of our project.  Now imagine you were in a store shopping for a calendar….. which of these beauties would be most likely to entice you to buy The Nest’s sciurine calendar?  Amazingly, none of these photos even won for their respective month!

#1. Smile

#2. Evil Squirrel

#3. Podium Squirrel

#4. Eating His Greens

#5. Blondie

#6. Swishy Tail

#7. Mr. Peanut

#8. Fierce

Which one of those adorable little critters do you think should be plastered on the cover for all to see?  Vote below!  If you don’t see the poll below, bring it to my attention in the comments and include your vote!

Voting ends next Wednesday night the 20th!  This is your last chance to make a small mark on sciurine history….

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please choose wisely!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to Calendar Squirrel – Cover

  1. the evil squirrel of course of course!!!

  2. Very tough……and I agree that seeing all the “non winners” makes me realize that they ALL were winners – just not “firsties”. Squirrels are imminently photographable and you are masterful at capturing them – so it’s tough choosing a cover but ANY of these would be fabulous cover-squirrels. What a fun project!


  3. Rivergirl says:

    Another toughie. And as much as I loved fierce, I’m going with smile for the win.

  4. ghostmmnc says:

    This was fun! Congratulations to all the squirrels – winners or not. Loved them all. 🙂

  5. Ally Bean says:

    I went with swishy tale because it’s an action shot and who could resist a calendar with such on it?

  6. I’m going with #3, podium squirrel, but again how can I choose between all of these they are so freaking cute. Even “evil” squirrel, but honestly squirrels aren’t evil unless you piss them off, lol.

  7. #1 Smile is adorably cute. Though more pics of washboard abs would make for a great cover. 🏋️

  8. My squirrels are happy because they delivered more seed! It was almost tragic yesterday when we really ran out of seeds. What a depressed crew of wildlife.

  9. This was difficult. I voted for Smile but they’re all just TOO CUTE.

  10. I still ADORE “Fierce” Squirrel…but I went with “Smile” for the cover spot. He/she/it is just such a happy little squirrel!! Prozac?

  11. draliman says:

    Yay, “Smile” for the win!

  12. #7 is my favorite. He is so squirrel as a squirrel can be. It seems that everybody has a different favorite, it means they all are cute. A little bit sad feeling, the calendar is ready now, not many cuties in one post, no voting any more.
    Do you have something new in your sleeve, I hope so.
    Vote for me!

  13. Quirky Girl says:

    I’d have to go with the squirrel who is eagerly eating his greens. My kids could learn a thing or two from him… 😛

  14. I still love Mr. Peanut. Or Ms….? 😉

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