Share Your World – Week 46

On a rare serious note, today would have been my Dad’s 65th birthday.

With the Calendar Squirrel swimsuit competition going on the past few months, I forced myself to get the weekly Share Your World post done every Tuesday like a good boy.  Now that it’s over (Well, the complete “calendar” will be revealed tomorrow), I can get back to good old fashioned procrastination and occasionally stall until Thursday!  Melanie’s SYW questions this week were a bit heavy, requiring some extra time to manufacture really horrible answers to.  But it’s time to face the muzak, which makes no sense since your ears are on the sides of your head…..

Earth, the solar system’s kickball.

Can we ever experience anything objectively?  Why or why not?

Our entire worlds are made up of our unique personal feelings and experiences.  True objectivity is an illusion that people not only believe is possible, but is something they can actually attain in how they see things.  Twenty random people can all observe one event and come up with twenty slightly to vastly different takes on it that they all truly and deeply believe are objective and rational.  One plus one equals two, but not to someone whose worldview is binary…

Don’t let your math teacher bring you down, dude! Your answer is just as correct as anyone else’s…

Do humans have a soul? Do animals have a soul?

If humans didn’t have a soul, we wouldn’t have the music of James Brown or Aretha Franklin.  If animals didn’t have a soul, we wouldn’t have the music of George Clinton…

Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yay!

Why are people told to respect the dead?

It can’t be because they are no longer here to defend themselves, because we talk badly about people all the time outside of their range of attention.  It must be because we believe the spirits of the dead are always lingering around us….. just waiting for that moment we badmouth or mock them.  That’s when the shit is going to really going to hit the fan…. poltergeist style!

We preempt this supernatural moment for more live testimony from Washington…

Without using the names of specific people, discuss “the ideal” President or other world leader. 

I’m not going to touch this with a mile and a half long pole.  I’ll only add that I think that some form of professional appearance and civility is the utmost requirement of anyone in the top office of the Free World.  I’ll leave you to judge whether that’s currently applicable…

UNCLE SAM: You got a problem with my behavior, son?

No, I don’t mean you.  Your nasty and corrupt attitude is fine for my Shelf Critter Theatre stories.  We don’t live in the Shelf Critter world, though, and shouldn’t be subjected to such fucked up shenanigans in real life…

Share your gratitude!  Stories, images or thoughts all welcome.

I’m so thankful I finally had the nads to cancel my cable TV service a couple weeks ago.  Today is the last day of the current billing cycle, meaning that I can now start saving $100 a month by not paying for a service I had quit using years ago!  Yay money!

Now I can quit stripping for extra income…


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21 Responses to Share Your World – Week 46

  1. that makes sense what you wrote about da soul… you are a genius!!!

  2. Good responses…….just one question…….that final photo and the caption – you ARE talking about the actual picture and that actual girl stripping for extra money right? Or was that a subtle message concerning your financial state before you dumped cable?????? 🙂


  3. Congrats at cutting the cord. Are you going with a streaming service or just bagging TV all together?

  4. Excellent responses, ES, I really enjoyed this post. I’m working on my own and hope to put it up later today.

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    We havent had cable for several years. We do watch the Star Trek line up H& I over the air. Oh and my husband watches CHiPs after work. I never turn on the tv. I am a reader.

    • If for whatever reason I decided to actually sit down in the living room and turn on the TV again, there’s plenty of variety now that there are about 30 or so free channels to scroll through… several of which show reruns of classic shows, which I do like. I only got cable in the first place for my baseball and music video fix, and my interest has waned in the former and the latter no longer exists…

  6. I admit I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of “squirrel soul” – which, as you know, is some nutty soul indeed! Thanks ES for Sharing Your World. Please feel free to Share when you’d like, no guilt in Share Your World world you know! I’m voting for Unca Sam there, because at least with HIM? One knows where one stands and since his hands and arms are firmly in his lap (which may explain that rather smarmy self satisfied expression on his tin face) nobody has to worry about a grabbin’ the vajay unexpectedly moment. Plus he’s not orange. That’s got to count for something!

    • And as a former red ink bingo dauber, Uncle Sam bleeds like a real Amurrican. I would vote for him, and maybe Snuggle Bear on the VP ticket since I firmly believe the Veep should be of Dan Quayle/Joe Biden level of WTF entertaining….

  7. Ally Bean says:

    Have you replaced your cable with streaming services, of which there seem to be an endless supply?

    • I have not, because I don’t watch those shows… or any shows anymore. And I made that very clear to the customer service people I talked to on the phone so they wouldn’t try to entice me to stay with some outrageous (and very limited time) promotional offer…

  8. I have to agree. Aside from policies, it would be really nice to have a leader who can (a) speak the language, (b) pronounce the words properly, (c) read more than one paragraph, and (d) spell.

    We have an illiterate president with a bad attitude. At least we aren’t alone.

  9. I’ve always wondered why people do say one should respect the dead. It just seems so weird. And whatever you do to earn extra $$$ is totes up to you, lol.

  10. draliman says:

    At last, an excuse to dredge out the “busty girl on pile of money” picture. Now, about that dog in the dishwasher…

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